Dirty Girl Humiliated and Degraded

Dirty Girl Humiliated and Degraded

Dirty Girl Humiliated and Degraded

Emily Marilyn is a girl whose late night fantasies are fueled by perverse acts of public degradation, humiliation and tight bondage that she's participated in. Ultimately she's interested in doing the dirtiest things if those things will please her man. Today she wants to be a good little slut to please Cyd Black, but she's not sure how to do that. But that's not a problem for Cyd. He'll just take whatever he wants from her. And she'll just keep coming back for more, because... (more...).

The Pope plans to turn this girl next door into the pain slut he knows she is. She's bound standing and has pegs applied all over her body then sadistically removed with a dragon tail. She's suspended from her ankles and endures more punishment, orgasm denial, and then her body;s pulled into a brutal arch. Next he has her standing spread eagle and a crotch rope is applied as she suffers through another orgasm. Her body's used against her as this becomes a full out assault on her flesh. (more...).

This big-breasted black slavegirl is okay with being tied tightly, put on her knees and sprayed with high-pressure streams of water, but she is so frightened of being locked in metal chains and shackles and dunked completely under water that she tries to trade her way out of it in these water bondage galleries. Silly, silly girl.

Isobel Wren is well-prepared for the rainy day in the the Armory as she walks in wearing an authentic English Macintosh, sent to us by a loyal Water Bondage fan. We find that Isobel looks quite fetching both in and out of the raincoat, as it's removed and she's exposed to the elements of the furious rainstorm and bound to the pillar, then tormented to orgasm in an immersion tank. .

Sexy French girl is restrained, dominated, humiliated and fucked in all her holes. She's sent to a client's house to be a replacement maid for very kinky gentleman. She's seduced into becoming an erotic servant and serves as an object for his entertainment and pleasure. Locked into metal bondage, bound with ropes, dominated, humiliated, sucking cock and receiving deep ass fuckings will now be among her daily duties. (more...).

Late one night, Lana is grabbed and dragged into a building. She wrestles with her attacker in an attempt to get free. Overpowered and exhausted from struggling, she falls into submission and gets bound, suspended, punished, made to suck cock and fucked..

Dirty Girl Humiliated and Degraded
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