Pleasuring The King

Pleasuring The King

Pleasuring The King

Merinda is a priestess in King Raul's castle. One day while walking down the hall, the King requests a private audience with her. Fearing something is wrong, she hurries to his chambers to find he wishes her to suck his cock, then to make love to her on his throne until they both explode in orgasm..

Todd and Gloria had really been working a lot of hours lately, and their sex life was suffering. So when Gloria got so horny she couldn't stand it, she decided to seduce her work-a-holic boss to lick her to orgasm on his desk.

Taking a break from working out Brent doesn't look like he is very muscular with his long sleeved sweater and pants on . But when the top comes off, he reveals perfect pecs and six-pack abs. He strips down and shows off his toned body and hard cock for the ladies..

Tiffanys boss was a work-a-holic. As far as she knew, he had not dated a woman in the two years she had been working for him. She had not dated anyone either, and was horny as hell and in love with her boss. So what is a gal to do? Wear fishnet stockings, perch on his desk, and see if he is interested. They end up having cunnilingus and hot sex on his desk..

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When Cathrine is trying to catch up on a little fast vacuuming, she happens to bend over in front of her boyfriend Bobby who has other ideas. So what if you house is a little dusty, housework can always wait for some passionate, romantic sex!.

Pleasuring The King
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