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Lovemaking For Dinner

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Judy is just getting ready to make some dinner, when her boyfriend Alex comes home early. He comes up to her, giving her a hug and a kiss, but when he reaches down and cups her crotch, she knows that food is the last thing on his mind. Alex is planning on Judy for dinner. He kisses his way down her body, then licks her clit until she comes really fast. Then he starts fucking her on the floor, table, and finally she gets on him and rides him until they both orgasm!.

Betty Gets Licked

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Betty has the best boyfriend in the who LOVES to go down and lick her to orgasm! He takes his time kissing licking her body while he is undresses her, then he licks her to orgasm and the pulls her into some mutual satisfaction with some sweet sixty-nine..

Lovemaking In The Tub

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Viktoria is in the shower when her lover walks in. He comes over and soaps her up, running his hands over her slippery body. When she knees and sucks his cock, he returns the favor with orgasmic cunnilingus. Then they make love until they both orgasm..

Kinky With A Cop

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Amy's boyfriend Grant comes home in a cop uniform with a night stick and some handcuffs. After cuffing her, he takes his time frisking her and telling her she has to "behave." She then sucks him in cuffs and rides his thick cock to orgasm. Roleplay can really spice up your sex life!.

Sweet Satisfaction

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Tony and Ashley are all about mutual satisfaction. They have been together awhile, and know how to pleasure each other, and demand pleasure. That is the best sex, where both of you have sweet satisfaction. In these snaps they lick and kiss each other while stripping off their clothing. She goes down on him and almost gives him an orgasm with her mouth, then he goes down on her and gives her one. Then they have some hot sex until they both orgasm. Sweet!.

The Bosses Seduction

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Mary was in love with her boss, and she knew he had feelings for her back. But he was a stickler for no office romances. She decided to take matters into her own hands. She changed out of her normal office wear and into some red stockings, short skirt and crop top and walked in with the report he asked for. Bending over so he could see down her top, she poured on the seduction. At first, she thought he was going to resist, but he pulled her into his lap and they made love in his office!.


Redhead Gets A Pussy Licking

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n this site, Carla gets her lover to go down on her to give her an orgasm. This fiery redhead is in charge, and she knows how to get her lovers to lick her just right! He gives her orgasms over and over with his tongue and fingers..

Lusty Loving

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They have the perfect squishy couch for lovemaking. And when Duke starts to run his hands under her skirt, and rub her clit through her wet panties, she knows that orgasms await in a lusty bout of sex. They take turns licking each other and have some sixtynine, then she rides his hard cock in various positions until they both explode in pleasure..

Costumed Fantasies

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love fantasies involving costumes, and this free site contains two of my favorite fantasies. The first is a pilot and stewardess are alone in a room when he opens his briefcase and shows her a toy. He plays with her first, then gives her some licking and a hard fucking. The second is a Roman orgy in a courtyard where everyone is fucking everyone else. I've always wondered what one of those would be like. .

Surf and Hunk

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Ok, I'm a vegetarian, so eating a Surf and Turf is not on my menu. But nibbling on this hunk in the surf? Mmmmm. Marcello is at a private beach where he shows off getting wet in the surf and shore break. Want to join him?.


Pleasurable Licking

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Jenny's boyfriend Duke loves to go down. He takes his time kissing licking and pleasuring Jenny while he undresses her, then gets her where he wants her with his head between her thighs. Then he licks and sucks on her pussy until she orgasms, then gets into some sixty-nine until she comes again! Nothing like an afternoon spent in some pleasurable licking to really brighten up your day. :).


Hearts And Sex

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Vivian wakes up her lover Chuck who has fallen asleep on a heart shaped pillow. When she teases him about it, they wind up in a tickle fight with lots of laughter. But soon tickling turns to kisses and kisses turn to cunnilingus and orgasmic sex!.

Pussy Licking For Annie

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Annie has the best pussy licking boyfriend in the world. Frank will always start with some nibbling on her body, then slowly peel her pants off, revealing her panties. He will lick nibble and tease her clit through her panties until they are sopping wet and she is begging him to go down on her. Then he will peel them off, or pull them aside and give her a good licking, then pull them off and lick some more until she explodes in orgasm. Now that is my kind of lover!.

Date Night Loving

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Katty and Jody just came back from the movies when they start kissing. Jody has been wanting to get into her panties all night, and he slides his hand down and inside her panties, feeling her wet and hot for him. He takes off her clothes and goes down and licks her to orgasm, then lays her down on the table and fucks her to a few more!.

Kinky Sex On The Car

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Anna always wanted to know what it would be like to date a Gangster, so her boyfriend Nicolas dresses up as a gangster and takes her for a ride to the middle of nowhere. Wearing his striped suit, glasses, and hat, Anna finds herself wet just thinking about what he will ask her to do...

After Hours Cunnilingus

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Arla has had the hots for her boss Matt forever, so when she dressed up in sexy stockings and a short skirt, then leaned over to talk to him, he finally got the message that she was interested. Matt had always considered her off limits, given she worked for him, but when he found out that it didn't matter to her, he admitted that he had the hots for her back. So he pulled her up onto his desk, and began to kiss her and said, "Let me make you orgasm with my mouth, then make love to you...".

Scott Shows Muscles

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Scott is one sexy muscular guy! You would never know it by the clothes he wears during the day, long sleeves and loose fitting. He works in an attorney's office and is studying to pass the bar. But when the clothes come off, he shows his muscular tight and toned body with perfect chest and abs. He also has a wonderfully thick and long dick too.

Wet Lovemaking

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Cristal and Tom have taken time off away from work and are staying at a 5 star hotel. When Tom is in the bath tub and see's Crystal in her sexy pink robe and thigh high stockings, he invites her to join him. Pulling her in the tub fully dressed, he takes his time undressing her, leaving on her stockings as they make love standing up and on the edges of the tub. Now that is romantic!.

Addicted To Lovemaking

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Cathy and Chad have been together only a few months, and every spare minute they have they spend making love. Cathy had never had such a romantic and energetic lover! He would always spend is time kissing and licking her until she was hot and wet and almost begging for his cock inside her. Then he would fuck her until she came over and over until he released his hot load inside her....

Kisses And Sex

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Chad couldn't resist making love to Kelly. He licked her to orgasm then made love with her bent over the sink and in the tub in these romantic lovemaking movies. Do you a little passion and romance with your porn? Then I have the site for you! Made for women, by a woman, this site will have you orgasming in your chair. :).

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