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Bisexual Gimping and Sissification

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Divine Bitches tea party with humiliation, feminization, bisexual humiliation, whipping, fierce pegging, pet play, ass licking, foot worship and more. Dixie (Sean Spurt) is transformed into a she, and then must service everyone at the party, female and male and gimp, just to amuse the Bitches. (more...).

Doctor Reanimates Lesbian Sex Slave

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What happens when a scientist creates life, without regard to common sense or morality? This deranged scientist has attempted numerous experiments with electroshocks, but she's never been able to completely bring the dead back to life. She's not looking to create life or even discover a path to eternal life, she's looking for a way to make the perfect electro-lesbian sex slave. Now the doctor and her sexy assistant discover the repeated electrosex treatments have built a sex monster (more...).

FemDom Vampires Seduce Innocent Man

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The vampire Mistress finds her power diminishing. She needs more than blood to survive, and only an innocent man has what she needs to feed. For their Mistress, two vampires leave the comfort of their crypt to seek out the young flesh and seed of a man who's seduced by the striking beauty and sultriness of the vampires. He's sucked into an underground world of BDSM, punishment and fetish sex where FemDomme vampires not only feed (more from Seed of the Vampires...).

Sexy Witches Seduce Lesbian Virgin

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A coven of witches gain power by sacrificing lesbian virgins. The most popular girl at the academy is completely adorable, all natural and the perfect virgin lesbian sacrifice. The witches aren't afraid to use their powers and BDSM in order to seduce her into a dark and erotic world of pain, punishment and hot lesbian fetish sex. They perform a ritual on her that pushes her to her limits and rips orgasm after orgasm from her nectar-filled cunt. Will she fight the extreme sexual urge to (more...).

Sadistic FemDomme Birthday Party

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Lorelei Lee throws Aiden Starr and Maitresse Madeline a birthday that's one to remember. Three lucky slaveboys are put on display and humiliated in a room full of lovely FemDommes. Claire Adams and Mz Berlin make cameos along with many other Kink favorites. The men endure CBT, harsh whippings, and lactating Dommes. They get gangbanged with dicks on sticks by a roomful of women. There's prostate milking by Madeline and the boys are used as sex (more...).

Eager Sex Kitten is Electro-Fucked

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A lonely and faithful girlfriend is between jobs, but during her search for a new career she finds a video of her boyfriend as a BDSM-loving kinky fucker. An innocent who's never thought of lesbian BDSM, let alone electro-BDSM, she searches the Internet to satisfy her newfound eagerness. She comes across two lezdommes who are happy to give her a first-hand experience in what her boyfriend is handing out. With whips, sticky pads and EMS pads, plus an electrified strap-on for her ass (more...).

LezDomme Electro Double-Penetration

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Bobbi Starr has access to all the sweet, submissive fresh meat that passes through the Electro Sluts doors. She loves the wide-eyed astonishment of a brand new 20-something girl who thinks she knows everything about sex, but then realizes that she may be in over her head. Cassandra Nix comes her way, curious about electro-BDSM, and Bobbi shares her with Aiden Starr and Isis Love. They violate her pussy with the electrical acrylic plug toy then penetrate her butthole with anal speculums (more...).

Intense Lesbian BDSM Slave Training

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Ariel X has one of the most toned and sculpted bodies in the business and Aiden Starr is determined to break her down in this lesbian sex slave training session. After working her muscles to a painful burn, Ariel is bound and spread open for Aiden to abuse her feet, pussy, and asshole. Her senses are being pushed as hard as her body to find her weaknesses. She's then put into a predicament bondage that ensures her body will fail her, while being made to fuck herself with an over-sized (more...).

Hardcore Lesbian Cuckolding Therapy

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Sex addict finds herself restrained and locked in chastity. As she struggles with the inability to touch herself, her girlfriend and the psychiatrist watch her thrash herself into the walls of a padded cell with an intensity caused from her sexual frustration. Tease and denial ensues with brutal vibrator torment and finger-banging through a small access slit in the chastity belt, but ending in brutal orgasm denial. Treatment includes ass worship, face sitting, pussy licking, breast (more...).

Electro-Pimp Punishes Prostitute

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When Ariel holds back on fees owed to Aiden, the petite blonde doesn't waste time. She digs deep, brings out her inner pimp and turns her FemDomme dial to 11. Rather than coaching Ariel and making her promise never to do it again, Aiden turns the lesson into a lesbian BDSM hell. With a cache of electro-sex toys, Aiden takes her fees out in the form of Ariel's ass. She knows it's her responsibility to teach Aiden a lesson, through the help of a lot of electro-BDSM and lesbian bondage... (more...).

Terrifying Nature of Electricity

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Aiden Starr turns what was to be Dana Vespoli's initiation to electro-sex into an hate-fueled all-anal fuckfest of lesbian bondage. Aiden delights watching Dana squirm and receive shocks while locked inside an electric cage. But that's not the end of Dana's lesson in humility, Aiden uses the metal electric butt plug and the zapper for additional behavioral reinforcement, along with more anal ass-fucking with an acrylic plug. Aiden takes out the sticky pads again and applies them to... (more...).

FemDomme CFNM Tease and Denial

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Scratch comes to Divine Bitches to really get a taste of strict femdom and punishment. Goddess Aiden Starr treats Scratch to a day of humiliation, whipping, CBT, CFNM and humiliating strap-on butt fucking. She smashes his cock and balls in a CBT device and uses other parts of his body to get herself off. His poor cock pulsates in the device begging for a taste of her pussy but Goddess Aiden finds it much more amusing to tease and deny him..

FemDomme BDSM Pajama Party

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Forty women join Maitresse Madeline, Goddess Aiden Starr, Mistress Lorelei Lee and Mistress Gia Dimarco along with three muscle-bound slaveboys for a night of total Femdomme debachery at Divine Bitches. All of the women participate with whipping, spanking, humiliation, CBT, foot worship, ass worship and a strap-on anal gang-bang with 40 women..

Lesbian Fisting and Anal Orgasms

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Cheyenne is secured to the wall and heavily flogged and single-tailed. Weights are hung from her tender pussy lips. Clothespins on the most tender parts of her arms are ripped from her flesh after an intense orgasm. She's made to lick ass in a back-bend position. Her head is stuffed into stocks low on the floor with her ass up in the air for a brutal ass paddling and strap-on fucking to more orgasms. She's fisted for the very first time in her life and fucked in the ass to her first anal orgasm..

Slaveboy Punished & Strapon Fucked

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A new slaveboy gets the pleasure of having pain inflicted on his willing body in service of the Divine Bitches. Today is his first day of training and Goddess Aiden Starr will be pushing his pain buttons to determine his limits and using him as a fuck toy for her own pleasure..

Punished by Two Hot Doms

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Harmony Rose and Aiden Starr are two tough bitches who know how to give punishment and pleasure in the perfect balance. Their new recruit, Sarah Shevon, is taken to the brink of her limits in every scene. She is made to grip an electrified shovel handle that painfully shocks her hands causing her to dump the dirt and receive a flogging from the Mistress Aiden. Failure after failure has Sarah face down in the dirt pile while Harmony teases her with the vibrator and Aiden dishes out the pain. The two Doms do not let up as they fuck all Sarah's holes with electricity, teach her how to lick pussy and ass and work Sarah into a thankful mess. Once Sarah gets better at pleasing - they toss her down and fist her until she cums.

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