Monsters Get Laid

Monsters Get Laid

Monsters Get Laid

Two different hotties are fucked by monsters. These monsters know where to hang out, an old portal that only is used by the local hookers. The first two double team a blonde babe and the second monster nabs a redhead..

Atlas is one sexy cave man who poses first with his swords, showing off his moves. Then he takes off his loin cloth and plays with his flesh sword, dreaming of you. This delicious hunk invites you to join him by his cave..

This 3D cop has just gotten off his shift and has gone home to relax. A natural blonde with good looks, muscular body, and tatts, he is sexy and waiting to satisfy your every whim. I would be arrested by him any time, if he was willing to frisk me! He strips to his white cotton undies, and then those comes off and he strokes his nightstick..

Matt is at the neighborhood pool having a swim when his sexy neighbor shows up. She has always had the hots for him, but he has been too shy to ask her out. So she takes matters into her own hands by stripping off her suit and joining him for some wet sex in the pool!.

This horny Ogre had captured Cara. After he lets her sit in a cage for awhile, he pulls her out and asks if she would like to earn her freedom. Cara asks what he wants, and he tells her he wants to be sucked and fucked by her. Cara had noticed the size of his cock while she was in the cage, and had to admit the thought of one that big inside her had turned her on, so the bargain was struck and Cara found out just how good Ogre cock really was!.

Angela walks in on her boyfriend naked and jerking off in the living room. When he sees her, she starts stripping out of her clothes to join him. Dressed in only her sexy frilly socks and heels, this blonde fucks his cock until they both orgasm..

Monsters Get Laid
Listed on: Nov 17 2011
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