Cum Hard Beg for Mercy

Cum Hard Beg for Mercy

Cum Hard Beg for Mercy

Chanel Preston didn't know she could cum so much and so hard she thought her heart might explode. She never knew her body could be used so hard and that she'd be so helpless to resist it. She thought she controlled her own body, but today she learns the truth. Her elbows are bound up and together, keeping her arms severely trapped. Her hair is bound back and tied to an ass hook. The bondage is pain, and pain is good. All she can do is orgasm again and again until all that's left is begging..

Hardcore bondage is all about innovation and this Infernal Restraints contraption proves it. The position is backbreaking. It leaves Ashley Graham exposed like she's spread-eagle, but with her tits and limbs arched out like an offering to Damon Pierce. Her bondage can rock and pivot to provide the perfect angle for her torment. For someone who gets wet from feelings of exposure and vulnerability it's a fantasy come true. And like any good little bondage slut Ashley wants more..

He ties her elbows tight behind her back, then wraps the rough rope around her pretty, slutty thighs and pushes her to the floor. He shoves her face down, ass up, and rips at those silky little panties. The air hits her skin and he can smell her moist cunt. He holds out the rubber cock and tells her to get it. So amusing to watch her struggle against the rope to get that fat cock in her horny little pussy. She's drooling all over herself, making a fucking mess, squirming, moaning and (more...).

Bound reverse in a chair with her ass hanging over the edge and her neck bound to the back, Amy finds herself in a very vulnerable position. They vibrate Amy and she comes so hard she squirts non-stop for about 20 seconds. You have to see Amy's asshole as it rosebuds to epic proportions as she's cumming in brutal orgasms. They make her cum over and over, they face-fuck her piehole hard and deep. Amy deep throats with the best of them and they keep that cock in the back of her throat..

Sara Faye is back and suffering as usual, made to cum over and over, fucked deep by a machine, juices dripping from her holes, impaled and vibrated, nipples brutally punished, and more. They take, and Sara gives, so they take more..

Destiny Jaymes is a sexy, tan, blond, former gymnast, and this is her first time in bondage anywhere. Ball gagged, stripped and bound, she's helpless for the first time in her life. She tries to escape, but finds it impossible. And in the first few seconds that the vibrator hits her pussy, she squirts and cums. Still loopy from the orgasm, she's knocked to her knees, a cock is jammed down her throat and she's skull fucked. After that she's tied to a beam with her leg up in a full front (more...).

Cum Hard Beg for Mercy
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