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Tantalizing Torturous Lesbian Trap

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She's only in town for one night and cruising the bars determined to get laid. Her horny ambitions lead her into a trap set by a sexy bartender and her lesbian lover. At the mercy of these two nefarious ladies, she's humiliated, spanked and flogged. Subjected to predicament bondage while teased and denied, she has to watch them get each other off by pantyhose tribbing. They make her "air-tight" by strap-on fucking her cunt and mouth while she's wearing a butt plug. Ass licking, face (more...).

Private Holes Extreme Anal Fetish

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Two military privates, Roxy Raye and Chastity Lynn, get the anal punishment they deserve from drill sergeant Ariel X in this hot three girl episode. These girls have the finest, most flexible butt holes and they each get stuffed and stretched to the max. Giant strap-ons, extreme asshole spreading, ass eating, spanking, gaping and furious anal fisting are all included in this shoot. Watch Ariel X get butt fisted for the first time and witness Roxy Raye's very first double anal fisting (more...).

Sexual Wrestling Tag-Team Match

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This sexual wrestling match features Bella Rossi, Penny Barber, Ariel X, and Bryn Blayne all on the mat at the same fucking time. Losers will be put in brutal submission holds and made helpless to keep fingers out of their cunts and pussies off of their faces. The first three rounds determined the winners, who now get to brutally fuck and humiliate the losers in Round 4. After finishing the match by winning in a landslide, Bryn and Ariel get to fuck losers Penny and Bella. Don't miss (more...).

Lesbian Slave Broken and Trained

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Trainee 010 has pushed through her slave training with great success, but there's one final trainer. Goddess Soma has been training slaves for years and has her own House in LA. She's familiar with breaking slaves down so she can bring them back up, trained and with the proper mindset. One way to do that is to find a weakness and exploit it, making the slave vulnerable, making her doubt herself. The weakness for 010 is that she can't stand to see someone else suffering. They bring in (more...).

Ariel X versus Vivienne Del Rio

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Ariel X (The Assassin 5'3" 110 lbs) needs no introduction. Petite, tan, and physically ripped, Ariel shows up for one reason and one reason only; to win. Her Season Nine record is 2 wins and zero losses, and her lifetime record is 21 wins with only one loss. Vivienne Del Rio (The Brawn 5'2" 123 lbs) may be a rookie, but she's no newbie when it comes to wrestling on the mat. She may not have any record yet but she comes with previous wrestling experience, and a strong tight little body. (more...).

Lesbian Sex Slave Humility Training

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Bobbi is going to teach 010 some humility. 010 is very athletic. She's fit and trained in MMA, so she knows how to defend herself. Bobbi starts by making her stand there and be physically pushed around. Her face shows frustration as she's shoved and when Bobbi sees this she takes 010 to the ground and climbs on top of her. She then rains down brutal and sadistic punishment. 010 attempts to defend herself, but the point of this is to show submission. Then, suspended in a hogtie, she's (more...).

Intense Lesbian BDSM Slave Training

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Ariel X has one of the most toned and sculpted bodies in the business and Aiden Starr is determined to break her down in this lesbian sex slave training session. After working her muscles to a painful burn, Ariel is bound and spread open for Aiden to abuse her feet, pussy, and asshole. Her senses are being pushed as hard as her body to find her weaknesses. She's then put into a predicament bondage that ensures her body will fail her, while being made to fuck herself with an over-sized (more...).

Electro-Pimp Punishes Prostitute

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When Ariel holds back on fees owed to Aiden, the petite blonde doesn't waste time. She digs deep, brings out her inner pimp and turns her FemDomme dial to 11. Rather than coaching Ariel and making her promise never to do it again, Aiden turns the lesson into a lesbian BDSM hell. With a cache of electro-sex toys, Aiden takes her fees out in the form of Ariel's ass. She knows it's her responsibility to teach Aiden a lesson, through the help of a lot of electro-BDSM and lesbian bondage... (more...).

Hot Rookie Girl Destroyed in Sexual Wrestling Match

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Ariel X is a powerhouse, the strongest and most experienced wrestler. Beretta James has shown great improvement. She's been training off the mat and is a candidate for rookie of the year. She's not a pushover by any means. But in this match Ariel totally destroys the talented rookie with devastating submission holds and deep finger penetration during the rounds. Beretta was out-gunned, out-wrestled, and outclassed in this one-sided Armageddon. If you want a glimpse at terror... (more...).

Sexy Female Friends Become Much More

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Sexy blonde Ariel X prepares for her friend's arrival by applying makeup while looking in the mirror. Elizabeth Anne arrives, and the two of them have a seat on the couch, where Ariel shyly confesses that she's a lesbian and that she has a crush on Elizabeth. The two of them are soon kissing lightly, and they help each other undress as they get over their initial reluctance. Ariel settles between Elizabeth's legs to eat out and finger her bald pussy, and Elizabeth returns the favor and orally pleasures Ariel before they 69. These sexy sluts bring each other to many satisfying orgasms.

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