Queen of Diamonds and Little Piggy

Queen of Diamonds and Little Piggy

Queen of Diamonds and Little Piggy

Skin Diamond is The Queen Of Diamonds. She's always devilishly sexy and even more so today as Her Highness dominates Sebastian into submission and turns him into her little piggy, including making him "squeal like a pig." The Queen whips her subject into shape, uses zipper strings on him, makes him suck her black strap-on cock, fucks his ass, fits him into a dildo gag and uses him as her human dildo. Her Sadistic Highness allows him to release his filthy spunk, but much to her (more...).

Mistress Felony torments Scout on his way to training with Maitresse Madeline. This is step three of running one slaveboy through 5 days of intense training with 5 different Divine Bitches. Felony mixes CBT with chastity tease and denial, going from devilishly sadistic to excruciatingly sexy to drive Scout wild with desire. Scout is a painslut and Mistress Felony's bi-polar approach includes strap-on ass fucking, black leather boot worship, ass worship, dildo gag fucking and squirting..

San Francisco is the last city left after the Apocalypse and the last building standing has been transformed into an infirmary staffed by a pair of evil latex-clad nurses who have saved their most important male torture devices from destruction. They've now found what may be the last piece of man-meat on earth, so draining him of every last bit of his man filth is now their mission. These two hot latex nurses use bondage, cock and ball torture (CBT), breath play, flogging, anal sex... (more...).

Mistress T's a fetish specialist, making your deepest darkest secret dreams a reality. She'll control your mind, cock and soul with such grace and expertise, you'll gladly give up your freedom for more of the painful pleasures she can dish out. The slave has his limits pushed with mental fucking, severe caning, OTK spanking, fisting, strap-on ass fucking, boot worship, ass worship, foot worship, and having his meaty cock used for her pleasure while denying him any release whatsoever..

Innocent Kannon is ravaged by twisted Kiyoshi in this Japanese bondage film. Kiyoshi strips her victim down to her pretty pink lace underwear uses a strap on to violate her flesh. Both Kannon and Kiyoshi are fully satisfied as Kiyoshi subjects Kannon to her most twisted desires.

Mistress Felony punishes two slaves with brutal caning, flogging and paddling. She teases and denies them in chastity. One has his prostate painfully milked when Felony shoves her fist deep in his ass. It's so intense he looses himself and he starts dripping out of his chastity belt. Felony has her ass worshiped and squirts all over the slaves, leaving them yearning in their belts. .

Queen of Diamonds and Little Piggy
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