Lay Me On Velvet

Lay Me On Velvet

Lay Me On Velvet

Candy gets some cunnilingus and hot sex on a velvet covered table when her hunky boyfriend lays her down. He starts by undressing her, then licking her up, then fucking her until they both orgasm hard..

Cathrine and Bobby are new lovers. Remember that first flush? When you just become lovers, and you can't keep your hands off each other? Inside are two galleries of two different times they make love on two different couches. And both times, Bobby licks Cathrine to Orgasm. Now there is MY kind of lover!.

Judy is just getting ready to make some dinner, when her boyfriend Alex comes home early. He comes up to her, giving her a hug and a kiss, but when he reaches down and cups her crotch, she knows that food is the last thing on his mind. Alex is planning on Judy for dinner. He kisses his way down her body, then licks her clit until she comes really fast. Then he starts fucking her on the floor, table, and finally she gets on him and rides him until they both orgasm!.

Bobby and Kelly go for a run together, and run in and flop down on the bed laughing. As they talk about the places they visited, Kelly starts to rub Bobby's tight shoulders. Soon that isn't the only thing rubbed as Bobby licks Kelly to orgasm then they make love passionately until they both orgasm..

Stacy and Clark are banging around the kitchen,putting away the dishes. As they play, the begin rubbing up against each other, and soon a household chore turns steamy as they start kissing, then make love on the counter tops and kitchen chairs. Now that is the way porn for women should be! .

Brad is 32 years old Brit and loves the ocean and anything wet. When we asked him to do a photo shoot, he said his favorite place to get naked was where he loved to dive, so these pics show this sexy guy getting naked and wet on the black rocks..

Lay Me On Velvet
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