Fantasy Babe In Armor

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Knight Babe Gets Naked

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After battling a foe and winning, this knight is ready for a rest, and to recharge her magice. So she strips off all her armor, and her under clothes then while naked, takes her crystal that she has stored up magice and rubs it over her body, recharging it as she does it. .

Ody Of Velithar Defends Anzala

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Ody of Velithar is one of the warrior maidens at Bare Maidens. At over 6 feet tall in her boots, she is brave and true and ready to take on all dangers to the land. In these pictures, she defends a narrow pass through the sand stone bluffs that lead to Anzala, brandishing her wicked curved blade to show all comers she is ready. Wearing her cloak, metal armor bra and panties and black boots she is bad ass and beautiful. But when the threat is gone, the armor comes off..

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