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Ethereal Babe Naha

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Naha is celebrating one of the last warm days of summer during the Autumnal Equinox. She does a teasing dance in her see-through white dress, flirting and worshiping the land that has given her so much. At the end, she lets the dress fall down to the ground and invites you to join her to raise some magice....

Veras Morning Fix

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Vera is getting ready to go out and do battle in her chain mail bikini and cowl, but first she decides to build up her magice with some masturbation. This curvy, tattooed cutie finds a rock and fingers her plump camel toe pussy to orgasm..

Brea By The Lake

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Brea of Nyce has been hiking in the mountains for hours and finally stops by a lake. After taking a swim, this sexy redhead puts her sword and settles in for some masturbating she fingers her clit until she orgasms..

Brea In The Mountains

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Sexy Brea of Nyce is up in the mountains in her chain mail. This sexy redhead shows off then does a sensual strip tease, taking off her chain mail until she is naked in the woods and waiting for you to give you her sperm..


Sierra The Vampire Siren

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Sierra is one sexy vampire in her corset and hooded robe...and nothing else. She reads through her book, trying to find the secrets she needs to lure a man to her to feed from. Want to volunteer to be this sexy vampires next meal?.


Fantasy Babe Ezca

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Ezca is out in the meadow in her very goth looking coat and boots. I absolutely love her outfit, and her sultry looks that promise a night of sin. But the best part is she is wearing nothing under her coat but a belly button piercing. This sensual babe shows off her perfect body waiting for you to give her your cock to suck to raise her magice.

Redhead In Heels

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Marsha is a hot little tease. This redhead shows off in her pretty pink camisole and thong panties. She strips off her top then bends over showing that slice of pantie and those frilly socks and heels. Yum. Finally the panties come off and she is naked in her heels and sexy socks. Is there anything sweeter?.

White Socks Babe

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This is Sally. She is busty, curvy babe that makes you think of sex, tangled sheets and orgasms. She starts out only in a bra and panties and is nude in her white socks in a flash. You know she is a cock sucking pro, and will milk all the sperm from your balls with her mouth, pussy and ass. .

Warrior Babe Mega

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Mega is a sexy blonde warrior babe in the hottest chain mail you will ever see! It is a barely there top and bikini bottom, both are see through to see her perfect body under neath. Add thigh high boots to the mix, and you have pure sex appeal!.

Tally In Socks

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This is Tally, isn't she a little cutie? She starts out wearing some white cotton panties, a short flirty skirt, skin tight top and her sexy long socks. But soon, she is doing a little strip tease getting nude in her socks and showing her pussy that is wet and ready for you!.

Syrina Forest Elf

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Syrina of Zeng is a petite elf that is in the forest hunting. She is looking for a man to recharge her magice with by harvesting his sperm when he orgasms. Do you want to volunteer to let this nymph make you orgasm better than you ever have?.

Sassy Sandy In Socks

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Sandy is looking mighty sexy when she gets the honey out and drizzles it on her tits, inviting you to take a lick! She is wearing my favorite type of sock, white frilly socks in the kitchen. She quickly strips off her clothes and poses on the kitchen counters in her socks, then toys her sweet shaved pussy!.

Forset Nymph Gadriella

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Gadriella is a druid that looks like a forest nymph in her hand dyed simple clothes and amulet of power. She does a sensual dance while she strips at the edge of the wood, raising magice and calling all men who want to donate their sperm.

Sexy In Frilly Socks And Heels

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Claire is lounging around in her plain white bra and panties on the couch, and her white frilly socks and sling back heels. This sexy blonde does some teasing poses, bending over and pulling aside those panties and spreading shaved pussy lips for you to enjoy. Then she gets naked in her frilly socks and heels and rubs her clit until she comes! .

Emma In White Socks

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Emma is a blonde hottie! She has long legs, a sexy smile and starts out in her pink top and short jean skirt. Soon though she is down to her white panties and socks, then the panties come off and she shows her pink pussy! .


Nevaeh Warrior Maiden

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Nevaeh of Rafeynor is almost six feet tall of hot babe. Thick lips, curvy body, long legs she is every mans wet dream. Top that off with chain mail, armor and a big sword and anyone that loves fantasy babes is going to be jerking hard to this hottie. .

Zoia of Endilla

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Zoia of Endilla is an ethereal blonde beauty. Perfect creamy skin, this fa ery is over six feet tall of sensual innocence. She starts out in her flowing white dress with her magice storage ball, drawing energy to her. Then she undresses and pleasures herself, dreaming of the man...or woman... who will raise her magice even higher..

Puffy Nippled Blonde

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Jasmine is a hot blonde in black lace bootie undies with suspenders, not something you see every day! The suspenders really showcase her perfect bits topped with sexy puffy nipples. She does a little strip tease, taking off those panties and spreading her legs showing her shaved pussy.

Sisicole Of May

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Sisicole of May is an Elf who needs to bond with her new Turak, a crystal wand that stores Magice. So she goes to the top of a scared mountain, and undresses and masturbates. When she orgasms, her energy flows, filling the crystal with power..


Scyola of Thang

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Scyola of Thang is an exotic beauty who is covered from head to toe. Used to living in the shadows, where woman are covered, she dares displeasure of the men of her fief by baring herself and masturbating..

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