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Electrified Samurai and Cattle Prod

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In the last part of this dramatic and intensely emotional scene with Wenona and Isis, Wenona tries valiantly to take the electricity again. She's tied in a severe leg spread, with sticky pads shocking her slim, athletic stomach, and zapping her thighs and tits. Isis plunges the samurai deep inside Wenona's wet exposed cunt. Wenona drools and moans. When Isis brings in the cattle prod, Wenona loses her composure again. She has faced down the electricity and it has destroyed her..

Willing Slavegirl is Ready to Serve

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Most girls need a lot more encouragement before they take to their training. Not Mollie Rose. She's enjoying it more than most. Cyd wants to slap her face and punish her for failing, but there she is, kneeling, head tilted back with her mouth and throat wide open, anticipating and ready to serve in any way he demands. It's pointless to punish good behavior, so it looks like he'll just have to make her tasks more difficult, or even impossible, so he can punish her for those instead. (more...).

Lost Girl Captured by Disturbed Man

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Pretty girl wanders into the wrong warehouse and a disturbed and lonely shipping clerk decides to keep her as his very own captive creamer. In his perverse world, pretty girls should be kept in inescapable bondage and firmly gagged so that nobody can hear their cries. She fights against the ropes and her muffled screams rage behind drool drenched gags as orgasm after orgasm is ripped from her pretty, pale flesh. Is this a hopeless situation with no end for the pretty, petite damsel? (more...).

Tormented Pain and Pleasure Screams

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Wenona and Darling are a pair of BDSM veterans, so you know it's going to take some extreme measures to make them scream. It'll take things like shoving a glob of wasabi up Wenona's ass. Or tying off Darling's nipples so tight that they look like they may twist off. Making them scream also takes hot wax, an intense fucking machine, a brutal caning and some good vibrations. All of this happens because of the suggestions of the members, and is carried out by the sick and twisted crew. (more...).

Tormented Suffering and Orgasm Denial

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The day starts extreme and stays that way. Elizabeth is a heavy impact girl, and The Pope obliges with non-stop torment. Her body's pushed so hard that she fades into sub-space quickly, so he brings the whore back to reality with some temperature play, shoving ice in her hungry cunt. Now that he has her attention again, he rains down brutal punishment on this pain slut. She begs for it to stop, but while he likes hearing her beg, This isn't going to stop until he's ready for it to end. (more...).

Sadistically Pushing Taboo Limits

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Cherie DeVille is a pretentious model who thinks she's too good for the world. She agreed to do a shoot with PD but thought he was paying her just to look glamorous. He seems normal enough, at first, but once he has her locked into bondage, things start to get out of control fast. She wakes up chained to the wall, straight-jacketed and terrified, wondering what the hell he has planned. He keeps telling her that it'll make the shoot better, but he discarded the camera a long time ago. (more...).

Bound Tight Forced Orgasms Tears

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Sarah Jane's bound tight. She can't move to get the vibrator away from her clit. Her legs are twisted over each other and ankles tied back. She's forced to orgasm over and over. Her muscles get sore as her pussy spasms are mirrored throughout her body. Restrained and exposed, she can barely budge let alone escape the vibrator busily buzzing between her legs. Helplessness turns her on and makes her cum harder, which makes her feel even more helpless, which makes her cum even harder. (more...).

BDSM Pushes Girls to Breaking Point

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Elise Graves and Dixon Mason want to test their physical and mental endurance. They're each locked up in the tiniest of cages. Unable to move an inch. Legs cramped up. How long will they last? What will break first, their mind or their body? When they're freed it's only to see how well they can suffer and serve. First is a study of pain and remorse, followed by sexual service that includes deep-throating a huge 10-inch cock and Elise getting the ass fucking of her life. (more...).

Bound Barely 18 BDSM Newbie Suffers

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The Pope puts some rope on Mattie to see how she handles suffering while bound. She's barely 18, with little experience, so he slowly ramps up the pain. It doesn't take much to make this little bitch scream, and he wants her to scream all day. She's still unaware of what it feels like to have multiple orgasms ripped from her cunt. So of course he uses this against her as well as subjecting her to more suffering, until she no longer has any control over what her body's doing. (more...).

Chained Clamped Caned and Tormented

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Today we find out if attention whore Misti Dawn can make it through a day of hard bondage and unscripted BDSM at Device Bondage. She'll have to endure the cane in pile-driver position, painful nipple clamps, and being chained down onto a Sybian for unstoppable orgasms. Then when she's worn down and already exhausted, Misti is locked down to the box. Her legs are spread open as she breathes deeply through a gas mask while cool/hot ointment is lathered on her nipples and pussy. (more...).

Filthy Slut Tested for Slave Training

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The new slave trainee is tall and blonde with a pretty face, a nice ass and great tits. She says she wants to be a perfect slut. What makes a slut perfect, she's asked. She gets a dumbstruck look on her face like she never expected to have to actually participate in her own training on an intellectual level. This might be a long day. She's bound, cropped, vibed, suspended, cunt clamped and made to sweat like a little pig while being drilled on what she really wants from her training. (more...).

Black Runway Model Bound Suffering

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Stunning beauty Ana Foxxx likes pain and bondage. Claire starts with a ball tie for some bastinado then an open ball tie strappado on a box. A cruel nose hook is added so Ana can't comfortably move her head as she's teased, tormented, and pleasured with a vibrator. Clothespins are used to display her hot juicy pussy. A cunt hook is added. She's caned and nipple weights are added. Her gorgeous body is drawn and quartered in an intense inverted spread-eagle suspension. A crotch rope is (more...).

Non-Stop 26-Hour Live BDSM Experiment

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Here's a 26-hour test of mental and physical endurance to see how long two girls can be deprived of comfort while being frustrated sexually, emotionally, and physically before they crack. First is fear, with them locked in an enclosed tub as it slowly fills with water. Then they're bound in front of a crackling fire, and fiery capsaicin is applied to their most delicate female bits. Sexual service is next, followed by some electro-stimulation while they're caged. The girls use a high- (more...).

Extreme Suffering and Unforgiving BDSM

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The Pope plans to turn this girl next door into the pain slut he knows she is. She's bound standing and has pegs applied all over her body then sadistically removed with a dragon tail. She's suspended from her ankles and endures more punishment, orgasm denial, and then her body;s pulled into a brutal arch. Next he has her standing spread eagle and a crotch rope is applied as she suffers through another orgasm. Her body's used against her as this becomes a full out assault on her flesh. (more...).

Bondage Ballerina Tormented Live

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A group of sadistic dominants put one bondage slut through a living hell. Sarah Jane Ceylon arrived in a pretty blue outfit and perfect, unblemished skin. But the little bondage ballerina didn't keep either of those for long. The members wanted to see her suffer. They wanted her naked and bruised, suspended, forced to orgasms, crying, screaming and begging for mercy. This was an unscripted show where the action is live, intense and completely real with no camera tricks. Soon she'll be (more...).

Tied-Up Electrical Domination Sex

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Breanne Benson is a distraught girl looking for a distraction after a fight with her boyfriend. When she seduces bartender Lorelei Lee at a local bar she gets the distraction she was looking for and a whole lot more. Two hot women in an intensely sensual scene with erotic dancing and seduction folllowed by Lorelei taking the sexy and tough Breanne right up to her limits in girl-on-girl electro-bdsm sex. (more...).

Sister Dee Torments Nameless Slavegirl

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The slavegirl can't move enough in her bondage to see her captor. But she can feel the power emanating from Sister Dee, and she can smell the strong scent of lust in the air. She wonders if the painful attention she's getting right now will be her worst punishment today. But deep inside she knows the truth. She knows that Sister Dee is a sadistic technician and she's sure that SD wants more than just one little cum. She's correct. SD wants to hurt her, fuck her, and make her cry. (more...).

Claire Adams Rope Bondage Torments

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Star has a pretty dress and a pretty face and between the two she probably has no trouble finding men to keep her company at night. Sometimes though, she attracts some unwanted attention, and not the kind of attention she normally gets. Claire Adams was looking for a hot date when she came across Star, and for a woman like Claire her pretty face and dress are just invitations. Star's hoping for love and affection but Claire has more cruel intentions. Now the two of them are going to (more...).

Girl Next Door Bound Abused Cumming

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Sexy little innocent girl-next-door in thigh-high stockings and cotton panties is so cute, so nubile. She plays the victim well, makes all the right sounds, has the sad eyes and pouty lips but there is something fundamental that she can't hide. Watch how hard her nipples get and how soaking wet her shaved pussy becomes when the ropes hit her body. As the ropes start to dig in, the sad eyes aren't faking it anymore and the pouty lips are now contorted in real pain and anguish. (more...).

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