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FemDomme Creates Perfect Slave In Lab

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Mistress Lorelei is in her laboratory creating the perfect man. Much to her excitement Apollo comes to life before her eyes. But can she allow him into the general slave population? Mistress Lorelei must test and measure his strengths and assets to be sure that she doesn't need to destroy him. Apollo is surely a pretty specimen but how will he withstand whipping, caning, edging, tease and denial, prostate milking, pussy worship, ass fisting, strap-on ass fucking, chastity and more?.

Tied-Up Electrical Domination Sex

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Breanne Benson is a distraught girl looking for a distraction after a fight with her boyfriend. When she seduces bartender Lorelei Lee at a local bar she gets the distraction she was looking for and a whole lot more. Two hot women in an intensely sensual scene with erotic dancing and seduction folllowed by Lorelei taking the sexy and tough Breanne right up to her limits in girl-on-girl electro-bdsm sex. (more...).

Hot Blondes LezDomme Power Exchange

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Lorelei Lee and Ashley Fires are both killer Dommes who just happen to have a crush on each other. Both of them have been dying for a power exchange between them and what happens today is a beautiful thing. Watch as Lorelei and Ashley go back and forth, 'one upping' the other until they're wrestling in a pile of hot sweat, blonde hair and brutal ass fucking. Don't miss out on this rare and genuine glimpse of what happens when two dominant women take turns switching. (more...).

Slut Wife Training Charlotte Vale

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Lorelei Lee is a professional Wife Trainer and today her client is blushing bride Charlotte Vale. She really wants to be a good wife and Lorelei intends to help her learn what that means. Lorelei ties her up and shocks her with various electrical toys. She uses a machine to fuck her and makes Charlotte suck her big strap-on cock. Charlotte is made to cum over and over again to reinforce her lessons. It's all in a day's work for this lovely blonde wife trainer. (more...).

LezDommes Electro-Sex Torments

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Iona Grace, fresh from a vacation, isn't ready when a pissed off Bobbi Starr grabs her from the webcam waiting room and drags her down the hall to where Lorelei Lee is waiting. With cattle prods, the violet wand, the zapper, sticky pads, an electric anal plug, the Hitachi Magic Wand and a fist, Lorelei and Bobbi introduce Iona to the new Electro Sluts site. (more...).

Sexy Witches Seduce Lesbian Virgin

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A coven of witches gain power by sacrificing lesbian virgins. The most popular girl at the academy is completely adorable, all natural and the perfect virgin lesbian sacrifice. The witches aren't afraid to use their powers and BDSM in order to seduce her into a dark and erotic world of pain, punishment and hot lesbian fetish sex. They perform a ritual on her that pushes her to her limits and rips orgasm after orgasm from her nectar-filled cunt. Will she fight the extreme sexual urge to (more...).

Sadistic FemDomme Birthday Party

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Lorelei Lee throws Aiden Starr and Maitresse Madeline a birthday that's one to remember. Three lucky slaveboys are put on display and humiliated in a room full of lovely FemDommes. Claire Adams and Mz Berlin make cameos along with many other Kink favorites. The men endure CBT, harsh whippings, and lactating Dommes. They get gangbanged with dicks on sticks by a roomful of women. There's prostate milking by Madeline and the boys are used as sex (more...).

Step-Daughter Punishes Stepmother

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Chanel is tired of her hot stepmom having so much sex under the same roof with her. So Chanel and her best friend give her stepmom a taste of her own medicine and show her who's boss. What better way than with a good dose of hot lesbian punishment and sex? She's spanked, fisted, restrained in uncomfortable bondage, made to worship her step-daughter's ass, pussy tortured and double-penetrated. If you like sexy lesbian fetish sex with a taboo family theme, this is a hot episode with (more...).

Blonde Bombshell Bound Brutalized

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Tough blonde bombshell Lorelei Lee is bound and brutalized with fatigue bondage, harsh suspension, inverted pile-driver, and harsh predicaments. She deep throats sincerely while bound in the pushup position. In strappado suspension she takes simultaneous mouth and pussy fucking. Then back on the floor in pile-driver position with leather arms binder she suffers bastinado and sexual stimulation dominance. Finally she gets up on her feet but her wrists are tied behind her back at the (more...).

Blonde Plaything is Publicly Fucked

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Lia Lor is in for a surprise when she gets dragged into a crowded bar full of patrons who can't wait to get their hands on her and get her all wet and filthy. When James Deen's cock isn't down her throat then Loralei Lee's foot is. The audience in the bar is turned on and cheers as Loralei and James mop the floor with Lia's pretty blonde curls. She's so inexperienced she's almost an amateur, but her natural submission is easy to see. They fuck and humiliate this attention-seeking whore (more...).

Vulnerable in Predicament Bondage

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Innocent Lorelei is wearing a pretty pink dress with nails and eyeshadow to match. She's bent over, her waist is secured in a pipe box with her neck trapped parallel to her back, preventing her moving up or moving her ass out of the way. Her wrists are bound above her head strappado style in thick leather cuffs attached to a metal frame. Her ankles are strapped in leather and spread wide too. Completely vulnerable, she's ripe pickings with no way for her to escape what's now going to (more...).

Debauched Lesbian BDSM Fetish Sex

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Finding herself in an unfamiliar place filled with people who seem to know more than she does while debauched lesbian BDSM sex unfolds on around her, Raylene stars in "Raylene and the Devil," a remake of a 1970s horror movie. She quickly learns that there's a thin line between eccentric and sinister. As the story and the depraved gash bashing unfolds around her, Raylene's drawn in and becomes a part of the corruption masterminded by Lorelei Lee while Andy San Dimas is disturbingly (more...).

Two Femdommes Cuckold Husband

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Bobbi Starr and Lorelei Lee have been reminiscing about the good old days, remembering the men who were well-hung and great in bed. So when Lorelei runs into Bobbi's old boyfriend, Rod, she cooks up a devious plan to keep Bobbi's husband away while Bobbi takes a ride on Rod's enormous cock. Sebastian eventually comes home to find his wife in bed with another man. And he's made to watch the entire filthy act. Lorelei joins in on the fun, handcuffing Sebastian to the bed, whipping and (more...).

Femdomme Tease and Denial Punishments

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The classically beautiful Mistress Lorelei Lee is training Trent on obedience, control and patience. The sweet yet stern Lorelei teases him with her perfect body and perfect ass. She covers every inch of Trent's chest and mouth with clothespins then rubs her body against his. This seemingly sexy task is normally very pleasurable. However, with the added pain caused by the clothespins, Trent's mind is swimming with the confusion of pain versus pleasure. She then lowers him down so that (more...).

Sexy Lesbian Electro-Bondage Sluts

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Iona Grace isn't ready for today's scene. Grabbing her from the webcam waiting room, Bobbi Starr drags her down the hall to where she and Lorelei Lee had set up for their shoot earlier. With cattle prods, the violet wand, the zapper, sticky pads, an electric anal plug, the Hitachi Magic Wand and a fist, Lorelei and Bobbi introduce Iona to Electro Sluts, and show her that although they still play with electricity, this is a (more...).

Ultimate FemDomme Cock Teaser

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DJ wrote a pathetic letter confessing his deep obsession for Mistress Lorelei Lee, so of course this will be used against him. Mistress Lorelei plays DJ expertly. She uses the entire day for one big tease and denial extravaganza for the ultimate cock tease. You've never seen Mistress Lorelei Lee so sexy and you've never seen her deny a cock quite like this. Boot worship, humiliation, CBT, strap-on ass fucking, ass and pussy worship and wicked tease and denial are all included in... (more...).

Latex Nurses Torment Male Captive

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San Francisco is the last city left after the Apocalypse and the last building standing has been transformed into an infirmary staffed by a pair of evil latex-clad nurses who have saved their most important male torture devices from destruction. They've now found what may be the last piece of man-meat on earth, so draining him of every last bit of his man filth is now their mission. These two hot latex nurses use bondage, cock and ball torture (CBT), breath play, flogging, anal sex... (more...).

Lezdomme Teaches Coeds Lesbian BDSM

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In this Whipped Ass update, cute co-ed's Kaylee Hilton and Kara Price are drinking and blowing off steam like college girls do when they stumble upon a make-shift dungeon. Hot blonde dominatrix Lorelei Lee pits one girl against the other while they're being whipped, spanked, finger-fucked, ass-hooked, dildo-gagged, and made to suffer strict bondage and tit torture. Then, Mistress Lorelei creates a strap-on train, fucking Kara in the pussy while forcing Kara to fuck Kaylee's hungry ass..

Lorelei Lee's Brutal Slave Training

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On her final day at The Training of O, pet will be reminded of her place in the hierarchy of the castle. No matter how far she goes from being a submissive on her journey as a top, she'll always have to embrace her submissive side. Subjected to brutal torment as the Pope lets his sadism loose on her, she's finally accepting that she may be more of a masochist than she remembers, and he's happy to be the one to help her discover this..

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