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Medical Malpractice Gangfucking

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Dana Vespoli brings her medical fetish fantasy to life. As she prepares for labiaplasty surgery she lets her mind wander into a dark fantasy world where she has no control and five huge surgeon cocks use her flesh as they please. A medical curtain separates her head from her body so she can't see what's being done to her. Her holes bear witness to her nasty desires as she's fondled, penetrated, and slapped around. This is medical malpractice at its best. (more...).

Charlotte Vale Abducted Gangfucked

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Charlotte Vale confesses to her therapist that she has a fantasy of being abducted and roughly gangfucked by a group of strange men. As she describes the details of her fantasy, you get to see exactly what's happening in her head. Her imagination includes sex in bondage, gangfucking, blowbang, spitting, slapping, rough sex, double-penetration and (more...).

First Date Turns Into a Homeless Gangfuck

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Coral is on a first date with a kinky older man. In the restaurant he makes her play with her pussy under the table. Excited by this she follows him to an unknown location where she's blindfolded and cuffed with her hands behind her back. While she's bound, helpless and unable to see, her gentlemanly date suddenly takes a dark turn and pays a group of homeless men to fuck and humiliate her. This is Coral's first double-penetration, first double vaginal penetration, and first gangbang. (more...).

Brutally Gangfucked by Hillbillies

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Bobby and Cheryl go to LA's Tujunga canyon, where a blow job on an isolated dirt road turns into a problem when local rednecks catch our young lovers in the act. Their troubles continue when they try to leave and find their car is out of gas. Cheryl stays in the car while Bobby walks back to the highway to get gas. Cheryl can't do anything but sit and wait, thinking about those crude hillbillies in the truck. They got a real kick out of watching her suck her boyfriend's cock. What if (more...).

Busty Rich Girl Gangfucked

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Sexy rich girl has to pee so bad that when the Girls' Bathroom is locked she sneaks into the Men's Room instead. She tried to hide in a stall by lifting her feet off the floor when she hears some men come in, but they find her when her cellphone starts ringing. She gets manhandled, groped, stripped out of her clothes, and bound with duct tape. The guys force her down on the dirty bathroom floor to suck their cocks and gangfuck her in every one of her holes..

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