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Latina Nympho Bound and Fucked

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There's nothing hotter than a sexy 20-year-old begging for her tight little pussy to be banged as hard as possible while she's helplessly bound. Brand new to the industry, sexy Latina Eva Fenix does her first sex and bondage scene and loves every minute of it. Eva's tightly bound with rope, and she's put into suspension bondage too. She's fucked ruthlessly in her pussy and ass while unable to do anything but take it. You can see the excitement in this hot little nympho's eyes as she (more...).

Bound Beaten Humiliated Degraded

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In this live broadcast the sadistic site members want to see Hailey Young humiliated and degraded so that's just what they're going to do. The demands made on Hailey are going to be varied. Some will probably seem strange to her, but no one has ever told she needed to understand. All she needs to do is obey. It's such a simple thing. If she can manage to simply obey, to do as she's told, maybe her torment will be over sooner than she thinks. On the other hand, if she can't understand (more...).

Extreme BDSM Attitude Adjustment

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Juliette starts off looking sad, but that kind of attitude is a problem from a slavegirl who's supposed to be happy to serve. PD wants to enjoy her, he wants to make her feel pain and lust and the pleasure of service. Juliette needs to show that she can think of people other than herself. All she needs to do is remain compliant and express how grateful she is for this opportunity. She fails to express herself properly a few times, but the punishments she receives are effective at (more...).

Skull-Fucking and Brutal Orgasms

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Rain DeGrey is a tall sexy girl with long legs and massive boobs. Today she endures one of the hardest bondage positions in the world. Once she's bound and helpless it's time for a brutal face-fucking and a good deep-throat pounding. Nothing like a helpless girl in a nasty bondage predicament, having a cock slammed down her throat, and there's not a thing she can do but take it for as long as you want to give it. She's vibrated to near-orgasm, teased, not allowed to cum, and then... (more...).

Slavegirl's Strict Bondage Torments

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Elise Graves proves she's good with her mouth in this Hard Tied episode. She knows how to suck a cock and she moans so prettily whenever PD wants to hurt her a bit. The positions he ties her into show off the assets of her body. She's thin and flexible, which means that he can almost bend her over backwards if he decides she'd look better for it. He may be kind enough to let her cum, but she's going to pay for that with grueling bondage and more than one stroke from... (more...).

House Slavegirl Flogged and Whipped

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The Upper Floor hosts a celebratory dinner where local BDSM players come to play, fuck, and entertain. House slave tramp recently tried topping another girl and The Pope wants to make sure she still understands her place. He takes her to the outer edge with a hard and intense flogging and whipping. Meanwhile The Butler is fucking slave odile on the dining table to the amusement of horny guests. Pixie has arrived late with her Master and is made to apologize with The Steward's cock... (more...).

Busty Housewife Gets Revenge Fucked

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Sexy newcomer Penny Pax has a kinky side. This hot little girl loves to be tied-up and sexually brutalized, so in this scene a peeping construction worker will take personal revenge on Penny for getting him fired. Mark is the angry worker who really lays into this naturally busty sex-crazed blonde with hard bondage, rough face slapping, breast punishment and throat fucking. Then she's fucked in the ass while painful weighted clamps are swinging from her pussy as she begs for his... (more...).

Sybil Hawthorne Bound and Beaten

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Tight bondage makes Sybil Hawthorne hot. She loves the feeling of the ropes against her skin. It's coarse to the touch but somehow it's still soft to her. It digs into her skin and leaves lines where it's been. None-too-subtle reminders of everything she's been through. Every mark left on her body tells a story for Sybil. And she can close her eyes, running her hands over the marks, and feel each sensation happening all over again. Every whip lash, every cane stroke, and every inch... (more...).

Dirty Girl Humiliated and Degraded

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Emily Marilyn is a girl whose late night fantasies are fueled by perverse acts of public degradation, humiliation and tight bondage that she's participated in. Ultimately she's interested in doing the dirtiest things if those things will please her man. Today she wants to be a good little slut to please Cyd Black, but she's not sure how to do that. But that's not a problem for Cyd. He'll just take whatever he wants from her. And she'll just keep coming back for more, because... (more...).

Bad Girl Gets BDSM Rehabilitation

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Yasmine De Leon is gorgeous: tall, lean, great smile, nice legs. She's also a bad girl who talks a lot of shit and needs to be put in her place sexually. So they bend her backwards over a half-barrel back breaker, then build a metal bondage device to lock her in place. Her pussy is thrust forward and out, her tits and nipples are exposed, and she's rendered helpless to stop whatever they want to do to that tight little body of hers. They whip her sensitive pierced nipples and play... (more...).

Caged Pig Wallows in the Mud

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Trina Michaels is a magnificent captive. She fits perfectly in the cage he's prepared for her, particularly once he's pulled her big tits through the bars. Sure, it may get a little warm in there when he puts a set of burners under her feet, and the heat may make her dance on the floor of her cage, but it's better than what comes next. She should have been grateful for what she had, because complaining gets her dragged outside. There's a very large pool of mud out back and now... (more...).

Tricia Oaks Painful Humility Lesson

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Tricia Oaks is just too proud. She has a perfect body but when you see her on the streets you can tell she knows it. Cyd Black has never liked women like that. They think they're better than everyone and the world owes them a favor just for existing. That kind of shit may fly for weaker men, but Cyd is going to completely change her attitude and show this bitch where she belongs. The pain he inflicts on her body will teach... (more...).

Tortured Slavegirl Begs for Mercy

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In this Hard Tied episode Nyssa Nevers can't make up her mind. She screams every time PD hits her, but she seems just as unhappy when he fills her holes with cock. So he's going to keep doing both until she learns to be more appreciative. PD really could care less if she's a slow learner. He's always loved to teach others. Particularly if they're painful lessons. Nyssa doesn't realize that every time she begs for mercy he hears it as a cry for more. And at this rate she may never figure it out..

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