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Brutally Rough Outdoor Bondage Sex

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The Unit consists of highly-skilled former military, bondage producers and porn actors. It's well-funded and equipped with state-of-the-art technology and resources. All assembled to deliver the highest quality fantasies, rough sex and skilled bondage to the hottest, richest females in the world, who pay handsomely to have their sexual fantasies fulfilled. Today's mission includes rough anal sex, brutal deep-throating, squirting, special custom bondage devices, and amazing rope work. (more...).

BDSM Pushes Girls to Breaking Point

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Elise Graves and Dixon Mason want to test their physical and mental endurance. They're each locked up in the tiniest of cages. Unable to move an inch. Legs cramped up. How long will they last? What will break first, their mind or their body? When they're freed it's only to see how well they can suffer and serve. First is a study of pain and remorse, followed by sexual service that includes deep-throating a huge 10-inch cock and Elise getting the ass fucking of her life. (more...).

Mistress Soleli and Sissy Bitch Boy

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Zoey's been a very bad slaveboy. He's been disobedient, he can't seem to follow the rules, and worse, he's not doing a very good job of making Mistress Soleli happy. Since he hasn't earned the right to be in her presence, she locks him in the trunk of his car and keeps him there until he's needed for something. After he's been kept there for awhile she only brings him out to be her little fuck-hole. Bad boys get beaten, fucked and get some cum in their face. Then they get stuffed (more...).

Brutal Bondage, Deep Throated, Machine Sex

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Ana Foxx is locked hard into a back-bending custom-made metal bondage device. A powerful fucking machine has her deeply impaled. Her head's at perfect skull-fucking height and her hard huge nipples have suction cups applied to make them even larger. The machine brings the helpless slut to the first of many brutal orgasms. As Ana's mouth opens to moan in orgasmic bliss a hard cock is jammed down her throat. Ana struggles to multi-task as orgasm after orgasm is fucked out of her helpless (more...).

Black Tranny Cock Fucks White Pussy

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Ashlynn has a new job, recruiting girls for porn auditions. She picks out Jayla in the bar and slowly, shyly convinces the very apprehensive Jayla to try out. Jayla agrees on the one condition, that Ashlynn go home with her so she can "practice" a scene. Once at home in bed, Jayla shows Ashlynn how it's done and fucks her with absolute power and domination. She chokes her, pounds her pussy with her thick black cock, rails her mouth and cums all up in her face before making Ashlynn lick (more...).

African Couch Fuck

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A horny African babe gets a good fuck on a couch in these interracial sex movies where Antonio travels the entire African continent with only one goal: to fuck as many hot black babes as possible. He seems to succeed in his quest..

Blonde Plaything is Publicly Fucked

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Lia Lor is in for a surprise when she gets dragged into a crowded bar full of patrons who can't wait to get their hands on her and get her all wet and filthy. When James Deen's cock isn't down her throat then Loralei Lee's foot is. The audience in the bar is turned on and cheers as Loralei and James mop the floor with Lia's pretty blonde curls. She's so inexperienced she's almost an amateur, but her natural submission is easy to see. They fuck and humiliate this attention-seeking whore (more...).

Sex Slaves Corrected and Punished

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The evening starts like any other, except Steward has a bone to pick with slave tramp. She's bound to a cross and the slave consort is placed in front of her so that she gets a clear view of what the consort has to endure for tramp's shortcomings. The Butler is present to assist in the punishment of the slaves. The Steward is so disappointed with them that he removes their precious collars and cuffs and tells them they'll have to earn them back. The slaves are then punished more by (more...).

Mouthy Girlfriend Gets Gangfucked

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The moral of this tale is simple: if you don't want to get flogged, whipped, and ass-fucked in front of and by all my friends, then don't make a fucking scene in front of my friends. When her boyfriend won't quit playing poker to take her out, Krissy yells at him in front of his friends, thinking it'll help her get her way. So he sends her upstairs to get "the bag" and he humiliates her then whores her out to all his buddies in a hardcore gangbang with lots of double-penetration action..

Ebony Shemale Fucks White Dude

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Chasity is sexy and fucks like a professional with her huge cock. But Chasity has barely ever watched porn let alone starred in one. Ts Seduction is very pleased to present the debut of this amazing new Ts girl who is so fine and an absolute tiger in the sack. She ravages a new guy and the two fuck like they've been dying to shag for a year. The sex is hot, but Chasity's cumshot steals the show. She shoots a load so big the male talent's face looks like a toaster strudel all covered in icing..

Secret Escort Wife Exposed

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Krissy Lynn lives a double life. One as a wife who works long hours and is too tired to have sex with her husband. The other as an escort who specializes in extreme BDSM fantasies. When her hubby, with a case of the blue balls, looks for an escort online and discovers her little secret, all hell breaks loose. We see Krissy at work with a client, getting dominated and fucked in bondage. When she gets home that evening, her husband has a surprise abduction and bound analsex waiting for her..

Ebony Water Bondage

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Water torture is something that really frightens big-breasted ebony girl Candace Von. Which is all the more reason to bind her with tight ropes, put her on her knees and push her with streams of pressurized water. And then it's time for the metal shackles and a big dunk tank, and lots of begging from this busty ebony beauty..

Black And White DPs

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A black chick named Jasmine and a white chick named Nikky prove that sluts have no specific color as both women suck on two cocks each, get pussy and assfucked before taking two dicks at one during some double penetration threesome sex..

Sandra Soto Interracial

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A busty brunette babe named Sandra Soto is a cute chick that loves cock. In these movies her all natural big titties bounce all over the place as she sucks and fucks the biggest black dick she's ever seen in her life.

Kiwi Fucks Black Cock

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A really cute Asian babe named Kiwi lubes up a huge black cock with saliva as she gives a nice slow blowjob before she gets flipped over and fucked doggystyle by one of the biggest black cocks on the market..

Hot Rikki Goes Black

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A blonde whore with big tits named Hot Rikki slowly sucks on a black guy's cock before getting it jammed deep inside her wet pussy. After he's had his fill this black guy pulls out and dumps a fat nasty load of jizz right on Rikki's face..

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