Sex In The Sewer

Sex In The Sewer

Sex In The Sewer

Taylor was bored, manning the control station in the city sewer system on a slow weekend. What she didn't know was a horny lizard was about to rise out of the goo and make her day with his huge hard cock!.

After seeing a vision of one of her coven members killed, Wilona goes to talk to a detective about the vision. Skeptical at first, he becomes a believer when a simple touch of their hands has them sharing a vision of passionate sex in this erotic story and pics site..

Rosalea can't sleep, so she goes out to the central fire in her village to warm her hands. When she hears something large moving around, she realizes it is the Saxon Village Monster. She tries to escape but he catches her, and takes her to one of the storage huts. There, he pulls off all her clothes and surprisingly, licks her to a huge orgasm. Then she sees the size of his large cock and when he starts pushes it into her wet swollen pussy, she screams, not sure she can take all of it.....

enderfiend and Vicky are a husband and wife team who are poser artists, and love creating 3d adult toons. They have created 1,000's and 1,000's of exclusive pics and placed them on their sites 3D Pinup Girls, 3D Male Erotica, Got 3D Porn, Erotic Boots, and 3D Fantasies For Women. This blog has sample pictures of exclusive 3d artwork they have created for their sites..

Horny old professor is bored on vacation, when in walks his ex lover Emilie. She had left for graduate school two years ago, and he had screwed everything in site while she was gone, missing her. When she told him she was back for good, they spent the afternoon making love to celebrate being together again..

Breena was queen of the faerie, and it was her job to conduct rituals with The Green Man, the horned God of their myths. She would go to the sacred grove, and conduct the secret rituals there. Her friends were always scared for her, for the Green Man was fiercesome looking, and they figured the rituals were hard on her. Little did they know that she was actually in love with him, and rituals were not a hardship, but ones she looked forward to as they generated magic together by making love over and over again..

Sex In The Sewer
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