Charlotte Vale Abducted Gangfucked

Charlotte Vale Abducted Gangfucked

Charlotte Vale Abducted Gangfucked

Charlotte Vale confesses to her therapist that she has a fantasy of being abducted and roughly gangfucked by a group of strange men. As she describes the details of her fantasy, you get to see exactly what's happening in her head. Her imagination includes sex in bondage, gangfucking, blowbang, spitting, slapping, rough sex, double-penetration and (more...).

In this Bound Gangbangs episode Ned's gambling problem has gotten out of hand, and he doesn't have the money to pay off his debts. When the debt collectors come to his house and he can't pay up they tie him to the chair, and fuck his wife right before his eyes. Bound and helpless he can do nothing to stop them from violating his wife, and as the fucking progresses she realizes these thugs can fuck her way better than her pathetic husband can..

Princess Donna's submitted before. She's been abducted and utterly destroyed. But she's never been through anything like this. For the first time ever, Princess Donna is brutally dominated, double-penetrated, fisted and humiliated by 8 merciless thugs in an intense gangbang. She endures extreme pain, strict bondage and hard, depraved fucking that'll leave you speechless. Donna does her first gangbang the only way she knows how, 100% hardcore with no-holds barred... (more...).

These two Victorian ladies are horny as hell and looking for a fuck. When they see a muscular gardener tending the lawn, they decide he makes the perfect man to share a threesome with. They pull him away from his duties and these three get into a hot fuck and suck session on the lawn..

Ashlynn Leigh is a 19-year-old 'girl next door' type. In this Public Disgrace episode she gets tied up and taken to the local comic book store where she deep-throats cock, gets fucked hard in the ass, and has her innocent face transformed into a mess of spit and cum. Ashlynn's groped by people in the store and is lucky enough to have a sexy lesbian couple dominate her, make her lick pussy and butthole, and fuck the hell out of her throat, cunt, and asshole with a giant strap-on cock..

The Duke has two of his buddies over, and they are getting lit in the parlor while playing the piano. When the maid walks in to do a little dusting, she gets talked into dusting all right...their cocks! This peasant gets cocks stuffed in all her holes in this costumed gang bang from the turn of the century!.

Charlotte Vale Abducted Gangfucked
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