Electrified Cage Predicament Bound

Electrified Cage Predicament Bound

Electrified Cage Predicament Bound

Sister Dee softens Marina up with pain and orgasms, but the small cage is far more devious than she imagines. The cage floor can be electrified and every time she touches down it'll send a painful jolt through her to remind her of her situation. She doesn't know about it yet but soon enough the secret will be revealed and she'll be screaming for a way out. Her predicament will become even more intense when her best efforts to avoid the trap open her up to more painful punishments. (more...).

Chastity Lynn looks small and innocent, but she has a nasty sexual side too. She's made to handcuff herself. A wooden tongue trap bites into her tongue and she drools down her body. A hard cock throat-fucks the defiance right out of this sexy little bitch. Then she's dragged up off her knees, bent over and hard wet cock is jammed balls-deep into her wet shaved pussy. She's brutally fucked, she cums, gets knocked to the ground, throat-fucked hard, picked up, pussy fucked, over and over (more...).

Tricia Oaks is just like all of the rest of them. When it sounds like she wants mercy, she's really begging for more. It's born of a desire to be controlled and a need to feel useful. Give her that and she'll grow into a passionate submissive with no reservations when it comes to pleasing her master..

Cherry Torn is enjoying a hike through the woods. It's a beautiful day and the seclusion is nice. But being miles away from civilization also means being miles away from help. There are predators in the wild, and one of them has Cherry in his sights. Once she's caught, struggling just makes the situation worse. He has Cherry tied up and exposed in the middle of nowhere. She whipped into submission and forced to suck cock. She wants to scream for help but being seen like this would be (more...).

Juliette's sitting in a cold room, bound in a chair with inescapable restraints. Her head is covered by a hood that blacks out her vision. The way she's shaking you can tell she knows whatever's coming won't be anything she'll enjoy. Eventually she gets a brief look at the Infernal Restraints in her surroundings to let her know just how fucked she is, but after she gets a few more reasons to be afraid her head is locked in a metal box and her torments continue..

Tricia Oaks and Skylar Price get into a bitch fight at the wrong bar. Mart Davis is the 'not in my bar' bartender who takes matters into his own hands, tying them up tightly, plugging their asses and turning the two girls into his submissive fuck sluts..

Electrified Cage Predicament Bound
Listed on: May 20 2013
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