Sex In The Sewer

Sex In The Sewer

Sex In The Sewer

Taylor was bored, manning the control station in the city sewer system on a slow weekend. What she didn't know was a horny lizard was about to rise out of the goo and make her day with his huge hard cock!.

Megan is one sexy witch outside her quaint cottage. She has on a sexy latex corset, necklace and long gloves all adorned with bats. Then her boots! High heeled, laced up to her thighs with more bats this babe is a witch that will tempt you to sin. Then she pulls off that corset revealing big luscious titties and fingers her hairy snatch on a bench, dreaming of milking your cock dry with her pussy..

Ashlea was always careful to have her ray gun with her when she traveled the streets at night, looking for a customer. But when she hears a noise that sounds like something not human approaching, her fears are realized when a Werewolf appears out of the mist. She can only watch has he howls under the street light. Then he picks her up, peels off her clothes and fingers her pussy growing wetter by the minute, telling her he wants to hire her for a fuck. A jobs is a job and a girls got to work, but she didn't know that his cock would fill her better than any humans and work would become pleasure..

Cute teen in braids Ashley is walking home late when a monster spots her from the subway. He runs and catches her and has her suck his enormous cock, He licks her tiny slit, getting it ready for his huge dick, then she gets her teen pussy stretched by his huge member until she is screaming in pleasure..

Glenna and Richie steal away to a deserted sand bank next to a wash. There they kiss and play until Glenna whips off her undies and challenges Frank to make love to her in the sand. Now what man can resist that?.

Tina is really horny that night, so she strips off her frilly blouse and panties, and pulls out her favorite toys and plays with herself. After a few orgasms, she goes to go asleep. But before she can, she sees a big Goblin walking in her bedroom. Seeing the size of his pecker dangling between his legs, she knows tonight she will have orgasms with something other than her vibrator!.

Sex In The Sewer
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