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Straight Guy Gets Blowjob

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Lucian has had the hots for his buddy Jagger ever since they started working together for the same construction firm. Jagger doesn't know Lucian is gay, so when Jagger is bemoaning that his girlfriend is going out of town and the apartment was lonely, Lucian invited him over to stay with him. When the talk turned to blowjob, Jagger admitted his girlfriend wouldn't give him one. Lucian confesses he has wanted to give Jagger a blowjob forever, and offers to give him one that will make him cum harder than one any girl could give him..

Gay Boyfriends Posing

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Inside are a collection of guys posing and showing off everything from their muscular biceps, to them having sex with their ex boyfriend! These are not pornstars, no pros, just real next door guys showing off in home made pics..

Gay Threesome Movies

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Two different men get some big cock sex in these movies for the first time. Thinking they are ready for big dick, they had no idea just how BIG these fucking cocks would be stretching their asses. First is blonde geek Adam who really gets into it and the second is trashy Jean-Phillipe who took on these big dicks like a pro..

Loaded Big Gay Dicks

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Gay Porno Movies of Monster Cocks Deep Inside Tight Mens Butts and Gagging on Gigantic Dicks. Some real gay fucking and sucking going on here. Watch young twink gagging on this thick meaty juicy cock..

Gay Sex Vacation

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Gay lovers get all the anal fucking they desire in this gay sex resort. Gorgeous poolboys seduce guys at the pool and take them to their room for a good dick sucking and anal fucking. This is a vacation the guests won't soon forget..

Massive Gay Cock Movies

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Shocking huge cock movies and the gay men who love sucking and fucking big gay dicks. It's hard to get work done properly when your mate can't keep his hands off your big pole, especially when your cock is huge like the gay men in these free videos..

Big Black Stud Fuck

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Mahogany has had a hard on for Jay for many years but never confonted him about how he felt. That was until he ran into him at the hardware store recently. The plans were made to get together and it was on. Then there is Rex, fresh out of the pen and needing a tight black ass as he fucks his pal peanut. These two macho black guys get satisfied in these movie clips.

Gay Bondage Movies

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It's our first live shoot and anything can happen. I'm fortunate to have Spencer Reed as the dom and Dominic Pacifico as the sub. As you can tell by now, we don't live in a box here at the Armory... meaning that doms do get tied up, flogged and sometimes fucked. No one is safe, including me, and I'm counting my days. I have to get back in shape before that happens. Back to the shoot, Spencer gets tied up and flogged while Dominic on his knees sucking Spencer's fat cock. I untie Spencer and we both work over Dominic. He's one lucky boy but he seems to take everything for granted so I punish him for that. I suspend Dominic for a hard bondage fuck. Both Spencer and I simultaneously blow our wads all over Dominic's face. Sincerely, Van Darkholme.

Gay BDSM Training

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Tristan Jaxx is a sexy new dom on Bound Gods. This quiet stud is trying to get over the vastness of the Armory. He's extremely interested in BDSM and very eager to learn. It will take a little time for him to hone his corporal skills. Drake Jaden is an eager submissive boy who needs to work on his pain tolerance. This afternoon, Tristan puts Drake through various exercises to build his character..

Fresh Meat for Nick Moretti

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A new shipment of meat has arrived. Head butcher Nick Moretti goes to the slaughterhouse to inspect and process it. DJ has been processed and kept in a case for a while. On the other hand, Christian Wilde is new and raw. Nick is excited with anticipation since he never knows what he gets... top, bottom or what? Low limits or high limits, it's all a grab bag in these gay bondage movies.

Bound, Suspended and Fucked

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Josh West is a new dom on Bound Gods. This muscle daddy comes with a 10 inch cock and he's ready to use it on the subs. It will take a little time for him to be familiar with the BG style. Dominic Pacifico is back and he's ready for some challenging bondage positions. In order for Dominic to receive Josh's 10 inch cock up his ass, he endures the crop, the flogger, the zapper, the cane and full suspension. He has to be completely submissive and a good boy.

Gay Bondage Fuck

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The head butcher is away and his men are up to no good. Luke Riley and Jesse Alan discover DJ tied up in a cage, and they want to have some fun with him. They rip off his clothes, rough him up, and make him suck their cocks. Poor DJ gets suspended upside down and receives heavy flogging in all directions. Luke and Jesse finish him off with a nasty enema and a hard bondage fuck.

Gay Fuck in Bondage

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CJ Madison is a hot leather daddy with a big thick cock. Dean Tucker is a willing boy with a constant hard on. Dean desperately wants that big thick cock up his hole but there's a price to pay. He endures the crop, the heavy metal ball, the ass hook, wax and the cane. If he's good, perhaps he even gets to cum in the end.

Gay Water Bondage

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For some time now, genetically gifted Rusty Stevens has been a lab rat for Dr Evil, Derrek Diamond. He endures strange experiments and a preliminary stage for cloning. Rusty can only take so much and he finally fights back in a wild rage. He gives Derrek a taste of his own medicine whipping and prodding him with the crop. Rusty dunks Derrek in the water tank and fucks him underwater. Enraged Rusty gets his revenge by forcing semen extraction from the screaming Derrek.

Fucking the Bondage Toy

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Chad Manning is at his buddy James's apartment looking for him. He's surprised to find Luke Riley tied up in the bedroom. Chad gets turned on when he sees Luke's hard cock even though he's in full bondage. Chad tries to mess with him but Luke said that he is James' bondage toy. Chad doesn't care and all hell breaks loose in these gay bondage movies.

Two Hard Naked Slaves

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Plan A is to have a dom work over Patrick Rouge and newcomer Tommy Defendi. Tommy is more of a top but he's new to bondage, so he's willing to sub once to see what it's like. But on the morning of the shoot, our dom is a no-show. Since Tommy has no dom training, I decide to step in and save the shoot: Plan B. Sure, bondage is hot, but I also love messing with the subs' heads, as you'll see in this update. I also like to give them options: "Where do you want me to hit you? Here? There?" It keeps them focused and out of their headspace and prevents them from "leaving the room." There are a million doms out there and each has their own style. I like my sessions to be sensual, erotic, and firm. And as Daddy Zeus from Zeus Studios suggests, "Stop saying 'Good Boy.'" It's a damn hard habit to break after ten plus years. Sincerely, Van Darkholme.

Ebony and Ivory Gay Men Pound Each Other

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There is nothing a twink loves more than big buff black man to play with. As they kiss their way down their bodies, stripping away the clothing as they go the each stop to have a taste. The skinny white boy relishes the long hard cock, jerking and sucking on it, then licking his bald ass. Dark Meat goes down and uses his full luscious lips to wrap around the long thin white dick before lubing up his tight ass. Bent over on the table the twink lifts his ass in the air giving the big black cock free access. Wanting to be fair the black man takes his turn and bends over to be punished by the white guy.

Gay Roomies Screwing

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gay rimjobSudsee Barnes and Billy Murphy are the types of guys that will kick back and enjoy themselves no matter what the situation is. Today they're going for your typical blowjob, but instead of leaving it at that they start with the gay rimjob action. These guys just love to rim, especially when they can get themselves fucked hard in the ass after their rims have been teased. They love that shit, especially once it gets so intense that they can barely contain their pleasure. Their cum ends up coating the walls all over the fucking place..

Straight Guys Gay Sex

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Straight men picked up by a cute girl, blindfolded, and tricked into gay sex. First I'd be suspicious if a stranger threw themselves at me. Being blindfolded would raise the bar even higher. Then finding out some gay dude is sucking my cock instead? I'd either flip out or nut in his eye..

Maledom with Dak Ramsey

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Ravenous Dak pounces on submissive muscle men and dominates them in extreme hard bondage. The first guy is cornered in the shower and gives up easily to Dak's desires. The second guy was picked up hitchhiking and soon finds himself in Dak's dungeon!.

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