Bella Rossi versus Yasmine Loven

Bella Rossi versus Yasmine Loven

Bella Rossi versus Yasmine Loven

Of all the matches in the Summer Vengeance Tournament this is the one most have been looking forward to. Bella "The Annihilator" Rossi, ranked 5, versus Yasmine "The Lighting Bolt" Loven, ranked number 10. Yasmine may be new but she's one of the most naturally-skilled wrestlers on the mat in a long time. Her strength combined with her natural intuition as to how to take an opponent down and keep herself out of holds makes her a perfect match for The Annihilator. Not to mention she's (more...).

After a brutal Tag Team Match, Mistress Kara and Princess Donna (Team Green), finally pull into the lead and get to fuck the living hell out of the losers. What happens in Round Four is a massive seven-girl fuck fest with fisting, humiliation, first-time squirting, and lesbian strap-on fucking, all in front of a live audience. And as a final show of power, Princess Donna makes Izamar say, "Princess Donna never loses" unless she wants a fist in her tight cunt. You can tell she doesn't (more...).

Two crazy cunts turn the mat into a sweaty tit brawl. Sexy rookie Lea Lexis is The Romainian Rage and the big breasted Krissy Lynn is The Crippler. Today they face off in a match with plenty of pussy fondling, whorish gymnastics, bitch-slapping and ass play. At 5'4" Lea Lexis is a little taller and at 116 lbs a bit lighter than the busty 5'3" and 126 lbs Krissy Lynn. In the fourth round you'll find out who surrenders and gets fucked in this unscripted Lesbian sexual wrestling match (more...).

A veteran since season one, Dragonlily is undefeated this season and has a lifetime record of 32-5. Bella Rossi is now officially dangerous. She now has skill to back up her size and huge boobs. There isn't an elite wrestler on the roster who doesn't fear the Annihilator. This is an amazing back and forth match up. Bella gets fingers in the Dragon early and often. The Dragon has no response for the strength and boobs. Can the Dragon hang on? Or will the Annihilator slay a Dragon?.

This sexual wrestling match features Bella Rossi, Penny Barber, Ariel X, and Bryn Blayne all on the mat at the same fucking time. Losers will be put in brutal submission holds and made helpless to keep fingers out of their cunts and pussies off of their faces. The first three rounds determined the winners, who now get to brutally fuck and humiliate the losers in Round 4. After finishing the match by winning in a landslide, Bryn and Ariel get to fuck losers Penny and Bella. Don't miss (more...).

Here are highlights from Round 4 of a recent Tag Team Tuesdays. This was a totally non-scripted match, filmed in front of an audience and broadcast live to members. After losing an amazing and dramatic matche, Rain DeGrey and Audrey Rose are going to get sexually destroyed. The winners have strapped on and are going to bring the sexual beat down on the losers deserve for blowing the 100-point lead they had. Brutal fisting, squirting and massive orgasms overload are what the losers... ().

Bella Rossi versus Yasmine Loven
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