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Sadistic Dominatrix Inflicts Torturous Pain

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Divine Bitches announces the on-screen debut of real life dominatrix Mona Wales. A true sadist, Miss Mona revels in causing her victims pain. Strict bondage, flogging, cropping, zapping, CBT, and a painful and humiliating strap-on ass fucking make Mona hot. With a powerful Sybian vibrator in his ass and his balls clipped to the ceiling, Miss Mona rides her bitch boy's face, getting off on the screams from the torturous pain she inflicts..

FemDomme Creates Perfect Slave In Lab

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Mistress Lorelei is in her laboratory creating the perfect man. Much to her excitement Apollo comes to life before her eyes. But can she allow him into the general slave population? Mistress Lorelei must test and measure his strengths and assets to be sure that she doesn't need to destroy him. Apollo is surely a pretty specimen but how will he withstand whipping, caning, edging, tease and denial, prostate milking, pussy worship, ass fisting, strap-on ass fucking, chastity and more?.

Footslave Spanked CBT Strapon Sex

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Blake worships, kisses, licks, sniffs, sucks and cleanes feet while he's spanked, flogged, trampled and single tailed. He sniffs dirty pantyhose while his cock is smashed, flicked, kicked and pinched by feet and toes. He's pounded deep in the ass with a strap-on. Mistress Gia squirts all over Maitresse Madeline's feet and he's made to lick them clean. They give him a kinky footjob and he blows his fat load of foot slut filth all over their beautiful, soft, ripe sweaty soles. (more...).

FemDomme Punishes Innocent Slaveboy

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Aiden Starr breaks in adorable newcomer Cliff Adams and shows him the hard way that sometimes getting everything you wish for isn't always an easy task. Watch as Cliff is beat to submission and unfortunately for him looses his load way too early and must pay the price. This episode features hard femdom, sexual humiliation, forced chastity, cock-and-ball torture, strap-on analsex, fucking on demand and (more...).

African Amazon Mistress Dominates White Biitchboy

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When Nyomi Banxxx walks into the room they all think she's drop-dead gorgeous. She has the roundest ass built for worship, perfect skin, huge tits, this is a given. But it's when this African goddess opens her mouth and naturally dominates the entire room you really feel her power. Ned's the luckiest white bitchboy to walk the planet and he knows it. Nyomi gives him zero mercy, flogging, caning, slapping and fucking his little white ass in tight rope bondage. He has the honor of (more...).

Bisexual Gimping and Sissification

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Divine Bitches tea party with humiliation, feminization, bisexual humiliation, whipping, fierce pegging, pet play, ass licking, foot worship and more. Dixie (Sean Spurt) is transformed into a she, and then must service everyone at the party, female and male and gimp, just to amuse the Bitches. (more...).

Three Sadistic FemDommes Worshipped

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Maitresse Madeline, Goddess Isis Love and Mistress Bobbi Starr are worshiped and dish out sadistic punishments to three worthless slaveboys. Watch as slave Kade fails miserably and amateur slave Zak shines. This episode includes ass, pussy and pantyhose worship, smothering, CBT, rope bondage, strap on ass fucking, humiliation, spanking, flogging, paddling, dildo gag and three of the hottest Divine Bitches. (more...).

French Whores Dominate Their Trick

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Tommy visits his three favorite whores at the local brothel. But this time the prostitutes have something else in mind for their trick. They turn the tables on Tommy and make him their little bitch for the day. He's flogged, caned, smothered and made to worship ass. CBT is administered in the form of hot wax and ice cubes. The ladies perform a train on his ass and make him worship their feet and suck their strapon cocks like a good little whore. They extract his sperm from his cock and (more...).

FemDom Vampires Seduce Innocent Man

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The vampire Mistress finds her power diminishing. She needs more than blood to survive, and only an innocent man has what she needs to feed. For their Mistress, two vampires leave the comfort of their crypt to seek out the young flesh and seed of a man who's seduced by the striking beauty and sultriness of the vampires. He's sucked into an underground world of BDSM, punishment and fetish sex where FemDomme vampires not only feed (more from Seed of the Vampires...).

Sadistic FemDomme Birthday Party

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Lorelei Lee throws Aiden Starr and Maitresse Madeline a birthday that's one to remember. Three lucky slaveboys are put on display and humiliated in a room full of lovely FemDommes. Claire Adams and Mz Berlin make cameos along with many other Kink favorites. The men endure CBT, harsh whippings, and lactating Dommes. They get gangbanged with dicks on sticks by a roomful of women. There's prostate milking by Madeline and the boys are used as sex (more...).

Prostate Milking Tease and Denial

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Slave doesn't stand a chance with FemDomme's seductively dominating ways. Who can blame him with her legs, ass and pussy dressed with silky shimmery nude pantyhose. She whips, humiliates then punishes him for his obviously aroused cock with evil rubber bands all over his body. He's put into bondage and wears a humiliating box on his head while she milks his prostate. Fluid uncontrollably oozes from his cock while he's brought to the edge over and over then denied, denied, denied. He's (more...).

Sativa Rose Cuckolding Her Husband

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Sativa Rose is a horny wife who's made a cuckold of her husband. She keeps his worthless cock locked in a chastity belt and she wears the key to it around her neck as a constant reminder to him. Sativa likes to fuck him in his ass with her strapon cock while reminding him of how pathetic she thinks he is. But she also has her human fuck toys, who she treats very differently. When one stops by today, she can't wait to get his big hard cock buried deep inside her. Meanwhile her husband (more...).

Anal Training Stretching Pounding

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Miss Dia Zerva dominates and trains a bitch slaveboy. She locks a chastity device over his little cock and slips buttplugs into his ass only to find he can't keep any of them in. She cleans him out with an enema, then plugs his ass tightly before paddling it hard. When hanging weights from the buttplug only lead to it falling out again, it's the last straw. Miss Dia cuffs his ankles and wrists to a post so he's on his back with his feet over his head, and does a 'reverse pile-driver' (more...).

Queen of Diamonds and Little Piggy

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Skin Diamond is The Queen Of Diamonds. She's always devilishly sexy and even more so today as Her Highness dominates Sebastian into submission and turns him into her little piggy, including making him "squeal like a pig." The Queen whips her subject into shape, uses zipper strings on him, makes him suck her black strap-on cock, fucks his ass, fits him into a dildo gag and uses him as her human dildo. Her Sadistic Highness allows him to release his filthy spunk, but much to her (more...).

Chanel Preston Cuckolds Her Fanboy

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John is Chanel Preston's biggest fan. He's always begging Maitress Madeleine to book him with her. Finally she decides to make his dream come true. But he doesn't know their devious plans. John believes he's going to take all the pain and humiliation to prove to Mistress Chanel he's worthy of her pussy. But instead he gets all the pain and humiliation he was expecting from Chanel while she locks him in chastity, strapon fucks his ass, and then has sex with another man. And so poor (more...).

Premature Ejaculator Slave Punished

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Mistress Chanel Preston, the sassy princess is giving Micah Andrews a run for his money on his second day of training. He's tied, whipped, humiliated, endures hot candle wax torture and is given a deep ass fucking. The Mistresses have been laughing about the new nickname they've given to the adorable Micah: Two Pump Chump. That's right, Micah is a premature ejaculator. And you can be sure they'll use this little piece of comical information to their wicked advantage when (more...).

Phoenix Marie Destroys Slaveboy

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All the Bitches passed this hot piece of guy flesh around and used him for their pleasure. And now Phoenix Marie gets a turn. She's steamy sex on two legs and was made for whipping men into shape then destroying them. She teases him with her sexy assets, OTK spanks his ass, smothers him, demands ass licking, pegs his ass like only she can, then takes one final ride on his cock for her pleasure. She edges him to orgasm until his dick can't help but explode under her skilled fingers and (more...).

Two Femdommes Cuckold Husband

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Bobbi Starr and Lorelei Lee have been reminiscing about the good old days, remembering the men who were well-hung and great in bed. So when Lorelei runs into Bobbi's old boyfriend, Rod, she cooks up a devious plan to keep Bobbi's husband away while Bobbi takes a ride on Rod's enormous cock. Sebastian eventually comes home to find his wife in bed with another man. And he's made to watch the entire filthy act. Lorelei joins in on the fun, handcuffing Sebastian to the bed, whipping and (more...).

FemDomme Humiliates Torments Slave

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When Chanel Preston is in the room, you immediately get the sense you're in the presence of a goddess. With her killer body, seductive eyes and devious attitude she'll render you helpless, hypnotize and break you down into the little submissive man you are. Her sly tongue humiliates while her picturesque body turns Troy on. She denies him any pleasure and only dishes out painful CBT. She derives pleasure from fucking his ass deep with the strap-on then uses his cock as a human dildo. (more...).

Femdomme Tease and Denial Punishments

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The classically beautiful Mistress Lorelei Lee is training Trent on obedience, control and patience. The sweet yet stern Lorelei teases him with her perfect body and perfect ass. She covers every inch of Trent's chest and mouth with clothespins then rubs her body against his. This seemingly sexy task is normally very pleasurable. However, with the added pain caused by the clothespins, Trent's mind is swimming with the confusion of pain versus pleasure. She then lowers him down so that (more...).

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