Orgasmic Defeat of Skin Diamond

Orgasmic Defeat of Skin Diamond

Orgasmic Defeat of Skin Diamond

Skin Diamond is a very sexy fetish model who will get pushed to her limits today. She starts off mounted on a wooden wedge with her arms and legs bound in leather sleeves, her arms pulled up and her legs back, so all of her weight is right on her clit and any movement grinds the wood harder and deeper into her pussy. Harsh whippings, frog-tie bondage, zipper strings of clamps, and forced orgasm overload are part of what Skin has in store for her next..

Juliette March earns her orgasms thru sweat and agony at Device Bondage as she's tightly restrained, nipple clamped, pussy hooked, double-penetrated, made to cum and squirt until every last orgasm and ounce of fluid is drained from her and she's left with nothing..

This is a glimpse into the harsh world of professional slave training. This is the third day of intensive sex-slave training for Cherry Torn, and today our little latex slave slut is relentlessly pushed and punished by ruthless sex slave trainers..

Two submissive girls learn the definition of domination in these galleries as they get tied up and subjected to sexual discipline. A sexy, petite redhead sucks cock while in rope bondage, then gets banged while strapped down and a ball gag in her mouth. Then a blonde submissive gets dominated while in rope bondage. The guy even fucks her while she's suspended, then again while bound spread eagle to a bench.

Chanel Preston didn't know she could cum so much and so hard she thought her heart might explode. She never knew her body could be used so hard and that she'd be so helpless to resist it. She thought she controlled her own body, but today she learns the truth. Her elbows are bound up and together, keeping her arms severely trapped. Her hair is bound back and tied to an ass hook. The bondage is pain, and pain is good. All she can do is orgasm again and again until all that's left is begging..

Ana Foxx is locked hard into a back-bending custom-made metal bondage device. A powerful fucking machine has her deeply impaled. Her head's at perfect skull-fucking height and her hard huge nipples have suction cups applied to make them even larger. The machine brings the helpless slut to the first of many brutal orgasms. As Ana's mouth opens to moan in orgasmic bliss a hard cock is jammed down her throat. Ana struggles to multi-task as orgasm after orgasm is fucked out of her helpless (more...).

Orgasmic Defeat of Skin Diamond
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