Nipple Torture

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Sweat and Agony Earn Orgasms

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Juliette March earns her orgasms thru sweat and agony at Device Bondage as she's tightly restrained, nipple clamped, pussy hooked, double-penetrated, made to cum and squirt until every last orgasm and ounce of fluid is drained from her and she's left with nothing..

Maggie Mayhem Loves Bondage Orgasms

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Maggie Mayhem gets tightly bound, gagged, blindfolded, shoved into a wooden barrel, and wheeled around to disorient her. Then she's pulled out, stripped to just her thigh-high stockings, sexually tormented and forced to cum and cum uncontrollably..

Tit Torture Party on The Upper Floor

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The Master of the House hosts a party for lovers of big breasts with sex slaves as party favors and the guests enjoy slapping, groping, pinching, licking, biting, ice torture, flogging, and smacking tight clamps off sensitive beautiful tits..

Big Tit Torture Party

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The Master of the House hosts a party for lovers of Big Breasts and orders some sex slaves to be party favors. The slavegirls are made to torment and pleasure each other, and are fitted with several kinds of metal breast and nipple torture devices, including a nipple torture rack and some stiff metal bras with nipple cut-outs just big enough to be painful when an over-stimulated nipple pushes through them..

Pure Bondage Sex

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Bobbi Starr starts out looking very proper and businesslike in her smart suit. But once this guy gets his hands on her all bets are off. Watch as Bobbi's clothing is ripped from her sexy body and she's made to endure clips, clamps and stress positions as she cums over and over again..

Clothespinned Tits

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A sexy naked slavegirl with big tits receives breast and nipple torture from her master while bound to chains and ball-gagged in these S&M movies. He places several clothespins on each breast and slaps her tits with a riding crop while she whimpers in pain.

Male Slave Milked Dry

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Simone Kross has seen it all and she is not amused by this particular slaveboy at all. He tries hard to please her by taking the pain of the single tail followed by nipple torture. When she is still bored of him she decides to get herself off while giving him the luxury of licking and sucking on her toes while he is made to watch. In the end he has the honor of Miss Kross using his cock. She milks this slave dry till he looses releases his load down her thigh.

Bound for Torture

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Mounted to the wall with legs spread apart, Maggie submits her body for our pleasure. This girl next door is stripped and fully exposed leaving her tight pussy open for the taking. We attach a bowling ball to a chain and crank it tightly into her pussy, yanking her onto her toes. She gets no short supply of appropriate stimulation with vicious black clamps on her nipples, caning on her breasts and thighs, and hard ass spankings. Her reward for enduring this pain: a second bowling ball on her crotch chain. Helpless and exposed; just the way we like our girls next door.

Kinky BDSM Wife

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This kinky ass BDSM wife enjoys the pain of nipple and labia torture while bound. Her loving husband employs breast clamps before putting clothes pins on her nipples. Then he binds her tits with rope and puts rat traps on her nipples. I doubt the weights suspended from her labia feel all that good either.

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