Prostate Milking Tease and Denial

Prostate Milking Tease and Denial

Prostate Milking Tease and Denial

Slave doesn't stand a chance with FemDomme's seductively dominating ways. Who can blame him with her legs, ass and pussy dressed with silky shimmery nude pantyhose. She whips, humiliates then punishes him for his obviously aroused cock with evil rubber bands all over his body. He's put into bondage and wears a humiliating box on his head while she milks his prostate. Fluid uncontrollably oozes from his cock while he's brought to the edge over and over then denied, denied, denied. He's (more...).

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. He gave us this marvelous, leggy creature named Jordan Kingsley to feast our eyes upon. But here's the catch. He taketh our manhood away in the sense that Jordan has this attitude - want my gorgeous ass? You're first. And you know what that means. Rank humiliation and the inability to look your Dodger season ticket holding, beer guzzling buddies straight in the eye. Because you know what you had to do. You know you had to get drunk, grease up and bite down on a dish rag. Lest you think you paid your dues, however, think again. Jordan suffers short term memory loss. And the joke is on you if you expect equal time..

Mistress January Seraph is the newest addition to Divine Bitches. She's the quintessential femme fatale and Jason Miller is the lucky little bitch boy who starts his first day of training with her. Jason has been sending Maitresse Madeline flowers, cards and stuffed animals to try and get on her good side and January Seraph throws it back in his face completely humiliating him. She keeps him locked in chastity the entire time while he is made to lick her ass, fuck her pussy with a dildo gag and make her cum. This keeps his cock in continual agony since he keeps getting hard in his belt. Mistress January dishes out punishment in the form of CBT, single tail and then locking his head in a hole while he gets reamed in the ass. In the end Mistress January decides to let him out of chastity so he can beg to cum. Will she allow him the pleasure of release or leave him there with his balls boiling over like the little bitch boy he is?.

Mistress Lorelei uses a submissive gimp girl to help her painfully punish, fuck and milk a hard male slave in a great scene that has spanking, buttplugs, nipple torture, humiliation, CBT, foot and boot worship, tease and denial, caning, anal sex and more..

Mistress Felony punishes two slaves with brutal caning, flogging and paddling. She teases and denies them in chastity. One has his prostate painfully milked when Felony shoves her fist deep in his ass. It's so intense he looses himself and he starts dripping out of his chastity belt. Felony has her ass worshiped and squirts all over the slaves, leaving them yearning in their belts. .

Mistress T's a fetish specialist, making your deepest darkest secret dreams a reality. She'll control your mind, cock and soul with such grace and expertise, you'll gladly give up your freedom for more of the painful pleasures she can dish out. The slave has his limits pushed with mental fucking, severe caning, OTK spanking, fisting, strap-on ass fucking, boot worship, ass worship, foot worship, and having his meaty cock used for her pleasure while denying him any release whatsoever..

Prostate Milking Tease and Denial
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