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Finding Ryan Private

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Angela was away on business, and Ryan was horny. So he went into their lovemaking room, and thought about her and started to jerk himself off. What he didnít know was Angela was able to come home a day early from her trip. She walked in finding him having a private moment, feeling herself get turned on watching him. Walking over, she strokes his head, and after an inital shock of being busted wanking, they get down to some lovemaking instead..

Cleopatra's Massage

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Its good to be the queen! Cleopatra has a personal masseuse who first comes in and massages her clit to orgasm. Then he reverently rubs oil on her thighs, her ass, her back, and arms relaxing her after a hard day of being queen..

Pleasuring The King

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Merinda is a priestess in King Raul's castle. One day while walking down the hall, the King requests a private audience with her. Fearing something is wrong, she hurries to his chambers to find he wishes her to suck his cock, then to make love to her on his throne until they both explode in orgasm..

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