Bella Rossi versus Yasmine Loven

Bella Rossi versus Yasmine Loven

Bella Rossi versus Yasmine Loven

Of all the matches in the Summer Vengeance Tournament this is the one most have been looking forward to. Bella "The Annihilator" Rossi, ranked 5, versus Yasmine "The Lighting Bolt" Loven, ranked number 10. Yasmine may be new but she's one of the most naturally-skilled wrestlers on the mat in a long time. Her strength combined with her natural intuition as to how to take an opponent down and keep herself out of holds makes her a perfect match for The Annihilator. Not to mention she's (more...).

This is being billed as the Super Mega Awesome Battle Dream Supreme, and it features an "A Team" of girl fighters with twelve of today's and yesteryear's all-stars clashing on the mats in an epic battle. Each girl will wrestle one fast and furious eight-minute round. The wrestling is elite-level 100% unscripted competitive grappling. These girls put everything they have into their one round, and the Orgy Prize round is masterfully executed by true winners who obviously have experience (more...).

Brandy Smile's out to win this one, but she has tough competition from Valery Summers! Between the knockdowns and the hair pulling in this catfight, things get hot between these two bitches as they claw their way to dominance. Who's going to come out on top? May the most ferocious girl win!.

Ariel X is a powerhouse, the strongest and most experienced wrestler. Beretta James has shown great improvement. She's been training off the mat and is a candidate for rookie of the year. She's not a pushover by any means. But in this match Ariel totally destroys the talented rookie with devastating submission holds and deep finger penetration during the rounds. Beretta was out-gunned, out-wrestled, and outclassed in this one-sided Armageddon. If you want a glimpse at terror... (more...).

Darling (The Grappler 5'4" 118 lbs) is an elite wrestler, and her training off the mat has toned and turned her body into a sexy weapon capable of causing ass destruction. Mahina (The Moon 5'1" 120 lbs) is a rookie but she works out with a wrestling trainer 3 times a week and she's looking to make a name for herself at Ultimate Surrender. But Darling destroys Mahina with brutal submission holds and finger fucking. And in Round 4 she gets used like a common whore by the brutal Darling for losing..

With Vendetta injured and unable to continue, Tara Lynn Foxx must face the final Ultimate Surrender sex round on her own. However it quickly turns into a 3-on-1 gangbang as Isis Love jumps in on the destruction. Tara is soon overwhelmed; she has three aggressive veterans fucking her with no hope for mercy..

Bella Rossi versus Yasmine Loven
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