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High-Speed Machine Fucked Squirting

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Aiden Ashley, a sexy and tough stunt girl, challenged Fucking Machines by saying "I'm up to try, but good luck getting me off." Wonder if she'll be made to cum or laugh at the machines and walk out? Well, after pushing her to one machine orgasm it's like the seal on her box of orgasms has been ripped off. She winds up squirting for only the third time ever and needs help getting off the machine. Now they figure it's time to machine-fuck this little acrobat until she taps out. (more...).

Machine Sex Double-Anal Penetration

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Amy Brooke is a complete slut and a real anal whore. Today her dream comes true as she takes three robotic cocks in a double-anal double-penetration. She stretches her own ass with a rubber cock bigger than her forearm, and squirts from the mechanized ass-fucking she gets while another machine-driven cock pumps her pussy. By the end of the "three cocks into two holes" scene she's just kind of messed-up hair and smeared make-up wreck that a girl should be when she gets fucked like that. (more...).

Six Machines Double-Penetration

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Some women need to rest for a few minutes after a hard orgasm. Kristina Rose isn't one of those women. What Kristina needs after a hard orgasm is another hard orgasm. Powerful fucking machines pound her to orgasm. She cums but they keep pounding her holes. So she cums again. Before Krista's done she cums from being fucked in her ass, her pussy and having her clit stimulated by six machines, including a double-penetration and taking a big robo-cock in her sexy ass. (more...).

Machine-Fucking Huge Rubber Dicks

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Angelica Saige's creaming pussy says it all -- this girl likes machines. She also likes big cock, deep and fast, which is a home run at the Fucking Machines site. The Hammer and the Crystal Palace take Angelica's pussy to new heights as she feels the power of real machine-fucking for the first time. And once you go big, it's hard to go back -- so she finishes the set with a torpedo-like dick on the Drilldo and a pop can size attachment on the Sybian. Another girl well-fucked. (more...).

Brutal Straightjacket Suspension Sex

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Gia DiMarco is locked into a custom-made black straightjacket that binds her so tightly she has no hope of escaping. She's suspended upside down and one of the most powerful fucking machines on the planet is positioned so it can drive its big rubber cock into her wet pussy. Omega fucks orgasm after orgasm out of Gia's helpless body, and she has to learn to multi-task as Maestro face-fucks her with his rock-hard cock. The addition of zipper strings of clothespins on Gia's sexy legs (more...).

Machine-Fucked Until Speechless

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Lexi Bloom hits the top of the charts. Perfect tits, perfect ass, and great orgasms when the machines fuck her. The Rocker starts her off, but this self-powered masturbater can often be too slow or limiting to really satisfy a girl so the Little Guy is added to her clit to vibe her over the top. Lexi is wearing down but hanging in, and by the time they get to the Sybian she can barely speak let alone cum. But the giant vibe does manage to rip another one from her. You can see (more...).

Double-Vaginal Machine Fucking

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The theme is Mach 4 Fucking as they start off with double-vaginal machine fucking. Charley Chase takes two cocks in her pussy from The Snake, a workhorse machine that has an alternating stroke. It's also waterproof so it doesn't short out when Charley squirts on it. This girl loves getting fucked by high-speed machines. After a warm-up that would finish most girls, Charley goes on to fuck in doggie with The Little Guy until the sheets are soaked and her face is buried mouth first into (more...).

French Girl Fucked Until She Cries

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Jessie Volt is a very hot French girl. She's like in the movies when the definition of beauty herself materializes in some hallucination the main characters are having. But this sexy French beauty is the kind of girl who gets fucked by a machine until she cries. She takes an ass ramming with a hand-held custom drill that's out of this world. And she even busts out a squirting orgasm with the Crystal Palace machine. This is screaming, squirting, epic orgasms that make her cry in bliss (more...).

Tsunami Cytheria Squirting Queen

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Cytherea's is known as the Queen of Squirt. Or the Goddess of Gush. Or sometimes just Squirtwoman. This is the kind of machine fucking that doesn't happen every day. This is soaking wet, cum shooting in your eye, your mouth, the camera lens, the walls, the ceiling, the whole room is hosed like they put out a fire with her pussy. The Fucksall is the only machine that can really keep up with her wiggling and the fast pounding she needs to get off over and over again. After watching (more...).

Roller Derby Girls Machine-Fucked

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Angel Dust stands in a dark roller rink with a shaft of light highlighting her short white skirt, her breasts, her roller skates. She's facing a hardcore sexy group of judges. Seated on a couch eyeing her with stares as cold as the rink itself are Gold Star team captain Chopper Armoff, co-captain Raid E. Ation and lead skater, Care Bear Storm. Standing behind them is the team Goon. This skating audition is going to be rough. Gold Star is a team that'll fuck you and then fuck you up (more...).

Machine Virgin Double-Penetration

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Machine-fucking an amateur girl can be tricky, even to know if they're having a good time. They have rookie fever and always want to please even if they're not quite sure and nervous about what's going to happen. Hannah White is a mix of horny adventure and unsure virgin. She's down to play and really wants her ass fucked. But she's not sure how to really let go on camera. After a few good pussy pounds and a butt plug though, the little rookie opens up to The Twinserter and has the (more...).

Machine-Fucking Orgasm Overload

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Bailey Brooks has a hot body and has smoking hot orgasms too. From the start they begin to overwhelm her tits and clit with four machine wands working her over. They add the SatisfyHer machine that fucks at vibration-like speed. They pin her open with vibrators so she can't close her legs and then fuck her silly. But that's just the warm-up for this sexy brunette. Once she's had some pussy orgasms it's time to show them how it's done, taking an ass-fucking from a powerful high-speed (more...).

Teenage Nymphomaniac Machine-Fucked

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Shane Dos Santos is a toned and hot 18-year-old who'll fuck every last drop of liquid out of your body until you're nothing but a corn husk on the floor. In fact, Shane probably sweeps used-up guys out of her room in puddles when she's done with them. But today she'd going to get pounded by high-powered, unstoppable fucking machines. Shane fucks at full speed in crazy positions for ridiculously long periods of time. The Fucksall scene alone goes on for over 13 minutes of hardcore... (more...).

Girl Punished with Machine-Fucking

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Jessi is caught giving a blow job in the food court bathroom of her local mall. If there's one thing mall cops LOVE it's bratty bitches breaking the law with their horniness, because that means they will put out in order to not get in trouble. MILF cop Mellanie takes her little mall rat in shackles to her private office, strips her down, licks her pussy and fucks her with The Drillo machine. She gets Jessi right on the brink of cumming and stops, denying her right when it's the most... (more...).

Fast Machines Fuck Girl Senseless

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The Fucking Machines work over Katie Summers' ass and pussy with some seriously big cock fucking. She fucks their coke bottle cock with The Fucksall on high and cums until she shakes like they were electrocuting her. It's a beautiful, mysterious thing, the female orgasm, and just how many times Katie can bust a nutt is world record worthy. Her quickest orgasm is 9 seconds! They make her hold out as long as she can and at the end, when she can still speak, they machine-fuck her again. (more...).

Bound 18-Year-Old Machine-Fucked

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Shane Dos Santos makes her kinky debut in a Fucking Machines episode where she gets caught sneaking around The Armory and her punishment is to be tied up in bondage and fucked to orgasms by powerful machines. Shane takes a deep fucking with the custom drill that has the curved dick stuffing her pussy until creamy cum drips out of her. She looks so good tied up and even better cumming all over the machine cock..

Machine Fucked Gymnast Girl Squirts

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Ash loves attention and years of gymnastics have formed her body into a rock hard missile of sexy, which make her very exciting to watch as she cums from the pounding machines. The machines even get her pussy to squirt which is a huge shock for Ash and it shows all over her post-orgasmic face in this Fucking Machines episode..

Four Girl Machine Sex Fuckfest

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Fast fucking machines, huge robo-cocks, incredible squirting, hard ass pounding, and very hot girl-on-girl fetish sex with four superstar porn girls: Bobbi Star, Lorelei Lee, Annie Cruz and Kristina Rose..

Machine Fucking Sorority Slut

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In this Fucking Machines episode Vanessa looks like she walked off the pages of Sweet Valley High right into her sorority hazing. She's scared, cold and all alone in a creepy cemetery on Halloween night. She must walk through the cemetery and take a picture of herself in the tomb in order to pledge. When a crashing sound leads to a mechanical hum, Vanessa is curious more than scared and soon her adventure in coffin fucking begins..

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