Horror Mansion Fuckfest

Horror Mansion Fuckfest

Horror Mansion Fuckfest

Kelly was a high class call girl, who got called to the Winthrope mansion on the edge of town. She always thought it was pretty spooky, but she knew rumors were, the man who owned it was rich. As he greeted her and he was pleasant to look at, she knew this job would be a pleasure. But he lead her into a dungeon where he tied her up and put on a hideous mask of horror, pleasure and pain combined.

Nancy is based on the Nancy in Sin City, who does a sexy strip tease for Bruce Willis. Unfortunately, you never get to see her naked in the movie. Well in this site, you get to see Nancy strip out of her tight dress and pink panties and show off those perfect big tits and sweet pussy begging to be fucked..

it is late when Alyssa gets off work so she is scared to walk down the back alley. When she hears the sounds of something heavy running towards her, she sees a Troll. Unable to out run him, he scoops her up, and tells her he wants to fuck her, then licks her pussy. She is so excited by being caught, she groans yes, so he tears off all her clothes. Then he has her suck his monsterous cock, then ride it, stretching her innocent hole until she is screaming in orgasm..

Laura got a call from Mr. Duval to meet him. She was looking forward to a fucking from his big cock, but when she got there she found an abandoned building...and a man named Timmy padlocked to a giant X. Timmy told her Mr. Duval said she would get him off with her high heels, and after that he would fuck her. So Laura decides that the orgasms from Mr. Duval's big cock is worth a little walking on Timmy's dick..

Mili is the parlor maid for a rich man. This dusky beauty wears a french maid costume along with frilly socks and high heels. But she has a secret. When the lord of the manor is away, she strips naked and masturbates on his favorite couch..

Anna and Michael are down in the control room off the central sewers, where they have a little kinky sex. They get into licking and sucking each other, then Amy puts on some old-fashioned cuffs with a chain while they have some hot sex, while she wears some thigh high outrageous boots! Couple play with toys and have sex in hand cuffs down in a sewer control room..

Horror Mansion Fuckfest
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