Beach Hunk Ben

Beach Hunk Ben

Beach Hunk Ben

Ben is all alone on a deserted beach with nothing to do but lie in the sun. This muscular hunk slips off his jeans, and strokes his thick hard cock feeling the sand in his toes, the wind against his body and the warm sun making him hotter. What a sexy hunk for the ladies to feast their eyes on as he poses and strokes.

Leon is horny and looking for a good time from a professional. He cruises the streets in his 50's Bel Air until he finds a pretty part Asian cutie in a tight silk dress. He hires her and takes her back to his modern hotel room and not only gets serviced, but gives her several orgasms with his tongue then his cock..

Inside this free site are sample pics from my story about Kaimi, a woman who has the gift of farseeing. When she warns a fellow villager that he is in danger, she is scoffed, for in her island home only men have this type of magic. When he dies later from an accident she fortold, she is banished. She flees on her raft and floats at sea for over 3 weeks before a giant storm comes up and tosses her overboard. Two people, from totally different worlds. Will they find the love they both desire?.

After Tiffany's car broke and she starts walking, she gets lost and realizes she has wandered into no mans land. The full moon starts to rise, and she knows he has to get out of there when she hears the howl of wolves. Screaming at the sound, the two monsters jump down from the roof and meet her. But they didn't want to harm her, they just wanted to take her to their lair and fuck her brains out..

Busty butchy Winetka is looking very hot in her thigh high black and red latex boots and corset. She strips off the corset and matching panties, getting nude and showing off her huge titties. I love the pic where she is bent over showing that pussy that wants you dick in her..

Marissa works as a Go Go Dancer in an auto-booth. There, she does sexy dances and the guys put in dollars for her to do special moves. But one big guy has his eye on her, and when she leaves after her shift, offers her a 1,000 dollars to come back to his apartment with him. She likes his looks so takes him up on the offer. He tells her he is going to change. Little does she realize the guy is actually a demon and comes back wearing his demon skin to fuck her with his huge red cock!.

Beach Hunk Ben
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