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Love on the Lawn

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Daniel is visiting her lord and the upstairs maid shows him to his room. They share a glance and the air sizzles. The next day finds her making love on the lawn with him up against a tree. But will Daniel discard her when he leaves?.

Saving Her Home

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Belinda, who is is a widower, and the kings tax man has come to her village to collect the taxes. She knows she doesn't have enough to pay him, so she makes him an offer of sex and her tax bill is paid. Clifford jumps at the chance, and they decide since the floor is dirty, to have sex on his table. Belinda was in for a surprise, for although Clifford is nothing to look at, he has a long thick cock that has her orgasming like she never had before. .

Queen Gets Screwed

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What would it have been like to be an ancient Queen of a castle, who had total control on who gains entrance to your "Queendom"? Lets say a former enemy soldier climbs up the steps seeking entrance. Saying he wishes to fight for your people, forsaking his vows and loyalty to his old clan. You are instantly attracted to him, so you give him the condition that to prove his loyalty, he must make love to you on the castle steps in full view..

Pleasuring The King

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Merinda is a priestess in King Raul's castle. One day while walking down the hall, the King requests a private audience with her. Fearing something is wrong, she hurries to his chambers to find he wishes her to suck his cock, then to make love to her on his throne until they both explode in orgasm..

Knight and the Elemental

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A knight of the crusade has been sent to desecrate holy places of power for the pagan people. But when he collapses at a pool, and is healed by an earth elemental, he finds instead a people who's innate goodness shows he has been deceived by those in power. Taking her as his mate, he vows to protect her and the grove..

Duke Fucks Slaves

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This horny duke makes an offer to two peasant slave girls chained in the dungeon. Service his cock and make him cum, and he will rescue them from prison, and take them into his household. These two gals take turns sock, fucking and getting ass fucked by this horny duke until he jizzes all over their faces. Its good to be the duke!.

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