Sexy Witches Seduce Lesbian Virgin

Sexy Witches Seduce Lesbian Virgin

Sexy Witches Seduce Lesbian Virgin

A coven of witches gain power by sacrificing lesbian virgins. The most popular girl at the academy is completely adorable, all natural and the perfect virgin lesbian sacrifice. The witches aren't afraid to use their powers and BDSM in order to seduce her into a dark and erotic world of pain, punishment and hot lesbian fetish sex. They perform a ritual on her that pushes her to her limits and rips orgasm after orgasm from her nectar-filled cunt. Will she fight the extreme sexual urge to (more...).

Whatever Lavender Rayne did to piss of Sister Dee, she’s very sorry by now. She was already apologetic before SD even started the worst of her punishment, but crocodile tears aren’t going to be enough. SD binds her tightly using fishing line. As the thin line presses her against a cold, metal frame it bites into her skin. Every motion she makes feels as though the line is going to cut into her and her skin presses around it in bulges..

Harmony loves to get her hands on fresh meat, and today's her lucky day. Rebecca Blue is a smoking hot newbie with beautiful blue eyes and a tanned natural body. Every cinch of the ropes and sting of the violet wand is new to her, and Harmony knows there's just nothing quite as sweet as witnessing the reactions you get from an electro-virgin. Rope bondage, strap-on ass pounding, fucking machines, violet wands, rigid restraints, face-sitting and intense orgasms await you in this very hot update..

What was supposed to be an interview for a personal assistant becomes something much more. The economy sucks and jobs are hard to find, so why not be somebody's sex slave? This tattooed slut's body is tested on her ability to entertain, please and take pleasure with the distraction of electricity. Pussy licking, dick-on-a-stick fucking, fisting while being electro-shocked, and forced orgasms are all part of this very kinky interview process..

Mistress Eme ties her innocent Kitchi up in leather and covers her in mud. She uses her whip to maintain dominance over Kitchi, who squirms in pain. Mistress Eme forces her slave to smell her feet before dousing her in more mud. Kitchi screams in ecstasy and agony as her mistress fingers her mud covered, trembling pussy.

Kissy challenged Bea Stiel to fight against her in the boxing ring to decide their issues of dominance and submission. Bea accepted the challenge, but after Kissy beat the hell out of that cowardly bitch, Bea crawled away humiliated... To celebrate her victory Kissy stripped and started fisting her juicy cunt. What a fierce bitch.

Sexy Witches Seduce Lesbian Virgin
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