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The Beast battles The Annihilator

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At 5'6" and 145 lbs, Jayogen was last seen in the "Tag Team Finale and 12 Girl Fuck Fest" where she wrestled for one round. If you saw it, you know that "The Beast" was impressive in that one round. Today she's going up against her tag partner, Bella "The Annihilator" Rossi, in a closely matched welterweight bout. At 5'5" and 140 lbs Bella's here today to show the world she's ready to kick ass and take virginity. If she wins she gets to take Jayogen's on cam virginity. (more).

Sexual Supremacy Tag Team Battle

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Team Dragon and Team Nightmare battle for sexual supremacy. Today the best of best fight for one round. Knowing it's only one round, each wrestler pushes herself harder than ever. This is The most exciting Tag match in the history of Ultimate Surrender. Losing team does a "Biggest Loser" sex fight challege where the first one to cum gets fucked hard by the Refs. The rest of the losing team gets dominated and fucked by the six members of the winning team in front of a live audience. (more...).

Sexual Wrestling Winner Fucks Loser

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Undefeated featherweights battle in an unscripted sexual wrestling where the baddest girl under 100 pounds will fuck and humiliate the loser in round four. Both girls get submissions on the other, both girls get locked into holds unable to escape. Girls get fingered, girls get head locked, face sat, body scissored, head scissored, full nelson'd and generally beat up and abused. Then it's time for Round Four fun as the winner gets to strap-on fuck and humiliate the little loser. (more...).

Tiny Blonde Wrestles Busty Amazon

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Sara Jay brings huge Double-E breasts and a big ass to the mat, along with a strong desire not to lose. Samantha Sin is taller than Sara but much ligher. She has killer legs and amazing flexibility, plus she hates losing more than anything in life. Samantha's combination of massive tits and ass is just too much for the little blond to handle. Round 4 is when Samantha finds out why Sara named herself the Beast, as she gets the living hell brutally fucked out of her with no mercy shown. (more...).

Battle Dream Supreme Mega Fuckfest

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This is being billed as the Super Mega Awesome Battle Dream Supreme, and it features an "A Team" of girl fighters with twelve of today's and yesteryear's all-stars clashing on the mats in an epic battle. Each girl will wrestle one fast and furious eight-minute round. The wrestling is elite-level 100% unscripted competitive grappling. These girls put everything they have into their one round, and the Orgy Prize round is masterfully executed by true winners who obviously have experience (more...).

Strapons Fisting and Human Centipede Sex

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Here's a very close tag team match-up with fierce competition. Four bad ass whores turn the mat into one big cat fight. Expect an action-packed bitch fest with smothering and finger-fucking galore. It's no holds barred as these scrappy sluts battle it out. The teams are well-matched and often the tags are too close to call, leaving bitches pissed off and out for vengeance. This is a mat-pounding, circle jerker, and when the vicious and beautiful Princess Donna and Rain Degrey join in (more...).

Lesbian Sexual Wrestling Fuck Match

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Two crazy cunts turn the mat into a sweaty tit brawl. Sexy rookie Lea Lexis is The Romainian Rage and the big breasted Krissy Lynn is The Crippler. Today they face off in a match with plenty of pussy fondling, whorish gymnastics, bitch-slapping and ass play. At 5'4" Lea Lexis is a little taller and at 116 lbs a bit lighter than the busty 5'3" and 126 lbs Krissy Lynn. In the fourth round you'll find out who surrenders and gets fucked in this unscripted Lesbian sexual wrestling match (more...).

Tag Team Sexual Wrestling Fuck-Fest

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After a brutal Tag Team Match, Mistress Kara and Princess Donna (Team Green), finally pull into the lead and get to fuck the living hell out of the losers. What happens in Round Four is a massive seven-girl fuck fest with fisting, humiliation, first-time squirting, and lesbian strap-on fucking, all in front of a live audience. And as a final show of power, Princess Donna makes Izamar say, "Princess Donna never loses" unless she wants a fist in her tight cunt. You can tell she doesn't (more...).

Winners Dominate Humiliate Losers

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Watching these wrestlers put their all into the ferocious battle was hot as hell. But Rain Degrey and Beretta James kicked Cheyenne Jewel and Tia Ling's asses with brutal submission holds and sexual abuse. Now they strap-on their blue cocks and fuck the shit out of those little orange losers. The victory is sweet for Team Blue, and the humiliation and fucking is intense for Team Orange. Pussy licking, face fucking, fingering, fisting, strap-on fucking, all in front of a live audience. (more...).

Bella Rossi versus Yasmine Loven

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Of all the matches in the Summer Vengeance Tournament this is the one most have been looking forward to. Bella "The Annihilator" Rossi, ranked 5, versus Yasmine "The Lighting Bolt" Loven, ranked number 10. Yasmine may be new but she's one of the most naturally-skilled wrestlers on the mat in a long time. Her strength combined with her natural intuition as to how to take an opponent down and keep herself out of holds makes her a perfect match for The Annihilator. Not to mention she's (more...).

Sexual Wrestling Tag-Team Match

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This sexual wrestling match features Bella Rossi, Penny Barber, Ariel X, and Bryn Blayne all on the mat at the same fucking time. Losers will be put in brutal submission holds and made helpless to keep fingers out of their cunts and pussies off of their faces. The first three rounds determined the winners, who now get to brutally fuck and humiliate the losers in Round 4. After finishing the match by winning in a landslide, Bryn and Ariel get to fuck losers Penny and Bella. Don't miss (more...).

Rookie Wrestlers Fight and Fuck

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Two rookies get down and dirty on the mat. In today's match Yasmine's bolder, stronger and has developed an excellent smothering move. Her strategy is to stay on top and use her juicy tits and ass to overpower her opponent. Charisma doesn't give it away easily though, this is her fourth match and she definitely has some moves of her own. Yasmine is a bit of a bully and gets in a lot of finger fucking on the mat. In round four expect some hard, fast fucking with plenty of dirty talk. (more...).

Ariel X versus Vivienne Del Rio

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Ariel X (The Assassin 5'3" 110 lbs) needs no introduction. Petite, tan, and physically ripped, Ariel shows up for one reason and one reason only; to win. Her Season Nine record is 2 wins and zero losses, and her lifetime record is 21 wins with only one loss. Vivienne Del Rio (The Brawn 5'2" 123 lbs) may be a rookie, but she's no newbie when it comes to wrestling on the mat. She may not have any record yet but she comes with previous wrestling experience, and a strong tight little body. (more...).

Sexually Destroyed Fisted Fucked

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The first three rounds of non-scripted tag team sexual wrestling in front of a live audience are now over. And so it's time for the winners to strap on and brutally fuck the losers however they want while everything is broadcast live online. Audrey and Izamar are the winners, and now they're going to fuck the losers all over the mat. Fisting, strap-on fucking, sexual domination and humiliation. The losers are used, abused and shamed, all in front of a cheering audience who really wants (more...).

Hot 5-Girl Sexual Wrestling Orgy

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The final round of these tag team matches is also know as the sex round because that's when the losers get used, abused and humiliated in front of the live audience. Ariel X and Beretta James are the losers. The winners, DragonLily and Lyla Storm, with the help from Princess Donna, have their way with them. Both losers have to suck and fuck the winners' strapon cocks. They're finger-banged and made to squirt all over the mat and themselves. Donna rolls Ariel in her own squirt and (more...).

Hot Rookie Girl Destroyed in Sexual Wrestling Match

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Ariel X is a powerhouse, the strongest and most experienced wrestler. Beretta James has shown great improvement. She's been training off the mat and is a candidate for rookie of the year. She's not a pushover by any means. But in this match Ariel totally destroys the talented rookie with devastating submission holds and deep finger penetration during the rounds. Beretta was out-gunned, out-wrestled, and outclassed in this one-sided Armageddon. If you want a glimpse at terror... (more...).

Hard-Bodied Gymnast vs Texas MILF

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Wenona ("The Gymnast" 5'8" 120 lbs) is hardcore about fitness, and there are plenty of men who'd have trouble facing her. Mellanie Monroe ("The Cow Girl" 5'9" 155 lbs) is a little taller and 35 lbs heavier than her opponent in this Ultimate Surrender match. This is non-scripted, brutal, real single-elimination wrestling. If you lose, your season is over, because the loser gets fucked by the winner and goes home..

Gia Dimarco Wrestles Beretta James

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In this brutal Ultimate Surrender featherweight match up, little Gia DiMarco dominates sexy tiny Beretta James early and often. From facesits to crushing leg scissors, Gia takes control of the match. Beretta is totally dominated physically, sexually and mentally. In round four Gia takes it to her hard with brutal face-fucking and deep hard fucking until Beretta is moaning and cumming like a whore..

Lesbian Fisting Squirting Gangbang

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This is the final round of a recent unscripted tag team sexual wrestling match fought in front of a live audience at Ultimate Surrender. Round 4 is also known as the sex round since it's when the losers get fucked by the winners. What usually would be 2-on-2 becomes 4-on-2 when Princess Donna jumps out of the audience, Isis Love straps it on, and now the two losers are getting brutally fucked and fisted by four girls in front of a live crowd..

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