Fresh Meat for Nick Moretti

Fresh Meat for Nick Moretti

Fresh Meat for Nick Moretti

A new shipment of meat has arrived. Head butcher Nick Moretti goes to the slaughterhouse to inspect and process it. DJ has been processed and kept in a case for a while. On the other hand, Christian Wilde is new and raw. Nick is excited with anticipation since he never knows what he gets... top, bottom or what? Low limits or high limits, it's all a grab bag in these gay bondage movies.

The head butcher is away and his men are up to no good. Luke Riley and Jesse Alan discover DJ tied up in a cage, and they want to have some fun with him. They rip off his clothes, rough him up, and make him suck their cocks. Poor DJ gets suspended upside down and receives heavy flogging in all directions. Luke and Jesse finish him off with a nasty enema and a hard bondage fuck.

Christian Owen and Rod Barry tie up submissive muscle men.

Mahogany has had a hard on for Jay for many years but never confonted him about how he felt. That was until he ran into him at the hardware store recently. The plans were made to get together and it was on. Then there is Rex, fresh out of the pen and needing a tight black ass as he fucks his pal peanut. These two macho black guys get satisfied in these movie clips.

Lucian has had the hots for his buddy Jagger ever since they started working together for the same construction firm. Jagger doesn't know Lucian is gay, so when Jagger is bemoaning that his girlfriend is going out of town and the apartment was lonely, Lucian invited him over to stay with him. When the talk turned to blowjob, Jagger admitted his girlfriend wouldn't give him one. Lucian confesses he has wanted to give Jagger a blowjob forever, and offers to give him one that will make him cum harder than one any girl could give him..

Evan Rivers is a rather promiscuous gay boy. In these pics, he's picking up cute guys in Miami Beach for some dirty casual gay sex. Evan gladly sucks cock and takes it in the ass after meeting these guys at a pool party and while riding his bike.

Fresh Meat for Nick Moretti
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