Monsters Get Laid

Monsters Get Laid

Monsters Get Laid

Two different hotties are fucked by monsters. These monsters know where to hang out, an old portal that only is used by the local hookers. The first two double team a blonde babe and the second monster nabs a redhead..

Laura is having a boxing lesson with Mike where she shows him her moves. They take some time sparring, until she lands a good punch on his chin. She sits in the corner while he congratulates her and she is so turned on by his muscular body, she wishes he would make a move on her. He sure does and they wind up with Mike showing her his best moves involving his tongue, fingers and cock! .

Eileithya has the baths to herself, a rare treat. Meanwhile, Aeolus and Diomedes have the same idea, and walk in the bath and are frozen by the sleeping woman. Startled at first, she recognizes the pair, two men that are said to be the best lovers in the palace. They swim in the pool until she erotically walks out of the pool and goes over to one of the lounges and beckons them over, unsure if they wish to make love to her. Aeolus and Diomedes can't believe their luck, so they go over and join her and have an erotic threesome where first Diomedes licks Eileithya to several orgasms to get her ready for their large cocks. Then they make love in all kinds of positions until they are all sated and fall asleep in a heap on the lounge..

Mariko normally enjoyed the Sauna in a towel, hiding her cock. She knew she was a freak, tall busty with a dick and a pussy. But when she was joined by sexy Kytana, she couldn't resist showing it off. Instead of treating her like a freak, Kytana comes over and kisses her and starts licking it. They wind up in a steamy love fest until she covers her with a huge load of cum!.

This fantasy is a bit darker than most I've done. It involves Kelly, a submissive who is up for sale to service millionaires. Displayed in a cage, the men ask for her to show off her skills, and one lucky guy is chosen as a volunteer. He pulls her out of the cage, then gets his cock sucked and fucks her in and out of cuffs! Ever wanted to have sex in public, or in handcuffs? These pictures are for you!.

Madison was excited, she got to check out the interior of a newly discovered pyramid deep in the desert. after driving in her 4 wheeler for hours, she finally arrived. When she went inside, she found candles lit, and what looked like a ritual circle set up. Puzzled, because she was supposed to be the first inside the tomb, she wondered who did it. She found out soon enough as a horny zombie came in the room with his huge hard cock ready for action! .

Monsters Get Laid
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