Bound Girl Exposed and Vulnerable

Bound Girl Exposed and Vulnerable

Bound Girl Exposed and Vulnerable

Beautiful and nubile Alani Pi is no ordinary girl. She's unique, stunning...and a bit disconnected. The challenge is to see where they could take her by alienating her with the bondage, making her submit to metal, and find out what kind of girl she really is. To begin Alani's locked into position wearing metal balls on her head and hands. With her arms in strappado and knees to chest, it's simple bondage. Highly effective and highly immobile. The lack of sight and skewed sound heighten (more...).

Dylan is a slut who says she's tough and loves to cum. Her clothes are ripped from her body and painful flogging reddens her toned body. Screams fill the room as the sadistic torture continues, all while she's made to cum while enduring the agony of her sore pussy. Next she's put into a grueling hogtie and her nipples are tormented. A fucking machine is sped up to a cunt-numbing speed. Her exposed soles are tormented with caning and rubber bands. The day is finished with her strapped (more...).

This party got started at Infernal Restraints but it's only gotten better at Hard Tied. Sister Dee was given as a welcoming gift for Nina Hartley and Ernest Greene. She was given over to them, body and mind. She will learn to love it. SD sings like a bird when she cums. It's the kind of positive feedback that encourages Nina and Ernest to keep playing their games. Not that they really need any. It's very easy to tell how enthusiastic they are about the time they're spending together. (more...).

PD uses rough ropes to lay out this sexy slut and keep her legs opened wide for torment. An old dental gag is perfect for doing the same to her mouth. Nyssa's at her most vulnerable and there's no way that PD won't take advantage of her predicament. She can be an ashtray, a whipping post, or just a convenient place to shove one of his new toys..

Nicki Blue has nothing left to give PD except her tears and her service. He's stripped her down so that her exposure is obvious. If she has any dignity left he'll strip that away soon too. Her pussy is wet, but it's hard to tell if it's the pain or the humiliation that's getting her so hot. PD has no interest in letting her feel good today. When he's done tormenting her he has some work around the yard that needs to be done. She'll have to perform well in everything to have any hope... (more...).

Raven haired pain slut Gia succumbs to nipple torture and labia torture in these photos. Dungeon master Rick Savage abuses her nipples with clamps, and puts labia clamps on her hairy pussy lips.

Bound Girl Exposed and Vulnerable
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