Bound Girl Exposed and Vulnerable

Bound Girl Exposed and Vulnerable

Bound Girl Exposed and Vulnerable

Beautiful and nubile Alani Pi is no ordinary girl. She's unique, stunning...and a bit disconnected. The challenge is to see where they could take her by alienating her with the bondage, making her submit to metal, and find out what kind of girl she really is. To begin Alani's locked into position wearing metal balls on her head and hands. With her arms in strappado and knees to chest, it's simple bondage. Highly effective and highly immobile. The lack of sight and skewed sound heighten (more...).

It's not the position that has Elise Graves in such distress at Infernal Restraints today. It's the small strap of leather around her throat. It looks innocuous enough but it's so tight that her face is turning blue. She can barely muster enough air to stay conscious but despite herself she can't stop screaming. It heightens the terror as she struggles to draw in another breath. And, of course, PD does everything he can to make sure that the experience is as bad as she anticipates..

Hazel Hypnotic has pale skin that shows marks right away and PD has no intention of letting an opportunity like that pass. He can lay that cane across her ass with enough force to raise a welt on a rhino. Hazel's skin turns red at first but before long the black and blue bruises start to show. How well she can endure that, and all of the other torments the Realtime Bondage members can devise, determines how much they'll be willing to reward her during this show..

PD wastes no time in violating Nyssa Nevers. Why should he? As soon as he had her bound her cunt was wet. He could smell her sex from half-way across the room. It's the smell of a slut begging to be used. She wants to feel the shackles locked around her limbs, spreading her open. She has to seek out the type of men, like PD, who'll hurt her until she screams and cries and begs for it to stop. And when she does beg, she needs to know that he won't stop, not until he's had enough of her..

All of the struggling Juliette Black is doing is never going to help her in these Infernal Restraints. In fact, the ingenious set of clamps and chains that PD has set up ensures that if she continues to flail about it'll only make things hurt worse and make her suffer even more. Though judging from the way her screams are coming out of the box on her head she may be a little too panicked to realize that..

Nyssa's been all smiles and giggles. But they're going to change that now. The box on her head has been open so far, which is uncomfortable, but not too distressing. Close it, though, and it's a completely different game. It becomes hot, claustrophobic and loud as hell inside. It's enough to make her start screaming for mercy right away. They take the box off, but if Nyssa thinks for a moment that taking it off is a sign of mercy or weakness, she's wrong. The members want to watch (more...).

Bound Girl Exposed and Vulnerable
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