Cum Hard Beg for Mercy

Cum Hard Beg for Mercy

Cum Hard Beg for Mercy

Chanel Preston didn't know she could cum so much and so hard she thought her heart might explode. She never knew her body could be used so hard and that she'd be so helpless to resist it. She thought she controlled her own body, but today she learns the truth. Her elbows are bound up and together, keeping her arms severely trapped. Her hair is bound back and tied to an ass hook. The bondage is pain, and pain is good. All she can do is orgasm again and again until all that's left is begging..

The Pope puts some rope on Mattie to see how she handles suffering while bound. She's barely 18, with little experience, so he slowly ramps up the pain. It doesn't take much to make this little bitch scream, and he wants her to scream all day. She's still unaware of what it feels like to have multiple orgasms ripped from her cunt. So of course he uses this against her as well as subjecting her to more suffering, until she no longer has any control over what her body's doing. (more...).

This big-breasted black slavegirl is okay with being tied tightly, put on her knees and sprayed with high-pressure streams of water, but she is so frightened of being locked in metal chains and shackles and dunked completely under water that she tries to trade her way out of it in these water bondage galleries. Silly, silly girl.

Rain DeGrey is a tall sexy girl with long legs and massive boobs. Today she endures one of the hardest bondage positions in the world. Once she's bound and helpless it's time for a brutal face-fucking and a good deep-throat pounding. Nothing like a helpless girl in a nasty bondage predicament, having a cock slammed down her throat, and there's not a thing she can do but take it for as long as you want to give it. She's vibrated to near-orgasm, teased, not allowed to cum, and then... (more...).

Tricia Oaks and Skylar Price get into a bitch fight at the wrong bar. Mart Davis is the 'not in my bar' bartender who takes matters into his own hands, tying them up tightly, plugging their asses and turning the two girls into his submissive fuck sluts..

Penny Play gets put on her knees, clothing stripped off, her head in a rubber hood and trapped in a metal cube with her wrists cuffed behind her. Then she’s upside down, butt in the air, with a metal hook jammed in her ass and tied to her hair. A mirror is underneath her so she can stare at herself drooling and intensify the humiliation. Time to get out the cattleprod..

Cum Hard Beg for Mercy
Listed on: Jul 01 2011
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