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Fucking Lisa De Marco

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Some lucky bastard gets to ram his stiff cock inside the wonderful, mature pussy of the gorgeous Lisa De Marco in these hardcore pics. Lisa rides that dick like the pro she is, then takes his thick load on her pretty face.

Viva Vanessa Vidal


Look into the eyes of Vanessa Vidal and you see a mature beauty who will hate-fuck you. There is a glimmer of evil there that tells me she would use sex as a punishment, and you’ll both love and fear it. It won’t be you pounding this mature beauty. No – she’ll be pounding you. She looks like a woman who would insult your cock while giving you head. I can’t be positive, but I’m pretty sure that the best way to make her horny is to piss her off. Me, I would anger her daily.

Payton Demilo Got the M Word


Some people are blessed and they don't even know it. When I first met Payton Demilo, she was shy about her backside. The size of her breasts were also one of her concerns. Maybe I am out of touch, a little out of tune, but every time I lay eyes on Payton's womanly figure, it reminds me of climbing the rope in gym class. Yes, a Wayne's World reference. Damn, I am old. Payton is wonderful and if I had to guess, was hungry to be appreciated. I say count your blessings.

Nina North Warm Smell of Colitas


Nina North is back in Los Angeles. She gets bold on the beach this time around. Many tourists, and possibly locals, stop on the PCH to enjoy the views. I like to trip on the thought of all the history this region has seen. From Walt Disney to Helter Skelter, Southern California has been one of America's favorite whores. And you have to respect and show gratitude, especially to whores. Keep the beach clean and pick up after yourself. Nina did not require any retouching, but I can not say the same about the coastline.

Abby Vissers Subway Blows


Subway blows, but I still eat it from time to time. It puts on a decent facade of being healthy. Its locations are ubiquitous. And I think they sprinkle their food with crack. Just the same, I find Abby Vissers to be 2,487 times more appealing than "eating fresh". Abby's freckles are from Minnesota. She told me she would not do video. She finds herself to be too awkward. How many of you agree? Jake Weber's instrumental cover of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" is the song in the bonus video.

Carolina Munoz Hearts a Full


Carolina Muñoz works at a trampoline park and attends college at UCLA. Her full figure will be criticized by some of you, but I doubt it is anything new to her. If she has half a clue, which I know she does, Carolina understands that this same figure is highly sought-after by many others. Find someone who enjoys your meat suit. They are out there.

 (5441) Jun 25th, 2016

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Only God can judge me.
You're a whore.

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My Ex-Wife: She brought religion into my life. I never believed in Hell until I met her.

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