Sex In The Sewer

Sex In The Sewer

Sex In The Sewer

Taylor was bored, manning the control station in the city sewer system on a slow weekend. What she didn't know was a horny lizard was about to rise out of the goo and make her day with his huge hard cock!.

Christine and Angel are bummed. They were caught cheating and now have to stay after school for detention. To top it off, they got mean old Professor Renderfiend as the detention monitor. The professor steps back in the class, and they are so busy gabbing, they don't even hear him come up behind them and grab their heads. At first they figure they are going to get spanked, but then Professor comes up with another idea...some SEX detention! .

Alexis and Brianna had been lovers for a few years, so when a mysterious delivery revealed a glowing drink and a portal that was promised to spice up their sex life, they were willing to give it a try. They toasted one another and drank, then walked through the portal to find that they had been given dicks along with their pussies. They got into a dickgirl on dickgirl love fest .

This site combines several fetishes of mine. Tan lines. There is just something about sexy white asses and butts set off against a tan. And white socks. I don't care how sexy a babe is, she looks really naughty nude in white socks. So here is Cindy, a 3d hottie showing off her sexy tanlines and long white socks..

Interracial sex is still taboo, and a white man and a black women even more so. This couple don't care and meet in secret to have hot sex at an inn. They start with a few innocent kisses but soon she is getting dark cherry pussy licked and then fucked by a big white dick..

Eileithya has the baths to herself, a rare treat. She does some laps in the shallow pool, then gets her pillow and dozes off on the side, with the warm water and sun loosening up all her muscles. Meanwhile, Aeolus and Diomedes have the same idea, and walk in the bath and are frozen by the sleeping woman. When she wakes up, she invites them to join her in the baths. And when she sees all their muscles and large cocks, she invites them over to one of the pads setup for sex for a hot threesome!.

Sex In The Sewer
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