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Black Runway Model Bound Suffering

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Stunning beauty Ana Foxxx likes pain and bondage. Claire starts with a ball tie for some bastinado then an open ball tie strappado on a box. A cruel nose hook is added so Ana can't comfortably move her head as she's teased, tormented, and pleasured with a vibrator. Clothespins are used to display her hot juicy pussy. A cunt hook is added. She's caned and nipple weights are added. Her gorgeous body is drawn and quartered in an intense inverted spread-eagle suspension. A crotch rope is (more...).

Claire Adams Rope Bondage Torments

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Star has a pretty dress and a pretty face and between the two she probably has no trouble finding men to keep her company at night. Sometimes though, she attracts some unwanted attention, and not the kind of attention she normally gets. Claire Adams was looking for a hot date when she came across Star, and for a woman like Claire her pretty face and dress are just invitations. Star's hoping for love and affection but Claire has more cruel intentions. Now the two of them are going to (more...).

Stripped Tied Beaten Strapon Fucked

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The only thing Bronte loves more than cock is pain. Claire Adams handles her like a piece of meat and that's fine with Bronte. In fact that's what she really craves anyway. Being punched, pounded and pulverized is exactly what Bronte wants. She wants it because that's what makes Bronte hot. Claire just wants to make sure Bronte's wet enough to take every inch of the strap-on she intends to fuck her with. If she gets to beat her and use this fine piece of ass as a punching bag then (more...).

Extreme Bondage Corporal Punishment

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Beretta James in four scenes of cruel predicament bondage. Mz Berlin and Claire Adams torment her with orgasm denial and nipple torment in a metal stock system. Then she's installed in a full latex head balloon, corset, latex box tie arm binder, and bound spread in-between two poles. Claire pushes her around like a puppet. Beretta's then bound in metal in a kneeling back arch. Mz Berlin tests her with clothespins and Claire makes Beretta kneel on nasty hard rice. In the final position (more...).

Intense Bondage Orgasms Bring Tears

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Hot tiny Kristina Rose gets placed in tough bondage and squeezed for cum. In scene one she's bound with one leg against the beam and the other twisted behind into a hogtie. Her cunt's tied into a panty crotch rope predicament, leaving her labia exposed for Claire to enjoy. In scene two Kristina's tied with her knees to a post and arms bound to her waist in a strenuous hogtie. She cums so hard she has tears of pleasure. In the third scene she's suspended in an open-legged ball tie and (more...).

Blonde Bombshell Bound Brutalized

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Tough blonde bombshell Lorelei Lee is bound and brutalized with fatigue bondage, harsh suspension, inverted pile-driver, and harsh predicaments. She deep throats sincerely while bound in the pushup position. In strappado suspension she takes simultaneous mouth and pussy fucking. Then back on the floor in pile-driver position with leather arms binder she suffers bastinado and sexual stimulation dominance. Finally she gets up on her feet but her wrists are tied behind her back at the (more...).

Beam Bondage and Relentless Orgasms

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Exceptional Audrey Rose is tormented with unforgiving beam bondage and relentless hard orgasms. She suffers in a severe elevated hogtie with back arch while being caned. She's folded on her knees with her ass in the air and gets an ass hook and a dildo tied into her vulnerable cunt. She tied on her back with legs spread wide for a fucking machine. And then she's suspended in a stigmata partial breast suspension spread-eagle and impaled with a dick-on-a-stick that has a vibrator (more...).

Trashy Girl Punished and Humiliated

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Very trendy girl finds herself in the clutches of a woman who isn't impressed with her trendy look. Denali thinks that she's so damn cute. She has the stylish haircut and the cool tattoos. But Claire doesn't care. Denali can think the world of herself but to Claire she'll never be anything more than a piece of white trash. And all Claire cares about is making sure that Denali knows it. How? Through as much pain and humiliation as she can dump on this trendy slut. Unfortunately for (more...).

Vulnerable in Predicament Bondage

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Innocent Lorelei is wearing a pretty pink dress with nails and eyeshadow to match. She's bent over, her waist is secured in a pipe box with her neck trapped parallel to her back, preventing her moving up or moving her ass out of the way. Her wrists are bound above her head strappado style in thick leather cuffs attached to a metal frame. Her ankles are strapped in leather and spread wide too. Completely vulnerable, she's ripe pickings with no way for her to escape what's now going to (more...).

Skin Diamond Bound and Tormented

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Skin is dragged into the boiler room and bound in a suspended hogtie with her elbows together. A nice red ball gag is shoved deep into her mouth and her head is pulled back tight by hair bondage. The pain heightens her pleasure. Her moans rhythmic and seductive. Next she's bound against a pole, suspended upside down in an extremely challenging straddle suspension. Then she's bound in an upright pile-driver type position with her legs above her head and her arms tied severely behind her (more...).

Wanton Slut is Painfully Punished

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Iona's bound crucifixion style with leather arm mitts across a long pole. Claire binds her breasts tightly and wraps her face with a mean electrical tape gag. Slowly she's stripped of her pride and dignity. Her face slapped, her flesh clamped, her legs swept out from underneath her. Next she's metal bound in doggy like a bitch in heat. She gets greased up and looks ripe. Painful wax is applied to her body in a sadistic fashion. Her holes are stretched uncomfortably large. Her pain and (more...).

Missy Minks Ripened and Violated

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Missy gets special attention with unforgiving predicament bondage that leaves her to writhe in the bondage and feel the pain. Worm tied on the floor, she gets pulled into an uncomfortably tight hogtie and suspended in the air. Straddled wide open, she's given a very cruel crotch rope with a bowling ball and suspended. Laid on the bed like a pillow princess, her legs are pulled up behind her in an unforgiving back arch. Relentless, Claire doesn't give into her whines and pleas for (more...).

Bound Girl Exposed and Vulnerable

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Beautiful and nubile Alani Pi is no ordinary girl. She's unique, stunning...and a bit disconnected. The challenge is to see where they could take her by alienating her with the bondage, making her submit to metal, and find out what kind of girl she really is. To begin Alani's locked into position wearing metal balls on her head and hands. With her arms in strappado and knees to chest, it's simple bondage. Highly effective and highly immobile. The lack of sight and skewed sound heighten (more...).

Cherry Torn Punished in Bondage

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Cherry Torn is put through a dark and twisted series of predicaments. First she's mounted on a four stilt platform with her arms and legs bound, her Head in a tight latex mask and her breathing limited to a rubber tube. She's caned and whipped on her pussy and feet, then fucked hard and deep with a sinister black dick-on-a stick. She's clamped in wooden stocks as orange and purple flames lick her exposed pussy. Then she's suspended via chains in a spinning swing while pounded with (more...).

Disfigured Humiliated and Tormented

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PD decides that while Iona Grace has great features, they're not so good they can't be improved with a little bit of imagination. Some packing tape really lets him express his artistic side all over her. And while he enjoys her humiliation, his sadistic side craves a bit more. PD invites Claire Adams to help him use Iona to satisfy his sadistic desires. Iona couldn't possibly have thought a little bit of humiliation was all she had to contend with from them. These two have never been (more...).

Violated in Predicament Bondages

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Chastity is first tied in a strict elbows-together strappado with her neck tied to her knees and her hair tied back and up to the point. She's exposed and violated with the cane. She then gets hoisted into a standing predicament bondage and tested for her response to pleasure. Bound with one knee up to the ceiling and arms again bound and pulled strictly behind her, they want to see her cum and orgasms are repeatedly coaxed out of her willing cunt hole. She's hoisted into the air (more...).

Flexible Slavegirl Painful Torments

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In this Infernal Restraints episode little Mei shows that she can't get enough pain and humiliation. She doesn't need to be forced or coerced into anything. All Claire has to do is make a demand and Mei will step forward in an instant to fulfill her wishes. Not many pain-sluts can withstand the full force of a whip across their body. The kinds of clips and clamps that make most girls burst into tears on sight are the same ones that make Mei wet at the thought. The brutal bondage that (more...).

Brutal Bondage Breathplay Orgasms

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Sarah's bound from head to ankles with shiny, clear PVC straps and gag. She tries to escape the brutal snap of the single tail but red whip marks criss-cross all over her hot body leaving her all marked up and nowhere to go. Claire gives her the cattle prod until she's squealing, and then attaches nipple clamps to her thigh straps. The more Sarah reacts to the shocks, the more pain her nipples get. When she's twitching with pain in comes the dick-on-a-stick with a vibrator to send (more...).

Lesbian Sex Slaves in Training

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Lesbian sex slave training week will feature a different female trainer each day. Today we begin with the extraordinary Claire Adams. She rips the clothes off of potential trainees to expose their bodies to see what they have to work with. Then two-at-a-time they're taken from the room to be interrogated. Next she tests them with a sadistic and brutal crotch rope, adding more and more weight and intense torture to see who holds up. One tap-outs and then another, and now they're (more...).

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