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Strong Orgasms Electro-Stimulation

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Mahina Zaltana came to Wired Pussy to be electrified, shocked, fucked and taunted by Isis Love. So of course Isis stuffs Mahina's pussy full with a big electric plug and she cranks the power up to the high setting. Mahina gets fucked doggy as electric currents gyrate her bubbly ass. Then she's Samurai fucked into an explosive orgasm. Is there anything this hot body can't handle? (more...).

Tied-Up Electrical Domination Sex

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Breanne Benson is a distraught girl looking for a distraction after a fight with her boyfriend. When she seduces bartender Lorelei Lee at a local bar she gets the distraction she was looking for and a whole lot more. Two hot women in an intensely sensual scene with erotic dancing and seduction folllowed by Lorelei taking the sexy and tough Breanne right up to her limits in girl-on-girl electro-bdsm sex. (more...).

Electrified Cage Predicament Bound

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Sister Dee softens Marina up with pain and orgasms, but the small cage is far more devious than she imagines. The cage floor can be electrified and every time she touches down it'll send a painful jolt through her to remind her of her situation. She doesn't know about it yet but soon enough the secret will be revealed and she'll be screaming for a way out. Her predicament will become even more intense when her best efforts to avoid the trap open her up to more painful punishments. (more...).

Claire Adams Rope Bondage Torments

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Star has a pretty dress and a pretty face and between the two she probably has no trouble finding men to keep her company at night. Sometimes though, she attracts some unwanted attention, and not the kind of attention she normally gets. Claire Adams was looking for a hot date when she came across Star, and for a woman like Claire her pretty face and dress are just invitations. Star's hoping for love and affection but Claire has more cruel intentions. Now the two of them are going to (more...).

Slut Wife Training Charlotte Vale

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Lorelei Lee is a professional Wife Trainer and today her client is blushing bride Charlotte Vale. She really wants to be a good wife and Lorelei intends to help her learn what that means. Lorelei ties her up and shocks her with various electrical toys. She uses a machine to fuck her and makes Charlotte suck her big strap-on cock. Charlotte is made to cum over and over again to reinforce her lessons. It's all in a day's work for this lovely blonde wife trainer. (more...).

Shocking Lesbian BDSM Electrosex

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Electro Sluts features a never-ending supply of beautiful and innocent amateur and heterosexual girls enticed into the lesbian underground of bondage, sexual dominance and forced orgasms, all designed to make hot sluts submit to their gorgeous dommes. Girls are made to cum with hot squirting forced, painful and pleasurable orgasms. Cruel sexy dommes punish hot willing women with sadistic electro-tortures to teach them to enjoy the pleasures and pain of total submission. No slave holes (more...).

Severe Domme Shocking Electro-Sex

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Penny Pax is not only everyone's favorite submissive but also everyone's favorite electro-slut. She loves to get fucked hard and she loves all the electricity. Now she really gets put through some proper tests. First round is fucking. Penny can take a good hard pussy fucking but how high can she take the electricity? That's what we want to know, and that's what Mistress Lea Lexis, the sexy Romanian blonde bombshell Domme is going to find out. (more...).

Tormented Shocked in Metal Bondage

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Elise Graves, you should be used to the kinds of games PD likes to play. Unfortunately it's hard to guess what's coming when it's coming from such a twisted mind. Now he has some sort of toy inserted in your ass and every time he presses a button there's a pulse of electricity from it. No matter what he decides to do today, that little treasure is going to remain in place. Maybe you'll get used to the shocks. Of course if you do he'll probably have something even worse in store. (more...).

Slave Training Hazel Hypnotic Live (Part 2)

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Hazel Hypnotic is given a bit of time to sleep while they plan their next tortures, then wake her up with a bucket full of water to the face. She's barely conscious when they move on to the next set of torments. But the first few whip lashes bring her back to the real world. Once she's all the way with them again there are a few needs she'll need to meet. PD wants his cock sucked. The members want to see some more tears. The rest of the crew just wants to make her scream. It makes for (more...).

Hazel Hypnotic Slave Training Live

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Hazel Hypnotic volunteered for an experience that every submissive woman dreams about, to have a group of dominants take full possession of her for 24 hours. Hazel remarked that she dreamed of being put on a pedestal. That dream probably didn't include being gagged with her own hair and made to masturbate live for all the members online. Even worse, she didn't expect it to be covered with spikes. It's a test of endurance, to see how long she can stand it, and it won't be the last one (more...).

Doctor Reanimates Lesbian Sex Slave

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What happens when a scientist creates life, without regard to common sense or morality? This deranged scientist has attempted numerous experiments with electroshocks, but she's never been able to completely bring the dead back to life. She's not looking to create life or even discover a path to eternal life, she's looking for a way to make the perfect electro-lesbian sex slave. Now the doctor and her sexy assistant discover the repeated electrosex treatments have built a sex monster (more...).

Electro-BDSM Sluts Pleasure Pain

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Chanel has two young and cute blonde-haired innocents come her way. Jessie and Anikka are inexperienced when it comes to lesbian BDSM and Chanel is more than happy to give them an introduction to being electro-BDSM sluts with sticky pads on their tits and electrified butt plugs, all while keeping them on their toes with the Zapper. With their wrists tied to their thighs, Chanel takes advantage of their easy-to-access pussies by shocking them with the Violet Wand, then fucking their (more...).

Sex Addict Electro-Shock Therapy

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Masturbation addict Audrey Rose thinks admitting her problem is the first step to her recovery. However, therapist Gia DeMarco's approach to treating Audrey's fingers wandering into the pink, wet folds of her pussy isn't talking about it, it's tying her up and making her submit to some lesbian BDSM and electrical toys. Gia straps Audrey up with electrical nipple clamps and TENS units for a little therapy. With rough fucking using electrified dildos while Audrey's restrained to her (more...).

Interrogation Electricity and Canes

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Katharine Cane has been tormented in a live BDSM show for a while now, and her time is almost up. But they won't let her go without their grand finale. So they're going to push her limits to see what will be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Katharine was afraid of electric interrogation at first, but she learned to love answering questions and the little shocks that came with displeasure. The same thing happens when they decide to give her some stripes with the canes. She just (more...).

Eager Sex Kitten is Electro-Fucked

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A lonely and faithful girlfriend is between jobs, but during her search for a new career she finds a video of her boyfriend as a BDSM-loving kinky fucker. An innocent who's never thought of lesbian BDSM, let alone electro-BDSM, she searches the Internet to satisfy her newfound eagerness. She comes across two lezdommes who are happy to give her a first-hand experience in what her boyfriend is handing out. With whips, sticky pads and EMS pads, plus an electrified strap-on for her ass (more...).

Tormented in Live Online BDSM Show

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Katharine Cane is strapped into a bondage body bag and asked how it feels. She says it's hot, sweaty, tight and overall unpleasant. Naturally they plan to make it worse. It didn't take much brainstorming from the members watching online to come up with some great suggestions. Make it harder for her to breathe. Shock her until she begins to panic. See if they can make her fill her bag with her tears and piss and sweat. They have all day to torment her. It's not like Katharine's going (more...).

Electro LezDomme Anal Violations

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Audrey Rose gets lots of electrosex toys stuffed up her tender butthole for the perverted amusement of Isis Love in this Electro Sluts episode. Isis exercises her strict lesbian BDSM control over Audrey, covering her ass in sticky pads. However, the real pleasure (and pain) comes from Isis' exploration of electro anal stretching on this kinky slut. With electric and non-electric speculums Isis explores the deep and dark regions of Audrey's ass with a zapper, sparking the toys inside (more...).

Lezdommes Dueling Cattleprods BDSM

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Watch Katja Kassin struggle with the shocking lesbian electro-play that Felony and Ashley Fires dish out. They go right for the intensity and push every button that Kajta has. The two kinky LezDommes use every electro corporal implement they have in stock. Check out the video and photos to see Katja take everything they're throwing her way and watch as her pussy just gets wetter and wetter. But she'll have to handle the grand finale to earn her orgasm: dueling cattle prods! (more...).

Head Shaved Beaten and Humiliated

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If you want to see a girl who'll go to the extremes to please the members you need look no further than Mei Mara. Most submissives would balk at the idea of being humiliated like this. But she even submits to an extreme make-over before her Q and A session. It's one thing to take a beating, even an extreme one, during a live bdsm show. But the effects of what Mei is receiving are going to be visible to anyone and everyone for quite some time. This kind of dedication is what it takes if (more...).

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