Lick Me Twice

Lick Me Twice

Lick Me Twice

Cameron and Stan are newly together. You know what that's like, you can't keep your hands off each other. So this horny couple are featured in two different lovemaking sessions where Cameron gets her pussy licked to orgasm then they share some sweet sixty-nine!.

Chad finds Vicky in the kitchen, trying to figure out what to cook to eat for dinner, when he shows her he'd rather have her served up on a table to eat instead! Nothing quite like some hot and steamy sex in the kitchen for dinner instead..

Lee and August work construction together, and they started dating a few weeks ago. So after everyone went home early one Friday, they stayed after and ended up having sex in and on the bulldozer! Nothing like a little risky sex outdoors to spice up your sex life. .

Brent and Cindy start making out on the couch with kisses and licks. Soon, he is peeling her panties off with his teeth, and licking her to a screaming orgasm. After that, they have a hot hard fuck on the couch and the coffee table until they are both exploding in pleasure. Sometimes you want hearts and flowers, and other times, you just want a good hard fuck!.

Juan is one sexy Latino hunk! He is wearing a tight top that showcases his muscular chest and a white bathing suit which he lifts up the leg and shows his thick dick hanging out. Then strips it off and strokes his thick cock just for the ladies. .

Marc and I worked for the same firm, and I had had a fantasy since we worked there of making love on my desk. Last week though, we both worked late on a big project, until we found ourselves as the only two left in the building. As I was typing up the last of my report, Marc came up behind me, slowly sliding his hand down my top. "You know that fantasy you have had, about making love on this desk?" He whispered in my ear. "How would you like to make it a reality....

Lick Me Twice
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