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Depraved Duke and Slaves

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This depraved duke is at the slave auction, viewing the slaves available, when he comes across two young ladies. He offers them their freedom, in exchange with a little dungeon sex with him. They leap at the chance and get into a hot threesome in these victorian era costumed pics..

Throne Room Sex

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What would it have been like be asked by a King to his throne room for hot sex? Imagine you are one of the women in an ancient castle, maybe one of the castle priestesses, and you have caught the King's eye. He talks to you in the hall way, and invites you to his throne room for a royal audience. Have you done something wrong? Then you find out that what he wants is hot sex with you on his throne, having you suck his cock, then he screws you with his large cock, making you shudder in orgasm! .

Lovemaking Under A Tree

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I couldn’t believe Daniel had chosen me as his lover. ME, the upstairs maid to an English Lord who was one of the most powerful in the land. Daniel had come to visit, to work out trade agreements with him, and when I showed him to his guest room upstairs, I felt an instant connection with him…and by the look in his eye, he felt it too! When he asked me to take a walk with him we ended up having passionate sex under a tree in the yard, afraid any minute my owner would come back and discover us.

Pleasuring The King

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Merinda is a priestess in King Raul's castle. One day while walking down the hall, the King requests a private audience with her. Fearing something is wrong, she hurries to his chambers to find he wishes her to suck his cock, then to make love to her on his throne until they both explode in orgasm..

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