Loves First Blush

Loves First Blush

Loves First Blush

sn't first love grand? These two just started dating and can't keep their hands off each other. Even though they spent the night making love, they spend the morning in these pics having sex on the kitchen table and chairs instead of eating breakfast..

Al is one muscular hunk that is looking very good out on the water. This body builder has worked hard on toning and tightening his body and he shows it off in a tight pair of shorts and a tank top. The clothes come off though and he flexes his muscles on the dock and inside a rowboat. Would you care to join him for a boat ride? I promise he is smooth and exciting..

Jillian and Marcello are at a nudist beach where Jillian takes pictures of him. This set is a little bit different as they don't make love but tease each other with him stroking his cock while he undresses, and her playing with her breasts and pussy while she gets aroused by taking the pictures..

Lisa and Roy get down to an old-fashioned make out session. After a few kisses and stripping of her clothes, Roy starts giving Lisa a good pussy licking. After licking her to an orgasm, they get into some hot and sexy sixty-nine until they both explode..

Two galliers of sensual love making.

It was a really hot day when we took these pictures of Connor. He was just wearing a pair of white briefs, sweating in the sun. When he picked up a water bottle for a drink, we told him to pour it all over himself instead. Mmmm, I would love to trace that water with my tongue, how about you?.

Loves First Blush
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