Dirty Girl Humiliated and Degraded

Dirty Girl Humiliated and Degraded

Dirty Girl Humiliated and Degraded

Emily Marilyn is a girl whose late night fantasies are fueled by perverse acts of public degradation, humiliation and tight bondage that she's participated in. Ultimately she's interested in doing the dirtiest things if those things will please her man. Today she wants to be a good little slut to please Cyd Black, but she's not sure how to do that. But that's not a problem for Cyd. He'll just take whatever he wants from her. And she'll just keep coming back for more, because... (more...).

A blonde slave wants to learn the trade and goes to one of the best slave training academies in the world. Once there she soon regrets her choice when she gets tied up and humiliated but there's no turning back now..

San Francisco is a great location for Public Disgrace because there are places like the Wicked Grounds kinky coffee shop that will not only let them do whatever they want, but will join in on the fun. Today's victim, Sadie West, was pretty new to bondage and BDSM, but lucky for her she was the only one new to BDSM in the coffee shop that day. Come see the other patrons play with Sadie too..

This is Beretta's fifth day of sex slave training. Today she must face her final challenge if she hopes to secure her place as House slave. Will she be able to pass the ultimate tests of self-control and discipline? Beretta endures a difficult crotch rope and bears a lot of weight on her pussy but bravely sticks it out. She pushes her limits to the very edge in a challenging blindfolded position. The sensory deprivation is a mind-fuck and she's shaking with fear in anticipation for the (more...).

The day starts extreme and stays that way. Elizabeth is a heavy impact girl, and The Pope obliges with non-stop torment. Her body's pushed so hard that she fades into sub-space quickly, so he brings the whore back to reality with some temperature play, shoving ice in her hungry cunt. Now that he has her attention again, he rains down brutal punishment on this pain slut. She begs for it to stop, but while he likes hearing her beg, This isn't going to stop until he's ready for it to end. (more...).

Seda starts off on her back with neck and waist attached to the box by metal straps. Her arms and legs are wrapped together and locked spread open leaving her properly exposed. She takes a hard flogging to the pussy and thighs before she gets a cock rammed in her ass. Next, she's strung upside down by her arms and legs as her ass gets lit up with the flip nine. A dick and vibe is shoved into her abused pussy. She's caned all over. Her hard stomach is caned while she cums. Then she gets (more...).

Dirty Girl Humiliated and Degraded
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