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Big Breasted Blonde is Bound and Tormented

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Skylar is a hot blond with great tits and a lovely face. She believes those assets give her an advantage. So of course Sister Dee has to show her the perils of being pretty. Skylar's learned that when you look this good, people will want to pay attention to you. But when those people are as sadistic as SD, there's going to be a problem. The bondage she uses is tight enough to leave its own bruises, but SD's going to make sure there are more than enough marks to go around. (more...).

Sister Dee Torments Skylar Price

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Sister Dee restrains sexy blonde victim Skylar Price with a metal fiddle bondage device and chains that to a pole to ensure she's not going anywhere, except down on her knees. Skylar's pussy will not be getting any attention until SD decides she's had enough. By then her feet and her asshole will have borne the brunt of the punishment as SD works her over with gloved fingering, flogging, dick on a stick, foot tickling, serpent's tongue whip and an inflatable butt plug. (more...).

Scared Asian Submissive Tormented

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Madeleine Mei has been through things that have her terrified of what Sister Dee will do next. Her eyes give it away. When SD walks around the room they follow her, wide, looking for any sign of the things to come. When SD leaves the room Madeline's eyes fix on the entrance, waiting for her to return with her selected implements of torment. Though she hardly glances at the tools. She stares at Sister Dee and searches for any hint of mercy in her heart. But she searches in vain. (more...).

Tantalizing Torturous Lesbian Trap

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She's only in town for one night and cruising the bars determined to get laid. Her horny ambitions lead her into a trap set by a sexy bartender and her lesbian lover. At the mercy of these two nefarious ladies, she's humiliated, spanked and flogged. Subjected to predicament bondage while teased and denied, she has to watch them get each other off by pantyhose tribbing. They make her "air-tight" by strap-on fucking her cunt and mouth while she's wearing a butt plug. Ass licking, face (more...).

Punishing BDSM Manners Lessons

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Sister Dee owes Claire Adams a bit of punishment. The last time they met Claire was more than a little rude so SD is going to teach her some manners. Claire's a master of keeping her composure, but she'll be sobbing in no time under the cruel cane SD brings to bear. She also flogs her exposed pussy and shoves a fat dildo on a stick into Claire's ass. SD has a score to settle so she's going to break this bitch more than once, and each time will be sweeter than the last. (more...).

Painfully Creative Bondage Art

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Tricia Oaks has used her body as a canvas for beautiful tattoos but now Sister Dee will turn her into a work of bondage art. Tricia's flexible enough to bend into sexy and accessible positions. SD intends to add some painful accents with ropes and whips. Tricia's going to scream all through the creative process, but if anything it just encourages Sister Dee. It lets her make absolutely certain that when she's done, the memory of her work will live on, especially for the subject. (more...).

Caned Suspended Cuffed Ass-Fucked

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Tough, doe-eyed, raven-haired beauty, Katharine Kane loves everything about BDSM. Felony treats her like a piece of meat, stringing her up from her ankles and flogging, spanking and caning her. Katharine's only reward comes from Felony sliding her leather gloves inside Katharine's tight pussy. She's suspended and fucked, made to lick Felony's pussy and ass until she's squirted on in a drenching shower, then handcuffed and strap-on fucked deep in her sweet little ass. (more...).

Tied-Up Electrical Domination Sex

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Breanne Benson is a distraught girl looking for a distraction after a fight with her boyfriend. When she seduces bartender Lorelei Lee at a local bar she gets the distraction she was looking for and a whole lot more. Two hot women in an intensely sensual scene with erotic dancing and seduction folllowed by Lorelei taking the sexy and tough Breanne right up to her limits in girl-on-girl electro-bdsm sex. (more...).

Sister Dee Torments Nameless Slavegirl

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The slavegirl can't move enough in her bondage to see her captor. But she can feel the power emanating from Sister Dee, and she can smell the strong scent of lust in the air. She wonders if the painful attention she's getting right now will be her worst punishment today. But deep inside she knows the truth. She knows that Sister Dee is a sadistic technician and she's sure that SD wants more than just one little cum. She's correct. SD wants to hurt her, fuck her, and make her cry. (more...).

Nameless Slave Tormented and Punished

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Poor little nameless slavegirl number 314 has no love for what's happening to her today. She's been at the mercy of sadistic Sister Dee before, and the experience has never been a gentle one. In the beginning this slave's mouth is going to be the focal point, but by the end her tits will have taken more of a punishment than she could have ever imagined. Sister Dee has some vicious clover clamps and they're going to leave their marks on her body, and her memories, for sure. (more...).

Claire Adams Rope Bondage Torments

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Star has a pretty dress and a pretty face and between the two she probably has no trouble finding men to keep her company at night. Sometimes though, she attracts some unwanted attention, and not the kind of attention she normally gets. Claire Adams was looking for a hot date when she came across Star, and for a woman like Claire her pretty face and dress are just invitations. Star's hoping for love and affection but Claire has more cruel intentions. Now the two of them are going to (more...).

Slut Wife Training Charlotte Vale

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Lorelei Lee is a professional Wife Trainer and today her client is blushing bride Charlotte Vale. She really wants to be a good wife and Lorelei intends to help her learn what that means. Lorelei ties her up and shocks her with various electrical toys. She uses a machine to fuck her and makes Charlotte suck her big strap-on cock. Charlotte is made to cum over and over again to reinforce her lessons. It's all in a day's work for this lovely blonde wife trainer. (more...).

Sister Dee Punishes Dana Vixen

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Top Grl's Sister Dee has been waiting for a chance to experiment with Dana Vixen. Dana has a body that screams out for the kind of painful attention SD has in mind anyway. Her tits are just big enough to tie off. As the blood pools they darken into a lovely shade of purple that indicates they are ripe for torment. Her pussy does not need any preparation. That part of her is primed and ready for punishment from the start and SD is all too ready to dish it out. (more...).

Lesbian Prisoner Fuck-Toy Bitch

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Sexy girl is locked up for theft and it doesn't take long for her to be made into the new hot lesbian fuck toy in prison. Lots of hands-on lesbian punishment is in store for the new girl in the slammer. Hair grabbing, over-the-knee ass spanking, flogging, finger-fucking, strap-on dildo fucking, pussy eating, humiliation and dildo gag fucking are all included in this hot episode. (more...).

Five Girl Hardcore Lesbian Footbang

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Have you ever seen a lesbian hardcore foot bang? Lorelei Lee accidentally mixes one too many chemicals in the lab, sending her into a psychedelic trip where she's overwhelmed by her foot fetish desires in a five-girl foot bang scene. Lorelei's made to worship candied toes, powdered sugar covered arches, pantyhose, wedge sandals and having both her pussy and ass filled with toes in this hypnotic fantasy come true. See what foot fetishism is all about in this filthy lesbian foot bang. (more...).

Latina Girls Fisted and Strapon Fucked

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Stunning Latinas Yurizan Beltran and Aleksa Nicole get all kinds of anal punishment and ass penetration from Francesca Le. Watch as these beautiful girls push their anal abilities and discover the pleasures and pains of anal fetish sex. This episode has anal fisting, speculum spreading and gaping, ass to mouth, ass licking, spanking, flogging and strap-on anal sex. (more...).

Severe Domme Shocking Electro-Sex

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Penny Pax is not only everyone's favorite submissive but also everyone's favorite electro-slut. She loves to get fucked hard and she loves all the electricity. Now she really gets put through some proper tests. First round is fucking. Penny can take a good hard pussy fucking but how high can she take the electricity? That's what we want to know, and that's what Mistress Lea Lexis, the sexy Romanian blonde bombshell Domme is going to find out. (more...).

Sexy Submissive Lifestyler Suffers

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Sexy submissive lifestyler Annika suffers beautifully with rough and kinky lesbian sex and anal pounding from Maitresse Madeline. Bound standing tall with her tits wrapped in tight bondage, Madeline seduces and dominates Annika, reducing her to nothing but a slutty bondage toy. She takes cane mark after cane mark, and endures an evil back-bend position while licking and worshiping Madeline's perfect asshole. Annika's spread open, bound with leather straps, ass plugged with a hook tied (more...).

Dommes Punish and Strapon Fuck New Girl

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Casey Calvert is an adorable all-natural girl with a thirst for pain. Casey's been in the porn industry for only one week when Chanel Preston and Gia DiMarco get their wicked hands on her. Casey's introduced to BDSM pornography as she suffers through getting flogged, spanked, and clothespinned. There's some evil nipple torture and the sexy LezDommes squirt all over her. Her tight little body turns pink from punishment. And she gets her wet little twat fucked deep with a strap-on cock (more...).

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