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GF Sucks For Rent

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This is Jenni-Lynn. This cute redhead is a resident at the sleazy daily/weekly/monthly hotel I manage, and was late on the rent. We worked a deal out, I film her sucking my cock, she gets her rent caught up. This horny girl really gave my cock a workout until I jizzed all over her. Oh yea, she earned some free rent with that blowjob..

On Their Knees

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We have some excellent POV blowjob movies here of two sexy cock lovers giving head. Each sucks dick like they love it, which is a definite bonus. Plus, they both take a load of cum in their mouth, so they are the marrying kind.

Hot Wife Rio Loves the Cock

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You may not know Hot Wife Rio, but after seeing the photos I posted on the Perv Board of her sucking a great big cock while her husband photographs the action, you'll probably wish you did. Rio is a lovely little dirty talking, oral sex-loving Brazilian-American housewife who has her own porn site where she and her very generous husband show off Rio's excellent tanned body and sexual adventures. Take a peak - I think you'll like her.

Katie Ray Swallows Seed

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Here are some nice cum swallowing clips of pretty cocksucker Katie Ray giving head and taking a cumshot into her little whore mouth. The silly cum eating wench was even good enough to hold her mouth wide open so the guy could shoot as much jizz as possible into her gullet, and it's a pretty good thing that she did that because he's an awful shot.

Allie Ray Sucking Dick

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Cute cocksucker Allie Ray is on her knees giving head in these POV blowjob clips. This babe deserves some sort of cocksucking degree or award because she's one of the more highly skilled knob gobblers I've seen. Allie has a excellent hand movement, she sucks balls, and she moans while blowing you as if she's enjoying as much as you are.

Candy Miller Suplex

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Here as some nifty blowjob videos of famous cocksucker Candy Miller basically getting her face deep-dicked. In the first few clips, the dude is simply dropping his cock down her throat while she lays on her back. In the final vid, the guy picks her up in the suplex position and eats her pussy while she puts some effort into giving him head.

Alexa Lynn Gives Head

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Here's some nice POV blowjob clips of the lovely Alexa Lynn naked and on her knees sucking cock. As much as I enjoy watching this dick eater giving head, I think the movie clip I liked the most was the last one in which she goes a bit lower and starts sucking balls. You have to love a chick who sucks balls.

Wife Sucks Two Cocks

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Sexy amateur housewife Kelly gets on her knees and sucks her husband's cock AND his friends cock at the same time in these POV blowjob movies. She's a very pretty girl and seems pretty happy while giving head, so now I'm wondering what it would take be one of her husbands friends. Oh yeah, she also takes a nice facial cumshot in the last clip.

Sloppy Mexican Blowjob

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This knob-slobbing Mexican pornstar, Lena Juliett, gives a lucky jerk a sloppy blowjob in these movie clips by drowning his cock in a stream of her dripping saliva. And let me say this: if you watch these blowjob videos and ask, "why is she doing that," then you haven't had a truly amazing blowjob. The next time your chick is giving head (to you, not that other guy she blows behind your back), urge her to lick and spit and drool on your prick until it's really wet and sloppy. Make sure she uses her hand(s) for some nice rhythmic motion while she's blowing you - and try telling me that that's not 10 times better than any blowjob you've ever had. You'll thank me for this advice.

Kitty Saliery Sweet Cocksucker

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Sweet brunette cocksucker, Kitty Saliery, gets on her knees to do what she does best in the POV blowjob movies. This babe really enjoys slobbing knob, so who would want to stop her? Certainly not me. After a few slaps in the face with his cock, Kitty starts vigorously giving head until the guy finally dumps a load in her mouth, which she seems pretty happy about - bless her soul.

My Slutty Sister

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Well who doesn't like hanging out and watching their little sister getting fucked? Maybe I'm twisted because my sister was adopted, a whore, and she had great tits. So I don't know what it's like to see your REAL sister giving head and getting scrogged by a friend. But if my sister looked like the petite blond chick in these galleries - guess what - I think I'd stick around for immoral support if she wanted me to. Hot fucking slut .

Ultimate Facial Blasts

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Two cum-crazed whores - Domino and Dani Woodward - continue to suck and tug on the cocks that just blasted their pretty faces with jizz in these cumshot movies. With Dani, it's almost as if she's disappointed that you already dumped your load. She wants to keep going for the sake of sucking cock. She knows you came - it's all over her fucking face! When it comes to Domino, you really should show your wife Domino's first clip. While she's watching it, tell her this: "See how Domino is holding the balls with one hand and stroking the cock in a circular motion while giving head? Well, that's what I want you to do. Otherwise, I'm going to bang your sister again. At least SHE KNOWS HOW TO SUCK A COCK and doesn't mind a facial cumblast!".

Cock Sucking Whore

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This tiny-titted tart takes a load on her tongue after giving head in these oral sex movies. The petite blonde slut drops to her knees and just keeps on sucking cock, like a good girl, before getting some cum in her mouth - which is where it belongs.

Dick Sucking Darlings

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We've got some blowjob movies of (I think) blonde beauties Nikki Benz and Bobbie Eden giving head. In both sets of clips, a sexy blonde cocksucker drops to her knees to show off her oral expertise and drain the cum from her new friend's prick.

Hot Wife Rio Compilation

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You may not know who Hot Wife Rio is, but she's one of my all-time favorite amateur housewives turned web-whore. Her site started off with some pics of her in lingerie and a few movies of her screwing her husband or giving him head. (By the way, Rio loves cum.) Now they've become swingers and Rio is bisexual, so you get to watch her eat pussy to - so that's a nice bonus. Anyway, this page is a hodge podge of hardcore movies and pics of Rio giving head and getting fucked. It's a lot more than what you'd get a normal gallery, so enjoy.

Unlimited Ladyboy Fucking

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This Asian tranny is a cutie in her lace bra and panties, but she looks even better giving head and getting her ladyboy mangina fucked from behind on a couch .

Sexy Milf Fucked

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A slutty MILF gets caught giving head to some guy by her husband in these video clips. He wasn't happy, but his whore wife convinced him to fuck her too, so both guys fill her with cock.

Cum Up Her Nose

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Super POV movie clips of beautiful Dani Woodward giving head and getting a blast of cum up her nose and all over her pretty face. And Ms Woodward is one of those nice girls who goes right back to sucking on your dick after you drop you load because she wants to make sure you've hit full release. She doesn't let her man walk away half pleased. I may be in love.

Sluts Sucking Schlongs

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You get two different galleries of paired-up professional cocksuckers giving head here, but you also get a very special third gallery, which is of petite pornstar Sharka Blue being double penetrated. And there is something especially hot about seeing such a tiny chick being held in the air with two cocks in her - one in the pink, one in the stink.

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