Tantalizing Torturous Lesbian Trap

Tantalizing Torturous Lesbian Trap

Tantalizing Torturous Lesbian Trap

She's only in town for one night and cruising the bars determined to get laid. Her horny ambitions lead her into a trap set by a sexy bartender and her lesbian lover. At the mercy of these two nefarious ladies, she's humiliated, spanked and flogged. Subjected to predicament bondage while teased and denied, she has to watch them get each other off by pantyhose tribbing. They make her "air-tight" by strap-on fucking her cunt and mouth while she's wearing a butt plug. Ass licking, face (more...).

Sister Dee wants to watch Addie Juniper cum. She has her tied up because after a few orgasms she knows Addie's clit is going to be so sensitive she'll want to stop. That's when the real fun begins. The only alternative to more orgasms is to suffer. If Addie wants to avoid the whip she'll need to keep performing enough to keep Sister Dee interested. Any time Addie isn't cumming, Sister Dee is going to want to hear her screaming. .

Madeleine Mei has been through things that have her terrified of what Sister Dee will do next. Her eyes give it away. When SD walks around the room they follow her, wide, looking for any sign of the things to come. When SD leaves the room Madeline's eyes fix on the entrance, waiting for her to return with her selected implements of torment. Though she hardly glances at the tools. She stares at Sister Dee and searches for any hint of mercy in her heart. But she searches in vain. (more...).

Tori Lux keeps proving her usefulness as a submissive slut and a dungeon test subject. She has a tremendous appetite for pain and punishment, and her willingness to accept discipline puts her in the top of the class. In this episode she's put into inverted stocks, so Tori finds herself on her knees, bent over until her face is also planted on the floor with her hands and feet locked into the stocks and her bare ass nakedly on display for Mistress to play with and abuse. And abuse her (more...).

Iona Grace, fresh from a vacation, isn't ready when a pissed off Bobbi Starr grabs her from the webcam waiting room and drags her down the hall to where Lorelei Lee is waiting. With cattle prods, the violet wand, the zapper, sticky pads, an electric anal plug, the Hitachi Magic Wand and a fist, Lorelei and Bobbi introduce Iona to the new Electro Sluts site. (more...).

Two girls in a fair-away cabin in the woods mess around telling each other scary stories, but Zoe doesn't know that Felony's stories of captured women in the woods being tied up, whipped and used as lesbian sex slaves is true. When she falls asleep, Felony cuffs her to the bed for a night of tough corporal punishment and rough lesbian sex with flogging, heavy spanking, nipple torture, a brutal zipper, ass licking, strap-on fucking and more..

Tantalizing Torturous Lesbian Trap
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