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Choose to Cum Again or Get Whipped

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Sister Dee wants to watch Addie Juniper cum. She has her tied up because after a few orgasms she knows Addie's clit is going to be so sensitive she'll want to stop. That's when the real fun begins. The only alternative to more orgasms is to suffer. If Addie wants to avoid the whip she'll need to keep performing enough to keep Sister Dee interested. Any time Addie isn't cumming, Sister Dee is going to want to hear her screaming. .

Blind Girl is Bound, Fondled and Orgasmed

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500 Haley Rue is a fascinating young lady. She's got an amazing ass, perfectly formed breasts, and a great attitude. Even more fascinating than her stats is the fact that she is legally blind. Haley's primary means of contact with the world is through her sense of touch. What better way to touch her than to tie her up and play with her. Her mouth is packed wide with a gag. Black leather straps hug her tightly in a worm position. Her beautiful young body wiggles and kicks..

Brutal Deep Throating and Massive Orgasms

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Penny Pax is a tiny redhead with huge natural breasts. Today, she'll get her tight little throat fucked without mercy by two hard cocks. Penny's bound to a chair, legs spread, hair tied back, neck tied down, with arms trapped behind her. Her bondage pushes her forward so much that her mouth is at a perfect height for a brutal skull fucking. She can't move forward or back, her throat is completely helpless. .

Brutal Bondages and Forced Orgasms

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Marie McCray is a slutty redhead who loves to suffer in grueling bondage. Her all natural body begs to be dominated and turned red from lots of heavy impact. Her mind is willing to go further than normal to endure the suffering that's in store for her. She's put in a grueling strappado with no mercy taken. Her cute innocent look inspires torments with an orgasm taken as a trophy. She's bent over in a device so strict that during orgasms her feet raise off the floor. Locked on a Sybian .

Machine Sex Spider Web Orgasms

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Daisy Ducati climbs right into the web and spreads herself for the machines. Goat Milkers are clamped onto her tits. Two big vibrating wands are locked into place on each side of her clit. The Shockspot with its mechanical cock is planted between her long legs, thrusting into her pussy. All work together on driving Miss Daisy to her first of many orgasms. When she's done cumming on the Shockspot, she moves right on to climaxing all over the Annihilator, the SatisfyHer, and Dr Thumper. (more...).

Tormented Suffering and Orgasm Denial

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The day starts extreme and stays that way. Elizabeth is a heavy impact girl, and The Pope obliges with non-stop torment. Her body's pushed so hard that she fades into sub-space quickly, so he brings the whore back to reality with some temperature play, shoving ice in her hungry cunt. Now that he has her attention again, he rains down brutal punishment on this pain slut. She begs for it to stop, but while he likes hearing her beg, This isn't going to stop until he's ready for it to end. (more...).

Tormented in Steel and Leather Restraints

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To immobilize someone, they need to not be able to move, nor escape. Anxiety will start to take control when all mobility's taken away from someone, fear of losing all control scares most people beyond belief. Lyla Storm is chained in a standing position, that prevents almost all movement. Her fingers were still free, yet every other part of this whore's body is locked down under multiple chains and leather. Her clothes are ripped from her body and she's used like the whore she is. (more...).

Fresh Bondage Meat Cums and Squirts

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He ties her elbows tight behind her back, then wraps the rough rope around her pretty, slutty thighs and pushes her to the floor. He shoves her face down, ass up, and rips at those silky little panties. The air hits her skin and he can smell her moist cunt. He holds out the rubber cock and tells her to get it. So amusing to watch her struggle against the rope to get that fat cock in her horny little pussy. She's drooling all over herself, making a fucking mess, squirming, moaning and (more...).

Bound Tight Forced Orgasms Tears

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Sarah Jane's bound tight. She can't move to get the vibrator away from her clit. Her legs are twisted over each other and ankles tied back. She's forced to orgasm over and over. Her muscles get sore as her pussy spasms are mirrored throughout her body. Restrained and exposed, she can barely budge let alone escape the vibrator busily buzzing between her legs. Helplessness turns her on and makes her cum harder, which makes her feel even more helpless, which makes her cum even harder. (more...).

Torments Punishments and BDSM Brainwashing

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Elise Graves has a fantasy about being kidnapped. The idea of being a tormented captive excites her. Today her dream comes true when she's taken to a Safe House in the middle of nowhere, where no one can hear her scream. PD will use methods from her nightmares to teach her to love the suffering she'll go through. For brainwashing, her eyes are held open with spreaders for a constant stream of images of intense BDSM acts while her pussy is electronically stimulated. Soon she'll (more...).

Bound Spread Vibed and Throat-Boarded

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The idea is simple. Take a pallet, drill it into the stage, take a porn star and drill her into the pallet with dick. Sexy redhead Claire Robbins is propped against the pallet at the perfect angle to open her throat hole. Her legs are tied spread wide and a vibrator is bolted down. There's no hope for her escape, neither her pussy nor her throat has a chance. While the cock is throat boarding her into next week, the vibrator will be ripping multiple orgasms out of her exposed pussy. (more...).

Bound Barely 18 BDSM Newbie Suffers

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The Pope puts some rope on Mattie to see how she handles suffering while bound. She's barely 18, with little experience, so he slowly ramps up the pain. It doesn't take much to make this little bitch scream, and he wants her to scream all day. She's still unaware of what it feels like to have multiple orgasms ripped from her cunt. So of course he uses this against her as well as subjecting her to more suffering, until she no longer has any control over what her body's doing. (more...).

Burning Hunger for Submission and Suffering

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Felony has a hunger, a burning desire to please a man at her own expense; to be handled and used by someone powerful. Cyd Black is hungry to watch a beautiful woman suffer. The ropes bite deeply into Felony's skin. Her legs are bent, her arms secured behind her and there are bells on her nipples. When he exposes her pussy she's instantly aroused. But if she thinks it's orgasm time she's going to be terribly surprised. Cyd intends to make her scream before letting her cream. (more...).

Extreme Suffering and Unforgiving BDSM

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The Pope plans to turn this girl next door into the pain slut he knows she is. She's bound standing and has pegs applied all over her body then sadistically removed with a dragon tail. She's suspended from her ankles and endures more punishment, orgasm denial, and then her body;s pulled into a brutal arch. Next he has her standing spread eagle and a crotch rope is applied as she suffers through another orgasm. Her body's used against her as this becomes a full out assault on her flesh. (more...).

Bondage Ballerina Tormented Live

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A group of sadistic dominants put one bondage slut through a living hell. Sarah Jane Ceylon arrived in a pretty blue outfit and perfect, unblemished skin. But the little bondage ballerina didn't keep either of those for long. The members wanted to see her suffer. They wanted her naked and bruised, suspended, forced to orgasms, crying, screaming and begging for mercy. This was an unscripted show where the action is live, intense and completely real with no camera tricks. Soon she'll be (more...).

Devious Bondage and Sadistic Torments

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Orlando wastes no time with foreplay and puts Lori's hands and ankles in wall-mounted wooden stocks and works her over with cane, Hitachi wand, and clothespins on zipper strings. Then she's bolted onto a Sybian with her arms bent backwards and nipples clamped and tied to bolts in the floor. The Sybian will force her to have orgasms until she yanks the clamps off both nipples to earn her release. After this comes predicament bondage with a metal bar system together with an ass hook tied (more...).

Category Five Suspension Squirting

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When Felony cums, a sex demon enters her body and she becomes some insane host to a beast from a parallel sex dimension. That's pretty much why she's bound so severely: to protect the crew. This is category 5 bondage and suspension, the hardest tie the human body can take. While suspended, they make her cum and squirt. She shoots cum halfway across the room as she cums and cums and cums. In the end she's just a mindless shell, mentally broken, physically bound and still suspended. (more...).

Underground Dungeon Water Torture

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They get down and dirty right from the start with this girl. Lielani is ruthlessly bound in hemp and struggles beautifully in the mud. A tight cross-legged ball-tie leaves her vulnerable and helpless to their abuse in a pool of nasty, cold water. An unusual and tough rope suspension has her squirming and screaming. Bound and ball-gagged, she's put in a below-ground tank, with an iron-barred cage top. The water is turned on and our heroine struggles in vain as the water level climbs. (more...).

Electrified Cage Predicament Bound

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Sister Dee softens Marina up with pain and orgasms, but the small cage is far more devious than she imagines. The cage floor can be electrified and every time she touches down it'll send a painful jolt through her to remind her of her situation. She doesn't know about it yet but soon enough the secret will be revealed and she'll be screaming for a way out. Her predicament will become even more intense when her best efforts to avoid the trap open her up to more painful punishments. (more...).

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