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Payton Demilo Got the M Word

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Some people are blessed and they don't even know it. When I first met Payton Demilo, she was shy about her backside. The size of her breasts were also one of her concerns. Maybe I am out of touch, a little out of tune, but every time I lay eyes on Payton's womanly figure, it reminds me of climbing the rope in gym class. Yes, a Wayne's World reference. Damn, I am old. Payton is wonderful and if I had to guess, was hungry to be appreciated. I say count your blessings..

Nina North Warm Smell of Colitas

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Nina North is back in Los Angeles. She gets bold on the beach this time around. Many tourists, and possibly locals, stop on the PCH to enjoy the views. I like to trip on the thought of all the history this region has seen. From Walt Disney to Helter Skelter, Southern California has been one of America's favorite whores. And you have to respect and show gratitude, especially to whores. Keep the beach clean and pick up after yourself. Nina did not require any retouching, but I can not say the same about the coastline..

Abby Vissers Subway Blows

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Subway blows, but I still eat it from time to time. It puts on a decent facade of being healthy. Its locations are ubiquitous. And I think they sprinkle their food with crack. Just the same, I find Abby Vissers to be 2,487 times more appealing than "eating fresh". Abby's freckles are from Minnesota. She told me she would not do video. She finds herself to be too awkward. How many of you agree? Jake Weber's instrumental cover of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" is the song in the bonus video..

Busty Teen Cassidy Ellis Nude

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Cassidy Ellis NudeCassidy Ellis enjoys walking around her place without clothes on. I do not blame her. The end of Summer has been a hot one here in L.A. Even my cat did not complain when I poured cool water on his black fur. I know you fashionistas will complain about the lack of wardrobe in this gallery. I sincerely apologize. At least Cassidy sported fancy foam clogs and dark Fossil shades for some of the photos. Stay cool..

Belle Knox Posing Outdoors

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Belle Knox is a little slut. The beauty about this college student's story is that it makes you question whether a slut is really such a bad thing for a young woman to be. Belle has made all the headlines in American media attempting to pay her expensive tuition to Duke University by working in porn. My feeling is that those who point the finger at Belle are mostly bothered by her nontraditional sexual proclivities. The issue here is not money nor safety, let's be honest. It is about sex. It's like the old saying, "Everything in life is about sex, except sex, which is about power." Does a woman being in porn, or having sex, or being paid to have sex, truly bother people because it harms the woman or because it goes against the image of how we expect women to behave and feel. I think it is the latter.


Teen Pussy Closeup

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Hi, I'm Brittany. This is the first time I've modeled, so I hope you like my pics. The camera man said there are guys out there that love to see a woman's pink parts up close, so he took some really good close-ups of my pussy. I was shy at first, but I started thinking of all the men out there, getting excited seeing me, and I found myself getting really wet...

Emma In Socks

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Emmy is a little cutie in her skirt, top, and white socks. She shows her sweet pussy under that skirt from behind, making you just want to fuck her while she is bent over. Then she takes her pink toy and fucks her pussy, dreaming of your dick! .


Skinny In Striped Socks

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Mona is a very cute teen in her orange and white striped socks. She starts out in a pair of shorts and a tank top, but the shorts quickly come off and she is fingering that tight wet shaved teen pussy for you, inviting your dick inside! She looks so innocent, but her fingers say she could get you off any way you want!.


Two Teens Well Screwed

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Ashlynn strips off her innocent looking pink panties and rides this studs pole in some cowboy action. Then Kimberly has fucked up her dads car so she talks a mechanic into lubing her holes with his jizz for fixing it..

Tiny Tina In Socks

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This is Tina. A petite redheaded teen who is so cutie in her pink top, white panties and socks. She does a a strip tease for you, getting naked in her socks and hat and showing off a furry bush that is waiting for your cock!.

Plump Girlfriend In Socks

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Melody is such a teen cutie. Huge smile full of braces. Chubby body. She shyly strips off her top and panties getting naked in her long white athletic socks, doing a little posing for you showing off her teen curves..

Nude In Her Socks

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Tangerine is a sassy redheaded 19 year old who starts out in jeans, top, and sneakers. But they soon come off as this slim cutie gets naked in her white ankle socks, and spreads her pussy lips open, inviting your cock inside! .


Adorable In Heels

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Adora is a little cutie. Looking so sweet and innocent in her blouse, plaid skirt, frilly socks and heels. This petite teen shyly strips off her blouse, and you can tell that she is really a wild child. Her mini boobs are capped with nipple rings. She fingers herself wearing just her skirt, socks and heels, dreaming of your cock. Then the skirt comes off and she sucks on her finger, showing what she’d like to do to your dick! .

Coed Bed Secrets

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A coed brunette fires up her webcam and climbs in her bed to start undressing herself. She surely has a nice pair of teen tits. In another gallery two lesbian teens share a dorm room which leads to passionate lesbian teen sex once in a while.

Teen Gf shows Tanline

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Kate is one of those 19 year olds that looks so sweet and innocent with her short blonde hair with clips. But after talking on the phone with her boyfriend, and getting all worked up and horny, she shows off her tanlined tits while toying that tight wet pussy to orgasm! .


Claire Has Sex In A Skirt

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nside are two movie galleries of Claire getting fucked in her short black skirts. She gets a horny stud ramming her tight ass hole over and over in these clips until she shoots a big wad of cum all over her face and pierced tongue! .

Arousing Teen Students

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Two college students are getting naked for the camera. The first one strips off her sexy lingerie and shows her awesome body and teen tits while the second one fingers her pussy laying on her back and bending over.

Linda Has Sex In A Skirt

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Inside are two movie galleries of Linda getting fucked in her short black skirts. She gets a horny stud ramming her tight ass hole over and over in these clips until she shoots a big wad of cum all over her face and pierced tongue!.

Sex In A Skirt

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Inside are two movie galleries of petite blonde cutie Lori Reed. First, her boyfriend has her suck his cock, getting it all wet and ready for her tight slit. then he pulls off her tiny polka dot panties, to get to that tender teen pussy and ass. She finally ends up with a mind blowing ass reaming with his big cock while she is on her hands and knees moaning..

Teen Students Toying

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Two teen students are bored in their dorm room so they put on their webcam to record themselves doing all kind of nasty stuff with a dildo. What they didn't know is that their webcams were online. Are they in for a surprise or what?.

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