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Brat Takes BDSM Safeword Challenge

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The crew at Realtime Bondage have a great game to play with Penny today. There's a small box with a code pad on it. Inside they've placed over $1,000. Every time Penny safe words she's going to have to give them a code, which they'll use to test the lock. If it opens the lock, they'll stop the torment but the money is their. If she can make it through the entire shoot without giving up that code then she'll earn herself a pretty hefty bonus..

Bondage Torments and Forced Orgasms

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The Pope puts Lorelei Lee in grueling bondage and watches her suffer. He methodically taunts her perfect body with sadistic implements of pain. He uses his hands, flogger, whips, and more to turn her creamy white skin to a blistering red. Every scene intensifies Lorelei's suffering. She's pushed harder than ever before, held at the edge, wanting to tap out, but never doing so. She wants it to stop, but she's such a pain slut that she endures everything, and cums like the whore she is..

Blind Girl is Bound, Fondled and Orgasmed

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500 Haley Rue is a fascinating young lady. She's got an amazing ass, perfectly formed breasts, and a great attitude. Even more fascinating than her stats is the fact that she is legally blind. Haley's primary means of contact with the world is through her sense of touch. What better way to touch her than to tie her up and play with her. Her mouth is packed wide with a gag. Black leather straps hug her tightly in a worm position. Her beautiful young body wiggles and kicks..

Face Fucked Ass Fucked Cumming Hard

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Sexy redhead visits her brother-in-law at the BDSM studio where he works. Maybe if she hadn't made the mistake of bragging that she was the more adventurous sister, or if she hadn't said she wanted to see what it felt like to be tied up, the two of them would have just gone to lunch as they planned. But plans are for those who don't know how to improvise. He restrains her with ropes in a back arch position, then strips her down and goes to town on her throat in a rough face fucking..

Brutal Bondages and Forced Orgasms

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Marie McCray is a slutty redhead who loves to suffer in grueling bondage. Her all natural body begs to be dominated and turned red from lots of heavy impact. Her mind is willing to go further than normal to endure the suffering that's in store for her. She's put in a grueling strappado with no mercy taken. Her cute innocent look inspires torments with an orgasm taken as a trophy. She's bent over in a device so strict that during orgasms her feet raise off the floor. Locked on a Sybian .

Slave Girl Trained as an Anal Slut

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Sex slave trainee's tight little asshole will be fucked today. And she'll to have to earn her ass fucking. Her sensitive little nipples are clamped to the ceiling and she's made to pull against them and grind her cunt on a vibe while verbally berated. She squeals and squirms as she has to take a big dick deeper into her slutty asshole than she thinks is possible. Not only is it possible she finds out, but she's going to have the most intense orgasms while learning her anal lesson. .

Willing Slavegirl is Ready to Serve

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Most girls need a lot more encouragement before they take to their training. Not Mollie Rose. She's enjoying it more than most. Cyd wants to slap her face and punish her for failing, but there she is, kneeling, head tilted back with her mouth and throat wide open, anticipating and ready to serve in any way he demands. It's pointless to punish good behavior, so it looks like he'll just have to make her tasks more difficult, or even impossible, so he can punish her for those instead. (more...).

Lost Girl Captured by Disturbed Man

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Pretty girl wanders into the wrong warehouse and a disturbed and lonely shipping clerk decides to keep her as his very own captive creamer. In his perverse world, pretty girls should be kept in inescapable bondage and firmly gagged so that nobody can hear their cries. She fights against the ropes and her muffled screams rage behind drool drenched gags as orgasm after orgasm is ripped from her pretty, pale flesh. Is this a hopeless situation with no end for the pretty, petite damsel? (more...).

Chained Down, Roughed Up and Face-Fucked

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Lyla's been chained to a toilet and left until her holes are needed again. Owen enters and gets right to manhandling her and using her mouth for his pleasure. She's helpless and can only submit to his wishes, which is to see her fuck the toilet handle while she sucks his cock. Lyla is then tied to the wall with one leg pulled up to fully expose her pussy and prevent her from stoping his cock from entering her filthy cunt. She fights back, but in the end he gets what he wants. (more...).

Slavegirl Demoted, Punished and Retrained

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Senior slave fails the House and must be punished. First she has to teach a novice slave how to suck cock like a good slave should in a long two-girl blowjob that's sloppy and deep as the two horny sluts gag each other over and over on the thick hard cock. Then she must ride a cock in reverse cowgirl style until her thighs are so burned out from pumping that they can't stand up. Next she takes a brutal ass fucking while her slut sister smears pussy into her face in a degrading (more...).

Breasts Tormented and Ass Beaten Raw

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Nadia White has a hot boday with skin too perfect to go unmarked. Tied off, her tits make perfect, perky targets. Each one gets its own whip at one point. The way the circulation is cut off makes them so sensitive that she can barely take it. Then the cane and the hot wax come out, and they are no nicer than the whip. But the most painful part is actually the suction cups. They're so tight around Nadia's nipples that bruises start to form instantly. (more...).

Painslut Receives Harsh Marks of Devotion

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Bunny Doll looks like a fragile little waif, but there's an incredible painslut inside of her. This pint-sized girl is no sooner in the door before she begs to be bound, beaten, used and forced into service for the pleasure of others. She squirms as cane strokes fall, one after another on the soft, tender flesh of her inner thighs. The marks of her devotion are plain to see within seconds. Every stroke from a cane or whip leaves a line across her delicate skin, like a signature. (more...).

Tormented Suffering and Orgasm Denial

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The day starts extreme and stays that way. Elizabeth is a heavy impact girl, and The Pope obliges with non-stop torment. Her body's pushed so hard that she fades into sub-space quickly, so he brings the whore back to reality with some temperature play, shoving ice in her hungry cunt. Now that he has her attention again, he rains down brutal punishment on this pain slut. She begs for it to stop, but while he likes hearing her beg, This isn't going to stop until he's ready for it to end. (more...).

Tormented in Steel and Leather Restraints

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To immobilize someone, they need to not be able to move, nor escape. Anxiety will start to take control when all mobility's taken away from someone, fear of losing all control scares most people beyond belief. Lyla Storm is chained in a standing position, that prevents almost all movement. Her fingers were still free, yet every other part of this whore's body is locked down under multiple chains and leather. Her clothes are ripped from her body and she's used like the whore she is. (more...).

Sadistically Pushing Taboo Limits

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Cherie DeVille is a pretentious model who thinks she's too good for the world. She agreed to do a shoot with PD but thought he was paying her just to look glamorous. He seems normal enough, at first, but once he has her locked into bondage, things start to get out of control fast. She wakes up chained to the wall, straight-jacketed and terrified, wondering what the hell he has planned. He keeps telling her that it'll make the shoot better, but he discarded the camera a long time ago. (more...).

Hot Blonde MILF in Sex Slave Training

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Simone Sonay is a busty blonde MILF who wants to be a SMILF (Submissive Mother I'd Like to Fuck). She's taught the three prime rules: Honorific, Eye Line and Deportment. She learns that slaves do the work and has to fuck the biggest rubber cock in the house with her face hole and with her pussy hole. Her attitude is tested. Strengths and weaknesses probed. She's teased and tormented, and left thoroughly used and spent at the end of the day. And this is just day one of her training. (more...).

Fresh Bondage Meat Cums and Squirts

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He ties her elbows tight behind her back, then wraps the rough rope around her pretty, slutty thighs and pushes her to the floor. He shoves her face down, ass up, and rips at those silky little panties. The air hits her skin and he can smell her moist cunt. He holds out the rubber cock and tells her to get it. So amusing to watch her struggle against the rope to get that fat cock in her horny little pussy. She's drooling all over herself, making a fucking mess, squirming, moaning and (more...).

Bound Tight Forced Orgasms Tears

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Sarah Jane's bound tight. She can't move to get the vibrator away from her clit. Her legs are twisted over each other and ankles tied back. She's forced to orgasm over and over. Her muscles get sore as her pussy spasms are mirrored throughout her body. Restrained and exposed, she can barely budge let alone escape the vibrator busily buzzing between her legs. Helplessness turns her on and makes her cum harder, which makes her feel even more helpless, which makes her cum even harder. (more...).

Brutally Rough Outdoor Bondage Sex

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The Unit consists of highly-skilled former military, bondage producers and porn actors. It's well-funded and equipped with state-of-the-art technology and resources. All assembled to deliver the highest quality fantasies, rough sex and skilled bondage to the hottest, richest females in the world, who pay handsomely to have their sexual fantasies fulfilled. Today's mission includes rough anal sex, brutal deep-throating, squirting, special custom bondage devices, and amazing rope work. (more...).

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