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Slave Girl Trained as an Anal Slut

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Sex slave trainee's tight little asshole will be fucked today. And she'll to have to earn her ass fucking. Her sensitive little nipples are clamped to the ceiling and she's made to pull against them and grind her cunt on a vibe while verbally berated. She squeals and squirms as she has to take a big dick deeper into her slutty asshole than she thinks is possible. Not only is it possible she finds out, but she's going to have the most intense orgasms while learning her anal lesson. .

Machine Sex Spider Web Orgasms

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Daisy Ducati climbs right into the web and spreads herself for the machines. Goat Milkers are clamped onto her tits. Two big vibrating wands are locked into place on each side of her clit. The Shockspot with its mechanical cock is planted between her long legs, thrusting into her pussy. All work together on driving Miss Daisy to her first of many orgasms. When she's done cumming on the Shockspot, she moves right on to climaxing all over the Annihilator, the SatisfyHer, and Dr Thumper. (more...).

Slavegirl Demoted, Punished and Retrained

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Senior slave fails the House and must be punished. First she has to teach a novice slave how to suck cock like a good slave should in a long two-girl blowjob that's sloppy and deep as the two horny sluts gag each other over and over on the thick hard cock. Then she must ride a cock in reverse cowgirl style until her thighs are so burned out from pumping that they can't stand up. Next she takes a brutal ass fucking while her slut sister smears pussy into her face in a degrading (more...).

Priest Sexually Punishes Two Girl Students

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Trouble-making girls Evi Fox and Kiki Vidis are too much for Sister Pink to handle. After being ridiculed and disgraced, the Sister goes to ask very strict Father Deen for assistance in putting these two girls back on a righteous path. Father Deen's unorthodox approach to discipline is very effective. Well, at least it's effective in turning these hot girls into a pair of apologetic fuck sluts. The two sinners are punished with rough sex, bondage, degradation and corporal punishment. (more...).

New Slave's First Time Ass Fucking

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Fresh, young slavegirl wannabe proves just how badly she desires to serve this Lifestyle BDSM Household by giving up her hot fucking asshole for hard fucking for the very first time. She even chants "please fuck my ass" over and over in harmony with a house slave as part of her breaking in ceremony. The huge steel handle jammed up her ass is almost too much, but she's a good little ass whore in training, and warms up to an intense ass fucking that earns her passage to servitude. (more...).

Fucking Huge Machine-Driven Cocks

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Penny Pax is one sexy redhead.Every which way, upside down, sitting, doggie, and kneeling she gets fucked by powerful machine-driven cocks that pound her sweet ass and turn her pussy into a creamy, slick mess of post orgasmic hotness. Penny makes it all look so good. Even the mega super-sized cocks that are nearly as big as her head. She just gives a little giggle, gives a little push and rockets off into orgasm space. (more...).

Lifestyle BDSM Tit Torture Party

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The Master of this BDSM Household hosts a party for lovers of big breasts with sex slaves as party favors. The slavegirls are made to torment and pleasure each other. They're fitted with metal breast and nipple torture devices. There's breast slapping, groping, pinching, licking, biting, ice torture, flogging, clamping, zipper strings and smacking tight clamps off sensitive beautiful tits. There's also foot worship, puppy play, machine sex, female masturbation and enforced chastity. (more...).

High-Speed Machine Fucked Squirting

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Aiden Ashley, a sexy and tough stunt girl, challenged Fucking Machines by saying "I'm up to try, but good luck getting me off." Wonder if she'll be made to cum or laugh at the machines and walk out? Well, after pushing her to one machine orgasm it's like the seal on her box of orgasms has been ripped off. She winds up squirting for only the third time ever and needs help getting off the machine. Now they figure it's time to machine-fuck this little acrobat until she taps out. (more...).

Submissive Lesbian Gimp Puppet Sex

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PD has a method he uses when he wants to watch how cock hungry a new slut can be. He puts Hazel Hypnotic in her gimp outfit and turns Cherie Deville lose on her. Neither one of them is in control. Hazel's just following PD's orders and even though Cherie thinks she's making demands, in reality she's just a slave to her lust. PD controls how much cock she gets and whether or not she can even enjoy it. He uses them both as puppets to act out their perverse desires. They crave control (more...).

Alpha Slave Breaks In New Slavegirl

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House slave Bella Rossi has a new recruit to break-in. She puts Kahill in her place by stuffing her tight asshole with a little piggie butt plug, nose hooking her face, and giving her a hard strap-on face fuck. This episode includes slave rules and protocols, slave discipline, slaves crawling in chains, alpha slave domination, strap-on face fucking, lesbian pussy fucking with strap-on, strap-on domination, butt plug piggie, nose hook, erotic humiliation, bare-handed ass spanking, pussy (more...).

Big Black Dildo Screw

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Sarah is one sexy lady. Long, long legs, small tits and a hot smile. Then she strips to her heels and takes out her big black dildo and rams it in her tight pussy over and over until she cums. The best part are the closeup shots of her snatch stretching to the max..

Five Girl Hardcore Lesbian Footbang

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Have you ever seen a lesbian hardcore foot bang? Lorelei Lee accidentally mixes one too many chemicals in the lab, sending her into a psychedelic trip where she's overwhelmed by her foot fetish desires in a five-girl foot bang scene. Lorelei's made to worship candied toes, powdered sugar covered arches, pantyhose, wedge sandals and having both her pussy and ass filled with toes in this hypnotic fantasy come true. See what foot fetishism is all about in this filthy lesbian foot bang. (more...).

Six Machines Double-Penetration

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Some women need to rest for a few minutes after a hard orgasm. Kristina Rose isn't one of those women. What Kristina needs after a hard orgasm is another hard orgasm. Powerful fucking machines pound her to orgasm. She cums but they keep pounding her holes. So she cums again. Before Krista's done she cums from being fucked in her ass, her pussy and having her clit stimulated by six machines, including a double-penetration and taking a big robo-cock in her sexy ass. (more...).

Nikki Hunter Facesitting

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Nikki Hunter is one of the face sitting queens. This beautiful busty blonde comes in wearing a studded leather bra, skirt and panties with fish net stockings and high, high heels. She walks into the back yard, looking for Pussy Man, but he is gone. She tells Guy who is out laying on a chair in the back yard that she is the best at facesitting, and he offers to lean back and find out! These sample clips show her grinding her crotch on his face giving him some great facesitting action!.

Machine-Fucking Huge Rubber Dicks

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Angelica Saige's creaming pussy says it all -- this girl likes machines. She also likes big cock, deep and fast, which is a home run at the Fucking Machines site. The Hammer and the Crystal Palace take Angelica's pussy to new heights as she feels the power of real machine-fucking for the first time. And once you go big, it's hard to go back -- so she finishes the set with a torpedo-like dick on the Drilldo and a pop can size attachment on the Sybian. Another girl well-fucked. (more...).

Sunning Her Pussy

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Tina is so sexy in these pictures. She starts out sunbathing, then gets so hot, she dunks in the pool with her top on, showing us some great nipples through her wet shirt. Then she strips and spreads open her pussy lips up close, getting some sunshine on her pink bits. Mmmm, I can just picture fucking her all hot from the sun, canít you?.

Punishment, Dirty Talk and Cock Sucking

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Slavegirl is being trained to talk dirty while sucking cock and tormenting her own nipples with butterfly clamps attached by chains which she must tug on repeatedly. She's ordered to masturbate while taking a load of cum in her mouth. Another slave is disciplined and punished. She kneels on a hard wooden table while questioned and admonished. She has to lick milk from a bowl while being spanked, and gets her mouth fucked by a big rubber cock. Next she's harshly caned to tears in a (more...).

Sexy Lyla Storm

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Inside this site are two different shoots of hottie Lyla Storm. The first she is in the wilds of New Zealand, getting naked in the grass and toying her pussy. The other she slides out of a tight grey dress to show off her perfect body and sweet pussy begging for your cock!..

Slaves Punished Humiliated Fucked

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The house slaves have a terrible habit of avoiding discovery of their mistakes, which typically lands them in even more trouble. Tonight is no exception. The slaves forget to serve dinner to the guests promptly and the mistakes continue from there. Orgasms are stolen, incorrect answers given, and lies are told. Luckily, James Deen is not there for dinner, but for domination. He has his eye on the girls the entire time and keeps them occupied with foot service, cock worship, and (more...).

Redhead In Socks and Heels

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Kinsey is a hot 19 yr old redhead in her plaid skirt, red sweater and panties. But the best thing is she is wearing the cutest ruffled socks with a red ribbon, and red high heels! Gives me a hardon thinking about her nude in those socks & heels!.

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