Muscle of Love

Muscle of Love

Muscle of Love

Muscle bound hotties showing off their greatest assets.

Sandra and Marco got dressed and ready to go out to the movies. Marco was sitting on the couch waiting for Sandy, when she waked in wearing a short jean skirt, high heels and tight top. Movies weren't on his mind as he slid his hand up her leg, kissing her and suggested they stay in for some hot sex instead!.

ntonio and Katarina love to add spice to their sex life with a little kinky sex. While she dresses in fish net stockings, a spiked collar, high heels and a whip, he is in tight leather pants that hugs his perfect ass. It only takes a flick of her whip to urge him to lick her better, to drive the vibrator in deeper while he orgasms her with finger and tongue...then urges her for a ride on his cock!.

Austin is a real cutie. He works in a building I frequent as a waiter, and when I asked if he'd like to pose for a site for women, he jumped at the chance. Here he is taking a sexy shower showing off his body and cock for the ladies, and looking mighty fine..

Carl and Gary are two nicely muscled men with manly hairy chests. Perfect for running your fingers through while they make love to you. Both strip off their clothes doing a sexy strip tease, then stroke their hard cocks just for you..

Bobby came in the kitchen as Denise was making a pot of tea. They pour a drink for each other and have a few sips. After some kisses over the tea cups, they are set aside and they get down to some lovemaking on the counter instead..

Muscle of Love
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