Christmas With Bond

Christmas With Bond

Christmas With Bond

James is home for the holidays, having an old fashioned Christmas. He arrives in some festive clothes, then tries on a tiny bikini that says Merry Christmas. Finally, he goes under the tree, stroking his long cock to orgasm, dreaming of you joining him for a night of passion..

Two very sexy 3d nurses are getting naked inside. First, nurse Snatchit in her fetish latex corset and high heels is roaming the operating room with her vibrator. Second is nurse Nancy who finds an empty hospital room for her vibrator search..

Jill has been living in a bunker under ground, and figured her lover was killed in the wars. When a man shows up wearing a strange uniform, at first she is afraid, then she realizes it is her lover Gordon, alive and unharmed. They celebrate their reunion by making lover all over the bunker!.

Amanda is so lost in thought, she gets lost. When she finds herself in a bad part of town, she is attacked by a vampire who wants to drink her dry. She is saved by Eros, a former lover who disappeared, and she never knew where he went. After he disposed of the vampire, he admitted he had been changed into a vampire himself, and didn't know if she would accept him as he was. She told him she loved him no matter what, so he took her back to his home where they made love with abandon..

Lindsey was trained by Mistress Tilda to be a perfect submissive. Now it was her first time being with a man after training. Chris first put a ball gag in her, strapped her down to a padded bed and fucked her hard until she orgasmed. Then he introduced her to sex in chains, toys and so much more..

Ki'ira was crossing the desert and finally reached the oasis she was searching for. Stripping off her clothes, she bathed in the cool waters. What she didn't know was there was a monstrous creature watching her, who grabbed her and fucked her with his big dick..

Christmas With Bond
Listed on: Dec 18 2011
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