Metal Restraints

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Tormented in Steel and Leather Restraints

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To immobilize someone, they need to not be able to move, nor escape. Anxiety will start to take control when all mobility's taken away from someone, fear of losing all control scares most people beyond belief. Lyla Storm is chained in a standing position, that prevents almost all movement. Her fingers were still free, yet every other part of this whore's body is locked down under multiple chains and leather. Her clothes are ripped from her body and she's used like the whore she is. (more...).

Torments Punishments and BDSM Brainwashing

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Elise Graves has a fantasy about being kidnapped. The idea of being a tormented captive excites her. Today her dream comes true when she's taken to a Safe House in the middle of nowhere, where no one can hear her scream. PD will use methods from her nightmares to teach her to love the suffering she'll go through. For brainwashing, her eyes are held open with spreaders for a constant stream of images of intense BDSM acts while her pussy is electronically stimulated. Soon she'll (more...).

Physically Tormented and Used Sexually

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Two girls are chained together so only one can reach their water dish. But the gags in their mouths will keep them from swallowing anyway. It won't be the only time they have to work together. Cyd wants his cock sucked and it'll take both of them to get it right. Being used together gets them excited and they start to enjoy each other. That's when Cyd separates them. One watches helplessly from her cage up above while he torments and violates the other without remorse. (more...).

Devious Bondage and Sadistic Torments

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Orlando wastes no time with foreplay and puts Lori's hands and ankles in wall-mounted wooden stocks and works her over with cane, Hitachi wand, and clothespins on zipper strings. Then she's bolted onto a Sybian with her arms bent backwards and nipples clamped and tied to bolts in the floor. The Sybian will force her to have orgasms until she yanks the clamps off both nipples to earn her release. After this comes predicament bondage with a metal bar system together with an ass hook tied (more...).

All He Wants is More of Her Pain

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Sister Dee was outside in chains all night. She wants to get in out of the cold, but warmth has a price. The frigid air was uncomfortable but it didn't leave the marks PD will. The cold made her shiver but the cane will make her shake. It comes down with such force she's shaking like a leaf. He'll have her black and blue by nightfall. She begs, hoping that he has just an ounce of mercy in his heart. But it'll never happen. She thought it was cold outside, but his heart is made of ice. (more...).

Electrified Cage Predicament Bound

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Sister Dee softens Marina up with pain and orgasms, but the small cage is far more devious than she imagines. The cage floor can be electrified and every time she touches down it'll send a painful jolt through her to remind her of her situation. She doesn't know about it yet but soon enough the secret will be revealed and she'll be screaming for a way out. Her predicament will become even more intense when her best efforts to avoid the trap open her up to more painful punishments. (more...).

Bound Caned Whipped and Ass-Fucked

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Seda starts off on her back with neck and waist attached to the box by metal straps. Her arms and legs are wrapped together and locked spread open leaving her properly exposed. She takes a hard flogging to the pussy and thighs before she gets a cock rammed in her ass. Next, she's strung upside down by her arms and legs as her ass gets lit up with the flip nine. A dick and vibe is shoved into her abused pussy. She's caned all over. Her hard stomach is caned while she cums. Then she gets (more...).

Secret Slut Suffers Pain, Fire, Tears for Orgasms

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Sophie Ryan never sees it coming. The day starts well. Her bondage is tight but comfortable. Damon Pierce offers her an orgasm early but she has no idea it's a trap. Sophie thinks she's already paid for her orgasms but Damon isn't done collecting for them yet. Besides, Damon only wants to see her cum because he knows he can use those orgasms against her. She said she wanted to cum a lot, and he intends to collect his payment in her pain and tears, the only currency he accepts. So now (more...).

Struggling and Screaming Slavegirl

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Juliette's struggling is doing her no good. The ingenious clamps and chains that PD set up ensures her flailing about only makes things hurt worse and makes her suffer even more. Though judging from the way her screams are coming out of the box on her head she may be a little too panicked to realize that. Then he locks her down tight to make sure her holes stay perfectly placed. She needs to be trained for long-term use if she's going to be any good to him. That means staying put and (more...).

Cold Iron Chains Bondage Torments

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Mia Gold looks like she may be a good girl who's a bit stuck up. But a few probing questions bring some interesting facts to light. Mia's a passionate cock worshipper who often dreams of having one in her mouth. She loves being confined and bound in heavy chains and cold iron. More than anything else, though, being watched through it all by so many people arouses her. Everything she tells them is noted and cataloged. Later on they're going to have some fun, and all of her fantasies (more...).

Metal-Bound, Penetrated and Made to Cum

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At 5'1" and 95 lbs, Ashley Jane looks so pure, so innocent, so cute. Her musical little voice is magical, her skin so soft it invites your touch. Her eyes hypnotize, her smell intoxicates, she is temptation. So of course it's time to fuck her up. She enters a world where her powers are useless, and she's confused as to why she can't control anything. She's fucked with a huge dildo, made to cum until she's dizzy and double-penetrated in a sexual attack she has no idea how to cope with. (more...).

Cold Iron Bondage and Ass Training

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Marina has a tight ass that needs training. For every torment Marina endures, thinking it must be the worst PD has to offer, he has another one, just slightly worse, already lined up. Getting her ass flogged seems like it's horrible, but once PD begins to cane her feet Marina's longing for the feeling of leather on her ass again. Just as she begins to come to grips with the sharp strikes against her soles he moves her to a chair covered in sharp spikes. Marina endures it all as (more...).

Hazel Hypnotic Slave Training Live

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Hazel Hypnotic volunteered for an experience that every submissive woman dreams about, to have a group of dominants take full possession of her for 24 hours. Hazel remarked that she dreamed of being put on a pedestal. That dream probably didn't include being gagged with her own hair and made to masturbate live for all the members online. Even worse, she didn't expect it to be covered with spikes. It's a test of endurance, to see how long she can stand it, and it won't be the last one (more...).

Metal Shackles Mirrored Head Box

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Ashli Orion is bound standing in a chain predicament. Her clothes are peeled off. The chain attached to her metal wrist shackles pull her into an arms-over-head position, followed by a standing forward bend. Ashli's amazing ass gets a thorough paddling. Then she's in wooden stocks, a metal waist belt and metal shackles. She's put in a wooden head box that's illuminated from the inside with one-way mirror. You can see her, but she can't see what's in store for her with the (more...).

Brank Bound Gagged Blind Violated

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One of the best bondage devices is the Brank. It slides over Sasha easily and has attachments to gag her, blind her, and keep it all locked into place. PD also has her locked to a post in his barn, so it's not like she's going anywhere. Everything he wants to do to her can be done right there. With a few minor adjustments he can push her cunt into the air for a rough fucking or put her on her ass so he can cane her feet. The only relief she'll get is when he decides to leave her on the (more...).

Restrained Tormented and Suffering

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Standing in a brutal strappado is painful for Elise Graves. Her feet are secured to the floor in solid metal boots. When her legs get tired she can sit on a board of spikes. She wants to cum from the vibration on her clit but so many things are hurting her at the same time it's nearly impossible. The suction cups on her nipples are like a non-stop tugging pinch. The spikes under her ass are digging in hard enough to leave dents. The collar around her neck is barely allowing Elise to (more...).

Brutally Devious Bondage Devices

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Cici Rhodes looks pretty in pigtails but she's going to look even better in tears. She lets us see her pain proudly. She calls where she goes when she suffers subspace. But there's something else that gets her through it all too. It's a driving need inside of her to test herself against PD's darkest desires. Cici knows how brutal PD can be. Looking around she sees dozens of devious devices, each cleverly designed to inflict its own special type of humiliation or agony. She also knows (more...).

Sadists Punish Profanity and Insults

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Poppy James has a bit of a mouth on her and the Realtime Bondage crew intends to correct that kind of bad language. She needs to be much more lady and less sailor. From calling out for god to her rampant use of profanity, they're just not happy with how she talks. What's worse she seems to really enjoy insulting their Intersec Crew. That kind of behavior can't go unpunished. It WON'T go unpunished. They're going to make her regret ever opening her mouth. (more...).

Slaves in Extreme Metal Restraints

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Infernal Restraints takes inspiration from the Inquisition, modern medical and institutional devices, and the drawings of Gord and Pichard, to re-create and explore the full range of terrifying instruments used to overwhelm female flesh, destroying the will. Updated weekly with full HD content, this is the place to find truly original bondage devices. The site offers visually stunning BDSM movies and bondage photography in both streaming and downloadable formats. There are also active (more...).

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